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As some of you might know – I’ve mentioned it here and there.. – I spent a couple of days in Disneyland Paris in September with my husband and son – God, it feels like ages ago already. We’ve had an amazing time there and are already looking forward to go back there next year or so. It was Milan’s first time there and it was so satisfactory to see him having such a good time. For Luciën and me, it was our third visit there and we can’t get enough of it as well. We’ve visited both parks of course – the Disneyland park and the Movie studios – and of course, money had to be spent on stuff haha.

Most of the things we bought there was stuff for Milan but I spent a little bit on myself as well. After our stay at the Disney parks we also went to a PRIMARK nearby and I did some shopping there as well. So I decided it would be nice to show you guys what I bought while I was in France.


So, we bought a Photopass up front and ended up using it just 1 time. So that was a waste of money, lol. Milan only met with Pluto and Goofy in the parks and didn’t want to meet the rest of the characters we saw from afar, lol. We did meet 6 characters while having breakfast on our last day because we had the meet & great breakfast. I ended up taking pictures with my phone there, so the only Good quality picture we had was the one a photographer made for us when we met Pluto and Goofy. It’s also the only picture of the three of us together in a picture that’s not made with a selfie camera, lol. We bought the frame on the right along with a printed photograph for Milan’s bedroom and I bought another frame, on the left, for in our living room – it has to be filled with a picture yet.


I love figurines but somehow I don’t buy them often. When I came across this one, I just had to have it. I love the little snowglobe thingy flounder is in and Ariël in her green dress. Ariël is my favorite character from all the movies and I’m so happy I could expand my collection a bit more with this figurine!


Aside from the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast is a favorite as well. I already had some stuff at home, mostly bought at PRIMARK and some Funko pops, but I didn’t have a figurine yet so I thought this one would be a nice addition to the collection! What do you think :)?

Bb-8 MUG

I.LOVE.Bb-8!!!! Luciën bought me the Bb-8 funko right after the first movie with Bb-8 in it came out and I fell in love with the cutie pie and coming across this really awesome mug at Disney wasn’t a coincidence I think, hihi. This mug had to come home with me. I’m a mug-collector and I like various forms and such when it comes to mugs and I mean; IT’S Bb-8!!! That’s reason enough to buy it! Yep..


My second Little Mermaid related article I bought and of course it’s a mug hahaha. What can I say, just love mugs, lol. There wasn’t a lot of mermaid-related stuff in Disney this time around – it was mostly Alice in Wonderland, Tinkerbell and Minnie Mouse, so I didn’t have an enormous collection to choose from when it came to Mermaid stuff. Thankfully the Disney mug collection is Always awesome so when I came across this beauty I had to buy it! I don’t use it to drink from though, lol, but I use it as decoration on my shelf xD


I know I know.. a mug, again? really? YEP, REALLY. Sorrynotsorry haha. Whereas my Bb-8 and Ariel mug is for decoration, this Eeyore mug is perfect for me to use in the morning when I’m in need for a cup of tea or coffee to wake up. I love Eeyore and that quote on the mug was just so fitting for me, lol. I use it often <3 I bought this one at PRIMARK for €3 I guess it was? It wasn’t much though, that I know for sure. Who would walk by this cutie pie? Exactly.


ANOTHER MUG? I KNOOOOWWWW.. I have a problem, okay? I know.. buwhaha But seriously. When you come across this beautiful mug for just €2,50? Come on.. You tell me, you’d walk past and wouldn’t buy it? Because I don’t believe you, lol. I seriously couldn’t walk by it so yeah, it went home with me and I’m not feeling sorry for it either, lol. It looks beautiful amongst the growing  Beauty and the Beast collection on my shelves.


I love wallets and I love switchting wallets every so often. I came across this one when we were at PRIMARK and it immediately cought my eye. I love the color and texture. And it has enough room for my cards and a nice zipper for my coins; perfect. It was nicely priced, so I couldn’t pass up on it haha.


I guess brick headz are a new lego rage, because the Lego store at Disney village was thrumming with brick headz. They are just incredibly cute and we bought Milan one of Batman. I like building Lego, yep I admit it.. and thought this Jack Sparrow one would look really cute on my shelf next to the Funko I have. So; Jack went home with me 😉

Overall, I think I behaved myself pretty well regarding the shopping spree I’ve had in France. I mean, we spent a lot of money there but most of our money was spent on stuff for Milan – yep, we like to pamper him so sew us haha. And a lot of money was spent on drinks and food because France is really expensive to what we’re used to here in the Netherlands. But stuff-wise I didn’t overdo myself this time I think, like I normally tend to do – Look up my London hauls and you know what I mean buwhahaha.

So yeah, that was my Disney/Primark shoplog from September. I’m almost done writing another shoplog for you, with some stuff I bought via Aliexpress and Large.nl so keep your eyes open for that one too 😉 Have a nice day lovelies!


    1. Author

      Haha I thought so as well. But.. we Did buy an awful lot of stuff for Milan though so our total amount of Spent money was still quite high buwhaha.

      And breaking that mug is THE sign for you guys; you need to go back asap haha. The mug collection over there was sooo awesome!!
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  1. I absolutely LOVE Disney. Those mugs are amazing, I really like the Bb-8 one, it is so cool. Your new wallet is also beautiful <3

    Do onlangs geplaatst…Wat ik wil lezen in oktoberMy Profile

    1. Author

      IKR, I thought so too hehe.. But we Did also buy a lot of stuff for Milan so our total amount of Spent money was huge in the end, lol.

      And I love the mugs as well. The current mug collection in Disney is so awesome, I really wanted to take it all back home with me haha but alas, choices have to be made…
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    1. Author

      haha omg you are coming home BROKE from Disney.. I already got a little sneak peak of their amazing christmas collection while we were there so I know some of the awesomeness that’s awaiting you! And I can already give you a little sneak peak for your Christmas box.. I bought you something out of the Disney Christmas collection as well, while I was there hehe..

  2. Oh, dat beeldje van een dansende Beauty and her Beast is echt leuk. Ik ben zelf nog nooit in Disneyland geweest. Jammer genoeg is de Disneywinkel uit Antwerpen er niet zo heel erg lang geweest want daar vond ik het heerlijk om rond te kijken naar al die mooie spulletjes. Ik ben trouwens heel benieuwd naar mijn allereerste Ali-bestelling. Voroal heel nieuwsgierig naar hoelang ze onderweg gaat zijn. 🙂
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