Twitter,facebook,pinterest,instagram, and so on..
Most of us are familiar with these social media platforms nowadays, right? I wrote this article in February 2016 for the first time and thought it was time for an update!

I’ve created my Bookstagram account somewhere in 2015. Having a Bookstagram account basically means you publish pictures related to books. Somewhere along the line, it can happen that I publish a more personal picture instead of a book related one, but mostly it’s just BOOKS,BOOKS,BOOKS. And who doesn’t get happy about that? Right!

I mostly use my bookstagram because I just like using this social media platform. I sometimes use it to promote blog articles, but mostly it’s just for ‘fun’ and getting into contact with fellow book-lovers. I love sharing my passion for books through photographs and the Instagram community is The perfect way to go on that one I think!

So yeah, it starts out with having a fervent love for books and showing that love through pictures you take and then sharing them online. And of course, it’s really awesome when you get more followers and more interaction with people online after that.


  • start with registering and decide on a fitting name for your bookstagram account. I’ve named mine after my blog ‘Melissasbookworld’ for example and it fits me well. It also shows everyone online who comes across my account what my account is all about since I use the word ‘book’ in my name. So choose something that’s fitting for you and ‘sounds’ good to you and it helps to use words that involve around what you want to do with your account as well. If you want to do a bookstagram account it could help people out there to find you faster when you use words like ‘book’, ‘read’ and so on in your name as well.  I, for one, am inclined to click faster on an account that is obviously a bookstagram account instead of it not being visible. I skip those accounts more.

I also try to update my profile regularly. I put down some basic get-to-know-me-a-bit-better stuff in my profile and there’s a link to my blog site for example as well. And I always try to update on what I’m currently reading – I often forget it though but ok haha.

  • Try to publish appealing photographs. It’s really personal as to what lures someone into a photograph. I, for example, love varying photographs; different compositions, surroundings etc. But a lot of bookstagrammers use ‘themes’ nowadays as well and that looks really awesome too. They use the same decorations but use different compositions and lighting and such so there’s still variety in the photographs as well. Themes based on the seasons can be really cool. I’m using some of my fall decoration at the moment as well for example, for a lot of my bookstagram pictures. I love working with photo editing programs and such so I can alter lighting, contrast, colors, and so on. They can really add something extra to a picture.

Decorations you could use for example;
– Funko pops
– season related plants and other season related decorations 
– bookmarks
– buttons, tote bags, etc.
– mugs
– lights

What are your favorite decorations to use for bookstagram pictures?

  • use HASHTAGS, lots and lots of hashtags which relate to everything you see in your photograph. There’s a limited amount of text you can use but there’s more than enough room for you to write down some text and use lots of hashtags as well. With hashtags, your photographs are easier to find and ‘pop up’ on everyone’s screen when someones looking for a specific kind of photograph.

I always use a basic amount of hashtags for every picture. Hashtags that are often used by other bookstagrammers as well and by using these you make sure your pictures are seen when other people are looking for pictures with these hashtags. Hashtags I use the most often, depending on which kind of picture I’m posting;
#bookstagram                        #bookandtea
#proudbooknerd                    #bookandmug
# Author’s name                     #funkopop 
# Book title                              e67d9b6340ce04d22b159aecc33aa6e0
# Series title

  • Be active; not just by posting pictures, but by connecting with other bookstagrammers as well. Like their pictures and follow your favorite accounts and you’ll see a lot of them will follow back as well. I like being social on bookstagram this way, I often find inspiration for new pictures and most importantly; I find a lot of new reads and I get recommended a lot of books and vice versa.
  • Create your own photo challenge or participate in someone else’s challenge. The idea behind this kind of challenges is to publish a picture each day, for a month that has to involve around the topic of that specific day. It’s incredibly fun to do, to participate in a challenge like this but also to create one for example. I used to love making challenges, but haven’t gotten around to do them for a while now anymore, but who knows… Maybe I’ll pick it up in the future again. For each challenge, the creator(s) make(s) up a certain # to use during that challenge. So when you use this # with each photo you publish, your submissions are easily found regarding the challenge. I can really recommend either start a challenge or participate in one, because its really fun to do and it certainly will help you getting more interaction with other bookstagrammers.


Nowadays almost every publisher and A LOT of authors use Instagram as well and love to connect with us readers through this platform. So Bookstagram is a perfect way to get into contact with publishers and authors as well. And it also is a really helpful platform for bloggers and marketers. I don’t often promote my blog articles on Instagram, but every now and then I post an article I really like or just really want to share with other people.

  • GIVEAWAYS are really popular among readers and authors, publishers and bloggers. They love doing giveaways for readers. And aside from posting these giveaways on their sites and Facebook, Instagram is a really great platform to use as well. There are so many bookstagrammers online nowadays and getting a giveaway online on Instagram can give your follower numbers a boost and also get a lot of people involved in socializing through your giveaway.
  • Use your Instagram/Bookstagram to reveal new stuff for your blog, book, etc. One of the pros of using Instagram is you can reach out to a lot of people worldwide whether you want to use your feed for fun or promotion. Don’t forget to use # to help promote your pictures!
  • By using apps like Latergramme and Hootsuite you can plan ahead when it comes to photo’s you want to publish in the nearby future. You can take pictures in 1 day and plan them all ahead on the same day as well. That way you’re not busy taking pictures and posting them manually every day. This can be really helpful if you like publishing on a regular basis.

Do you use Instagram for bookish feed? Are there some tips/tricks/apps I’m forgetting which are great to know if you want to start a Bookstagram? Love to hear from you!





  1. Ugh bookstagram is zoveel werk en ik heb momenteel nul inspiratie voor boekige foto’s, haha. Leuk post. 🙂
    Dank voor de mention van mijn bookstagram. <3

    1. You’re welcome hihi..
      Ik heb ook periodes dat ik niet zo actief ben, de laatste tijd ook erg weinig energie. Voorheen was ik dagelijks actief. Nu doe ik gewoon wanneer ik zin en tijd heb 🙂

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