| AUTHOR Q&A | meeting Sophie Jackson in Amsterdam!

On September 15th I went to Amsterdam together with my buddy Kwante, to do an interview with the lovely Sophie Jackson. Sophie wrote the Pound of Flesh trilogy, which rapidly became one of my favorite new adult series. I was really excited and nervous at the same time to do this ‘in person’ interview because I’ve never done that before. My previous Q&A’s with authors have always been processed through mail.

But my nerves were totally unnecessary because Sophie was such a lovely person! She made us feel at ease right away. She’s so friendly and easy to talk with! I had a blast doing this interview.

Since I went to Disneyland a couple of days after the interview I wasn’t able to write down the interview yet – we recorded everything on our phone since writing everything down at that time wasn’t doable. Well, don’t let me hold you any longer, and let’s get to the Interview part of this article, enjoy!

  • So of course we’d love to know if there’s more to come in the series and in general?

S: No, for the series not. Never say never, but I kind of wanted to take a break from this now. Because it was 3 years solidly writing on this series. I want to visit something else now. And I’ve actually started something else. I’d love to go back to it though, maybe do something with Riley’s brothers
Kwante & Me are freaking out right now!! We practically jumped up from our chairs and cheered right in front of Sophie because this was what we were hoping to hear from her haha. So we told her that we were waiting and hoping to hear this answer, that this was actually our next question; to ask if she’d do something with Riley’s brothers. So ladies and gents, we have our answer; She will be returning to this series and write about Riley’s brother, who we get to know better in the last book ‘VAN JOU/a Measure of Love’. Can I get a whoopwhoop?!
S: That’s why I introduced them in this book. So it would just open a few more opportunities to explore the characters a little bit more.

After this first question I’m reading my notes to look up my next question and my nerves get the better of me so I start to stumble over my words, lol. I normally do Q&A’s through mail, so it was a bit exciting for me doing this in person – this was my first time so yeah that means ‘Melissa getting all awkward and such’ buwhaha.

  • Where did you find the inspiration for these books?

S: Well, I was a twi-hard (twilight fan for the non twi-hards among us and don’t know the meaning, lol). It was actually a couple of students of mine who were saying ‘You have to read Twilight, it’s about vampires and it’s really good’. And I was like ‘Who’s got time to read about vampires? Nobody’s got time to read about them’. And they left me a copy of it on my desk and I just devoured it.
Kwante and I are nodding understandingly, we’ve been there ourselves lol.
S: Then I went on Amazon and bought the next ones through Next day delivery and read the whole series in about a week. And then read it again. And it just got to the point where I need more about the characters. And I found this forum online, and there I read the midnight Sun – from Edward’s pov. And I still needed more from these characters. And I went to fanfiction.net and then it was like Alice down the rabbit hole ..
I immediately looked towards Kwante, waiting for the moment she’d freak out and would tell Sophie about her Alice in Wonderland addiction, lol. Which followed soon after 😉
S: Read a lot of crap, but also read so much good and these writers and.. that was what inspired me. My first fanfic was a really short story and it was awful. But, I really wanted to get into that and then I wrote ‘help wanted’ which kind of took of quite a bit, people really liked that. I’ve written about four of them I think before Pound of Flesh. And a Pound of Flesh was like, right.. this is serious stuff.

  • Yeah, I mean, the characters, all of them, go through some serious stuff there. That must’ve been hard to write?

S: The thing was though, that before it was a book, it was a fanfiction and it was a hobby and I did it for fun. There was no pressure. It was a chapter at a time, when I had free time and I get instant feedback from readers and could then change my writing and adapt character and adapt plot and things like that. The pressure didn’t really start until it was gonna be a book and I was like ieekk.. That’s a whole new world. Yeah, I definitely learned a lot.

At this point Kwante takes over with some questions of her own. She asks Sophie more about (sexy) vampires, her favorite characters, tv shows and much more.

  • Kwante: I was wondering, if you had to cast your characters.. who would you pick?

S: Carter for me, was always Tom Hardy.
I’m going like: WAAAHHH sfghbdhfgdhjbfg. Yeah, I definitely agree with Sophie’s choice buwhaha.
S: He’s always been Tom Hardy in my head. Kat was Christine Hendriks from SUITS. She’s kind of curvy, redhair..

Max.. was always Colin Farrell for me. And Grace is actually a model, a British model named Jourdan Dunn – she’s absolutely stunning but in a really ‘girl next door’ kind of way.

Riley’s always been Chris Pratt for me
Kwante and me are nodding like crazy buwhaha and we’re saying to Sophie that we have a similar taste in men, lol.
S: for Lexie, I always thought of Scarlett Johansen, the kind of short hair version of Scarlett.

  • Kwante: Do you like badboys in books you read yourself? Because your boys aren’t Really badboys?

S: They’re not badboys,no. It amuses me when people say that.
Me: No, they’re realistic, I think.
S: Yeah, they’re not. They can be, you know, dickheads like most men can be. But they are real. I don’t think they’re badboys, I think they make bad choices. I think there’s a very clear distinction between those two. 
When you look at Carter, he isn’t an asshole, he’s just trying to be. He saved her and then he ran away from it and didn’t claim that, something good that he did. He’s always pushing it away, and he’s not told anyone about what he told Max but he’s not said anything about it. And Max..he tries to keep Grace at a distance but then he’s very protective of her and then he tries to help her with her PTSD.
Me: I think that’s my favourite book .I loved Carter’s story and Riley’s as well, but I think Max’s story is the most beautiful in regards to character development.
S: I was most proud of that, actually. Because obviously Pound of Flesh was already written, as a fanfic, so it was editing that only needed to be done. It was about streamlining the character with that book, whereas with Max’s story it was the opposite. I had to flash it out. So.. I really enjoyed that. I love Grace. She is probably my favourite female character of the series.
Kwante remarks that her least favourite one is Lexie, which Sophie feels similar about.
S: I think Riley really takes a chance on her, whereas Kat and Grace take a chance on the men and Riley takes a chance on her, which was what I really wanted to do. But yeah, I think Max’s book is my favourite as well, for the same reasons, the character development. The one thing I wanted, and got straight away from my first readers, is that they would be like, after the first book; I hate max bluhh.. and then they would get to the second book and they’d be like OHH MAXXX.. *happy sigh*

From here on, we continue with our smaller/Rapid Fire questions.

  • Kwante: Since you’re a twi-hard; Jacob or Edward?

S: Edward! All day long!

  • Kwante: Which characters of AIW do you like the most? – Since Kwante is a major Alice fan and Sophie already spoke about Alice in Wonderland, this is a question that just had to be asked haha. Kwante and Sophie got into a little Alice in Wonderland fangirl rant, so adorable, lol.

S: the Mad Hatter, followed by Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum but I do actually love the Queen, I think she’s brilliant! I actually dressed – when I was 8 – up as the Queen of hearts. Because everyone was Alice and then there was I, like HERE I AMMM.
Kwante tells about the Alice in Wonderland theme party she gave her daughter last year and then Kwante and Sophie are lost again in their love for Alice and Disney villains haha.

  • Kwante: You love twilight, so you love vampires. How about these: True blood?

S: Yes. Alex. Eric..
In the meantime, I’m sitting there like; I’ve got no idea what they’re talking about because I’m not familiar with true blood; aaaaawkwaaaard buahahaha. So I decide to skip in with a follow up question of my own;

  • Me: Did you read Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead? Some of you might know this is one of my favourite series everr hihi.. And let me tell you, I really wish I hadn’t asked this question, lol. Once you read Sophie’s answer you’ll know why I wished I hadn’t asked buwhahaha. But, I behaved myself and held my inner fangirl in check in front of Sophie 😉

S: No, I started it. I couldn’t get into it, couldn’t get into it. But I don’t know if it was because I started reading it too soon after Twilight. So maybe I go back, because I haven’t read Twilight in a while.

  • Kwante: If you have to pick; true blood, vampire diaries or the originals?

S: hmm.. * LONG PAUSE* I love true blood and vampire diaries but for very different reasons. Because I love Ian Somerhalder in VD, it’s the badboy thing. And he’s just very sexy. But then true blood I love again because of Eric. But again, the whole love story there.. I think I have to go with true blood.

  • Kwante: So, if you have to choose the most sexy vampire?

S: Eric. But then.. I’m thinking old school now, I’m thinking like Stephen Dorff from Blade. He was very hot and Blade is very sexy.
Now all three of us are drooling over Wesley Snipes, lol. Because finally I can jump in since I’ve had a crush on Wesley as Blade for ages and I know what they’re talking about, lol.

And from Blade Sophie jumps into her love for Comics and telling more about her decision for writing about Riley and Tate being fans of DC and MARVEL and how they are constantly bantering with each other over the comics and characters – if you haven’t read the third book, you really should because the presence of that is so awesome and funny.

Sophie’s a MARVEL girl. I’m secretly a bit of both.. I know, I know. Technically you just can’t choose both, but hey; sew me haha. Overall MARVEL may be my favourite but there’s so much goodness from DC as well. Christian Bale as batman is something Sophie and I can agree on but then I decide to do a follow up question and ask about Henry Cavill as Superman and this is the second time during this interview I wish I didn’t bring something up buwhahahaa. Fun fact about me; Henry Cavill is a favorite actor of mine and I think his role as Superman is phenomenal.. So yeah..My poor fangirl heart got ripped to shreds again buwhahaha.
S: Henry Cavill? No.
And I hear Kwante snicker because she knows how I feel about Henry. I guess she’s praying I don’t go all ANGER on Sophie like Anger from Inside Out buwhaha.
I think he’s very woody. He hasn’t got any charisma at all.

Thankfully Kwante jumps in about her joker crush and Sophie comments on her love for Heath Ledger so she scores some bonus points, yay hahaha. And I tell her that I bought tickets for Thor Ragnarok and she’s totally fangirling right there, so that’s even more bonus points haha. From there on we just fangirl a bit, all three of us, about the awesomeness that’s called MARVEL – It’s always a good time to fangirl right? 😉 especially about the Hemsworth brothers hehe.. Sophie talks about how awesome Wonder Woman is and especially about how awesome Black Widow is and how bummed out about she is of the fact there isn’t a black widow movie. We need more power woman on the big screen! Yep, I totally agree with her, don’t you 😉?


  • Me: Favorite book?

S: A favourite book that comes to mind every time I think about it, is Me before you by Jojo Moyes. Nothing comes close to that book, how it made me feel and how it broke me. The way it’s written, the humour, the relationship, just perfect.

  • Me: favorite movie?

S: It’s difficult.. But one that pops up every time is Pulp Fiction. But then, I love a lot of movies for lots of different reasons. And obviously, I love the Captain American movies, the Iron man movies, the Avengers. But then you go back and then it’s the Matrix, Saving private Ryan, gladiator.

  • Me: favourite tv shows at the moment?

S: You know, I don’t watch a lot of television. But.. box sets that I’ve seen; Scandal, designated survivor – that was really really good-, grey’s anatomy – all three of us get into a fangirl rant about Grey’s haha-, Sherlock Holmes with benedict Cumberbatch, Strictly come dancing around Christmas time and Wimbledon. Very boring..

  • Me: other hobby’s?

S: Movies, really. I love a good film, reading obviously. I do more reading than writing. I always say it’s research. “But that’s your third Colleen Hoover book” And I’m like: “RESEARCH”
So I say; Colleen Hoover is Always good and Sophie replies with
“she’s my hero”. I ask her about her favorite Hoover book. S: I really liked Ugly Love, but I really like confess as well. I’m about ²/3rd in with It ends with us. Me: *GASPS* because this book is so beautiful and heartbreaking.. S: EVERYONE HAS THAT REACTION EVERYTIME I SAY THAT! Yeah, I’m really enjoying that one. Every book is just.. so gooood!

At this point Kwante and I start promoting the Rebecca Yarros books to Sophie, since Rebecca is a favorite of us as well and we think Sophie would really love her books too. Sophie’s fiance Jay walks in to grab his jacket and we get a glimpse of the very cute, funny and adorable romance being present between Sophie and Jay. I ask them when their wedding takes place and Sophie’s like: When he’s lucky enough and Jay’s like: When she behaves herself, so maybe in 10 more years or so? Hahahaha they are so cute together!

Then Thyrze drops in and tells us we have about 5 more minutes so we’re wrapping up the interview and Sophie starts signing our books and we just talk a bit more about some personal stuff and such, which was really nice. Sophie’s surprised Kwante has a teenager and wants to know how old Kwante is, which is the perfect moment for Kwante to mention that it’s my birthday, ugh haha thanks for that love.. Sophie’s immediately offering up some of the liquorice she got earlier today to share it with us, so sweet of her.

We talk some more about the books and how we’re looking forward to read about Riley’s brothers and I’m getting into some theories I have about Riley’s brothers and that’s how we end up talking about gay romance and doing research about it, lol – don’t ask buwhaha. But I can tell you guys there’s coming a lot of more awesomeness our way by this author, yay! She tells a bit about the boat trip she had the day before with more fans and how lovely it was. And how she loves the Dutch covers for her books and that she’s amazed that the books are so popular here, she loves that. We end it all with taking some pictures and saying goodbye to Sophie, Jay and Thyrze.


This has been one of the nicest things I’ve got the opportunity for to do, since I started blogging. I never would’ve thought blogging would open up a whole new world for me in which I would meet favorite authors, but it did. I’m really thankful that the Dutch publisher, Zomer & Keuning, asked us for doing an interview. I’ve made some really lovely memories on my 28th birthday thanks to them, Sophie and my bestie Kwante.

I hope you liked reading this extended interview and if you’re not already familiar with Sophie’s books; I can really recommend them, they’re really really good!!!! Have a nice day, lovelies <3





  1. Ik had het bij Kwante ook gelezen én het lijkt me echt een super leuke ervaring geweest te zijn. Eerder een fangirl-gesprek dan een interview. Al heeft ze jammer genoeg wel een paar keer jouw fangirl-hartje gebroken.
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Gelezen in September 2017My Profile

    1. Author

      haha jaa in principe kan ik wel relativeren en weet ik dat natuurlijk niet iedereen hetzelfde leuk vind als mij buwhahaha. Maar my poor fangirl heart indeed, lol.
      melissasbookworld onlangs geplaatst…| WRAP UP | September 2017My Profile

  2. I just bought all her books on Amazon US. The interview made her and her books sound awesome! Thanks! Great interview. And happy birthday!

    1. Author

      Ahh that’s so nice to hear and thank you! Hope you’ll love the books just as much as I did, happy reading <3

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