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In April 2016 I published a Bucket list article and I thought since I want to translate every article to English anyway, to re-write and re-publish this one. I guess everyone’s familiar with the phenomenon of ‘the bucket list’ and has his/her own list of ‘things’ you want to do somewhere along the line, right? My list would be endless, to be honest; it already is haha, if I’d write down Everything I still want to do in my life, so I kept this list to a minimum and only show you things that are on top of my list. I really hope I can get around to do all of it, but I seriously doubt it because there has to be a time for it too, and don’t forget; the money haha. Some things are going to be really expensive since there’s traveling involved and such…

well, my number 1 has always been and still is

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a fascination with these animals. I mean, I love animals in general, but killer whales are somehow even more special to me. I don’t know the how or why exactly because like I said, it’s been there inside me ever since I was a young girl. And my love and fascination for these animals have only grown exponentially over the years, since then. The countless of times I watched the Free Willy movies because I was just in love with Keiko, who’s always been such a kind and amazing animal. The countless of hours I’ve spent on doing ‘research’ on killer whales; watching documentaries, reading blogs/research articles, reading books, etc or writing reports for school. All my life these animals and my love for them have been present somewhere along the line.

And like I said, I can’t really explain the origin of my love for these animals because for me it’s just always been there. I just somehow feel a really deep connection with these animals, even though I’ve never seen them up close and personal. But I’ve got so much respect for these animals and I feel so blessed that they are present in our world. They’re so beautiful and smart and curious and did I say smart? because really, they’re so smart!! Their intelligence, is on some levels even better than ours, did you know that? And I’m just in awe of the way they can adapt to their surroundings – there are different types of orca’s and their hunting techniques and such are dependant on where they hunt and they can adapt so good, it’s brilliant to see them do their thing, how they raise their young, how they stay together as a family for their whole lives. And that is just a couple of reasons I think these animals are so awesome. The way they communicate with each other is just astonishing. And I love their curiosity towards humans as well. They are called ‘the wolves of the ocean’ for a reason because they are ruthless killers when it comes down to it, but yet they don’t attack humans. Their behavior towards us is curious and playful even and that’s just astonishing, don’t you think? I think so. I love seeing youtube videos of people kayaking between these huge animals and that they’re just able to enjoy watching them do their thing in their own environment. And I love seeing people like dr. Ingrid Visser, who dedicates her whole life to these animals. She even swims with them in the wild and they just accept her in the water with them, that’s so beautiful to see!

So yeah, I guess it’s pretty obvious I love these animals, right? haha. And it’s my greatest dream to someday visit them in the wild and just enjoy seeing them in their own environment. I’d especially love to go kayaking and get an up-close-and-personal experience with them. In Norway you can even go into the water if you’d like and go swim with wild orca’s. Don’t think I’ll ever find the guts to do That though haha. Kayaking is already reaaaaally up close and personal you know and I want to respect the water they swim in, so yeah.. Don’t think I’ll go swimming with them buahaha. Bottom line; I just want to see them with my own eyes in their own environment, in the wild. I just want to be ‘part of their world’ someday. I mean, look for yourself in the video below and tell me this isn’t like the best thing ever to be a part of:

A strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world.

I’d love to see so many places and I really hope I get around to see them. I know it’s not doable for me to see all of the places I’d like to visit, but I hope to at least see a couple of them in my life! For now, my focus is on raising Milan and hopefully a second child someday too. And when Milan’s a bit older, we can take him with us. I’d love to show him the wonders of the world someday ♥


Aside from traveling, there are so many other things I’d like to do. The list could be endless actually, so I tried to minimalize it a bit haha.

  • I’d love to visit All Disney parks around the world and go on a Disney Cruise as well.
  • Ice skate in Central park
  • Buy our dream house
  • grow my own food – successfully buwhaha.. that’s the challenge
  • Adopt a Child. We’d love to adopt a child someday ♥
  • Go on a no-budget shopping spree – don’t think I’ll ever get my hubby to do that HAHAHA he knows me and my shopaholic behavior too well.
  • Own a Polaroid camera, take pictures with it and create a memory wall in my home ♥
  • reach my Goal weight
  • Getting a motorcycle license

So yeah, as you can see there’s a LOT I’d still want to do in my life. Some things are more easily achievable then others, but I hope I’m able to cross off a lot of things on my Bucket List. And aside from this Personal bucket list, I also got a BOOKISH Bucket list, which I’ll share with you guys very soon, so stay tuned!

What’s on your Bucket and Bookich Bucket List? Share 3 things from both lists with me if you’d like ♥


  1. Eigenlijk staan er geen echt grote dingen op mijn Bucket List. Ik ben iets te rationeel ingesteld om te beseffen dat sommige dromen niet echt haalbaar voor me zijn. Gelukkig gaat één van mijn dromen volgend jaar wel werkelijkheid worden (Londen!) en kan ik erg genieten van alle kleine dingen die ik wel heb.
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Zwartspreuk – Claudia GrayMy Profile

  2. Author

    Nee klopt, sommige dingen zullen ook bij mij zeer zeker niet haalbaar zijn. Maar sommige dingen wel.. en mijn grootste droom, orca’s zien in het wild, is eentje waarvan ik wel met zekerheid durf te zeggen dat ik die zie uitkomen. En qua bookish bucket list hebk toch ook al een paar dromen mogen afvinken xD

    Maar er is eigenlijk te veel wat ik wil doen en het leven is Te kort haha. dus niet alles zal haalbaar zijn sowieso qua tijd maar ook qua financien en andere verplichtigingen.
    melissasbookworld onlangs geplaatst…| TBR THURSDAY |My Profile

    1. Toch jammer hé dat die laatste drie factoren onze dromen verstoren. Ik blijf dromen van een Timeturner om alvast het tijd-gegeven te kunnen manipuleren. De financiën moet ik nog een oplossing voor zien te bedenken. Al heb ik me wel voorgenomen dat ik vrij veel zaken mag kopen wanneer ik in Londen kom. Na daar 17 à 18 jaar niet meer geweest te zijn mag ik wel een beetje schade inhalen vind ik.
      zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Zwartspreuk – Claudia GrayMy Profile

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