| FANMADE FRIDAY | Dorian Havilliard as told by Harry Potter

Okay, so I came across this on tumblr and it’s soooo hilarious and AWESOME! I had to share this with you guys haha.
If you’re familar with the Dorian Havilliard character from the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas and Harry Potter, you are going to LOVE THIS, trust me!

With the help of Harry Potter GIF’s we get to see some Dorian moments/expressions and they’re SPOT ON haha!
I thought this would be a perfect Fanmade Friday so here we go!

Chaol to Dorian about Celaena:

Dancing with Celaena in TOG:

Realizing he has magic:

With Sorscha:

When Sorscha dies:

While under Valg control:

About himself:

Flying on Abraxos:

About Manon:

With Manon:

With Rowan:


Credits to: Tumblr

And.. What did I tell you; spot on, right? buwhaha
Let me hear what you think!
Have a nice day!


  1. Omg love dit hahah, het is spot on. DORIAN

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