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| BLOGISH ITEM | Time Capsule Book

I came across a Time Capsule book edition article on the  Book babbles and Blues blog a while ago and thought it would be really awesome to write this article for myself as well. So, thanks for the inspiration Book Babbles and Blues!

Since I love recommending books to others and love fangirling about them in general, I think this article is just perfect for me to write haha. The idea is to choose five book(series) you’d love to put in a time capsule that’ll first be opened in 25 years. It can be books you simply love or books that you think will still have something to offer in 25 years. It was still tough though because 5 book(series) isn’t so much to put in a capsule if you got sooo many favorite books/authors to choose from haha. Here’s what I came up with – after experiencing a lot of inner struggles while making tough choices.

Harry Potter.

Well, I don’t think the world will ever get enough of the Harry Potter books and the books will remain popular in 25 years, 100 years and beyond that. So I think this is a perfect book-series to put in the capsule. No matter how far along in the future we are, these books need to be read and experienced! J.K. Rowling brought magic to our world with these books and they should be read and treasured forever.

Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas.

Does this need any explanation haha? The reason I chose this one instead of the ACOTAR series by Sarah is that I think Sarah’s writing is overall just better with this series and these books show her writing capacity to the max. The tremendous growth from book 1 to the last release, Tower of Dawn, is just astonishing. The character development, the Story-line development.. the world buildings. It’s just amazing. The fact that Sarah still surprises me with a 6th installment in the series and still makes it at least the same amount of Epic as the previous book and maybe, even more, is the reason I respect and love this author so much! And I don’t think this series should ever be forgotten and that it should definitely be in this time capsule, so people can remain falling in love with the series in 25 years too. I’m secretly just counting on the fact that this series, in particular, is still being famous by itself in 25 years, but just to be sure they’ll get the deserving attention then, I’d put it in the capsule!

Flight & Glory series by Rebecca Yarros

Because well… EVERYONE NEEDS SOME REBECCA YARROS IN THEIR LIFE! Just everything she wrote so far has touched my heart and soul on such an intense level. Every word she writes down is so beautiful and touching. But I had to narrow it down to just 1 series by her and since the Flight & Glory books were my first reads by this author, I remain faithful to those books hihi. I’m proud to call myself a Flygirl and will always be a Flygirl. And of course, I want the world to know in 25 years from now how touched I was by these particular books and give them the opportunity to read the books too.

the Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare.

Just like with Sarah’s books and Rebecca’s books; I love all of what this author wrote but I have to narrow it down to ‘just’ one series. And the Infernal Devices is my baby, my precious. What’s not to love. I mean, I’ve never seen a love-triangle written to perfection until I came across these books. All of the characters are characters you’ll fall in love with. Cassandra’s capability of emotional writing is so insanely good! Then there’s also the Victorian London setting, fantasy elements with demons and a lot of other otherworldly creatures like vampires, werewolves and fae’s. the Story-line is terrific and just.. EVERYTHING.IS.PERFECT, let’s leave it at that okay? 

And by this point, after writing down 4 book(series), I’m getting anxious. Rather crazy to be honest, because I can only choose one more. JUST ONE!!!! It’s impossible. I want to cry, I want to rant, I want to tear all of the hairs from my head. Which book(series) am I going to choose above all of the other beauties on my shelves? Yep, I want.to.cry –SOBFEST. After staring at my bookshelves and my beauties for what feels like hours and hours, I just had to draw a line somewhere and just pick already! Soo, I went with a series from a paranormal romance genre, which is one of my absolute favorite genres out there – in the meantime I’m repeating myself by almost screaming to my other books that I love them all and that I’m sorry for not choosing them, not because I don’t want to but yeah, it just hurts and feels like I have to pick a favorite child. 

And last but not least..

the Guild Hunter Series by Nalini Singh.

This series is one of my all-time favorites within the whole book community, regardless of what genre I’m talking about. I always say paranormal romance books consist of the best of two worlds… It has romance, mostly adult romance which I love love love. And it’s got fantasy/paranormal elements which I love as well. This particular series revolves around the archangel Raphael and a kick-ass heroïne who tracks down rogue vampires. These two are such a great power-couple and their chemistry is off the charts hot! The side characters are all so amazingly well written as well and a lot of them get their own story/book later on in the series. Yep, this series has gotten hold of my heart right from the start and I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of these books. These need to be in the time capsule as well. These need to be shared with other readers in 25 years as well. Nalini’s way of writing is so insanely good and sticks with you. These books, as well as her psy-changeling series, are must-reads!

Pfft. I can’t tell you how difficult it was for me to choose between favorites and decide which one got the cut into this article. I had to rigorously choose and stand by my choices because otherwise I’d keep doubting and changing things haha. I’m pleased with my choices, even though I’d love to add a lot more book(series) into the time capsule, but we can’t have all, can we? haha.

I’d love to see which books Kwante in Wonderland, the Book duTchesses, Het leven van een Boekenworm and the SpineBreakers would put in their Time Capsule!


    1. Author

      You’re welcome and I’m very excited to see what you’ll choose! It was sooo difficult to do haha 😀

  1. Mmmm, betekent dit dat je die boeken ook 25 jaar lang niet uit je capsule mag halen? Want mijn Harry Potter boeken 25 jaar lang niet kunnen/mogen lezen lijkt me een nachtmerrie. 😉
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Tosti & Toast – Fern GreenMy Profile

    1. Author

      O.M.G. WAAROM DACHT IK DAAR NIET AAN TIJDENS HET INVULLEN VAN DIT ARTIKEL? hahahaha.. Maar.. Ik maak een LOOPHOLE; Ik koop de boeken wel overnieuw in deze huidige tijd zodat ik ze lekker kan blijven lezen hihi.

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