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In last weeks WWW Wednesday, I showed you guys a little list of books I wanted to read next. But there was sooo much happening in my book world last two weeks that my schedule got screwed up, big time haha. I wanted to start reading Archangel’s Viper, and then some e-arcs and a couple of self-bought books… But then I received an e-arc of Heart on Fire, the third book in the Kingmaker Chronicles by Amanda Bouchet AND I bought the e-book of Unraveling Destiny by Amelia Hutchins, the fifth book in the Fae Chronicles series… And well, those two books… I’d go above and beyond to read them, so of course, they became a priority hihi… Let me tell you more about my reading week!

I came across this WWW Wednesdays article at KarenJo’s blog recently and decided I’d really like to participate in this bookish meme as well. This meme is hosted by Taking on a World of Words. The idea behind this meme is to answer these three questions every Wednesday;

  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What are you currently reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

That way I can share my latest updates on my reading-stats in a nice way. I’m really excited to participate in this weekly meme, so here we go!


I’ve been aching to get my hands on Hearts on Fire by Amanda Bouchet (#3 the Kingmaker Chronicles), but it isn’t due to release until January 2018 so I’d never guess I’d be able to read it already, but it did happen yay. E-arcs were sent out by the publisher through Netgalley and I was one of the lucky who got one. No doubt about it that I’d start reading it right away, so I did. I’ve finished the book in a couple of days – I’d tried to savor it and read as slowest as possible but it was such a fast-paced read that I finished it really quick all the same haha. Now I’ll have to wait A REALLY LONG TIME for something new by Amanda, yikesss.. Thankfully I’ll be able to re-read her books, and I can’t wait until the printed edition arrives on my doorstep in January!

After finishing the Amanda Bouchet book, I immediately started reading Unraveling Destiny by Amelia Hutchins (#5 Fae Chronicles) because omg… A NEW FAE CHRONICLES BOOKS IS FINALLY HEREEEE! This is one of my favorite series EVER, and I’ve been looking forward to this book for like 1,5 years now so there was no doubt about it that this was my next read after Heart on Fire. I can’t believe we got to go back to Syn, Ryder and the rest of the characters from this series. I’ve missed them so much and it was such a pleasure – understatement – being able to read this book. It was epic, it was awesome, it was everything I’d hoped for dbgdhjsbfghdbgfhjdfg..

And I also finished Drift by Amy Murray. I received this book in September – it was sent to me by the author herself after a giveaway I won, so awesome. She signed it and everything! – and I was so excited to start reading this book so I immediately started it. But my mood was really terrible the past month so I ended up putting the book aside a couple of times – which was such a shame because my reading pace was really good when I started this book. Got like aaa lot of chapter through on the first day – and didn’t finish it until recently. I really liked this book. Loved the way time traveling was woven throughout the story and the mystery in this book is really well written. I was hooked by the storyline and the characters were a joy to read about! It got a 4-star rating!

And since I skipped WWW’s edition last week there’s more to show you guys. Aside from the Amanda Bouchet and Amelia Hutchins books, I also finished a couple of other reads;

  • Under Locke by Mariana Zapata. I bought this book with gift certificates I got for my birthday and I started reading the book soon after. I really liked this book and can’t wait to read more of this author. It got a 4-star rating from me!
  • Forged in Ash by Trish McCallan (#2 Red Hot Seals). I’ve read the first book last year and I really liked it. It’s chockfull with action, a steamy hot romance and a whiff of spiritual/otherworldly-ness and I really liked the balance of those elements in the book. I bought the second book in the series for my birthday as well and I couldn’t resist reading the book soon after it. I loved the second book maybe even more than the first haha. So now I’m aching to get my hands on the third book – it’s on one of my many Christmas wishlists, lol. The book got a 4-star rating!
  • Inked Armour by Helena Hunting (#2 Clipped Wings). After reading the first book, I immediately bought book 2 and 3 as well. And when they arrived I started reading Inked Armour immediately because I was desperate to know how things would continue after that ending in the first book! I loved the turn of events in this second book with the characters and their emotional state of mind. I’ve devoured the book and ended it with a happy sigh and a 4-star rating!
  • Fractures in Ink by Helena Hunting (#3 Clipped Wings). This third book was written about two characters who were present in the previous books as side-characters and I was sooo excited to read their stories. It was a beautiful read, but there were some things lacking for me, unfortunately. Overall, it was just as deliciously written as the previous books and I was devoted to these characters and ended up with rating this book with a 3-star rating.


Amour Amour by Krista Ritchie (#1 Aerial Ethereal). This book was recommended to me by a good friend of mine and I’ve read a lot of positive things about this book online as well. And since I had some money left on my Creditcard I decided to buy this book and the sequel, Infini. I didn’t wait long before starting this first book because I was really excited. Excited about the whole circus setting and the romance of course! I’m ..% in and I got very contradictive feelings about this book. The romance is not exactly what I’d hoped it would be, but somehow the book has got its grip on me and I keep ending up with my kindle in hand and read haha. I like the whole circus setting and the presence of the other side-characters. I think they’re more interesting than the main couple, oops. But hey, I still have some pages left so we’ll see what happens!

And I’ve started reading Devils & Thieves by Jennifer Rush (#1 Devils & Thieves) yesterday evening, after receiving the book. This was one of my most highly anticipated reads for this fall and when I held the book yesterday it just threw those READ ME-vibes at me and I couldn’t resist haha. I thought; let’s read the first chapter and see how you’ll like it and before I knew it, it was almost midnight and hubby was pestering me about turning the lights off. Since he had to be up early this morning for work, I couldn’t do it to him to just keep on reading with the lights on so I, begrudgingly, turned the lights off and went to sleep. While I’m finishing this WWW article, the book is ‘calling’ to me from the couch to be finished. I only have a couple of chapters left and then I’m finished. I just couldn’t stop reading once started, it’s such an addictive read!!! So I’m sure I’ll finish the book within the next couple of hours hehe.


I hope I can finish some scary reads this month. In my TBR THURSDAY article that’ll go online tomorrow, I share some of my Scary reads from my collection that I haven’t read yet and want to read this month. So if you’re curious to see which creepy books I want to read before October 31st, stay tuned for tomorrow’s TBR THURSDAY!

Aside from scary reads, I got quite an amount of arc’s waiting to be read as well and I hope I can get around to read some of these books:

  •  Where I found You by Brooke O’Brien, the first book in the Heart’s Compass series. I received an e-arc of this book and I’m really excited to start it. The synopsis sounds awesome and it looks like it would definitely be a perfect read for me! The book has a really great rating on Goodreads, 4.51, and I’m really excited to found out for myself what’s so beautiful about it. #excited
  • Frozen Hearts by Pamela Stewart, the first book in the Iona Chronicles. I got an e-arc of this book through Netgalley. The cover was what lured me in and the synopsis made me crave for this book instantly. From reading the synopsis it sounds like the writing style is right up my alley; addictive and fun. And the story-line is intruiging and the setting sounds so awesome. I’m really excited for this read.

So that’s my WWW for this week!
What did you finish last, What are you currently reading and What are you planning to read next?
Love to hear from you, have a nice day!




  1. I have just started to read Roseblood. I´m just hoping that I don´t have to high expectations of it because I love Phantom of the Opera and story re-tellings.

    1. Author

      Hahaha what a coincidence because I started Roseblood as well yesterday. I was planning on starting one of my e-arcs but before I knew it, I was reading the first pages of Roseblood and was like; I NEED TO READ ON..

      I’m almost 100 pages in and really like it so far. The writing is really beautiful I think and I love the mystery around everything.
      melissasbookworld onlangs geplaatst…| TBR THURSDAY | HALLOWEEN TBRMy Profile

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