| UNBOXING | YA Chronicles – Tower of Dawn special

| UNBOXING | YA Chronicles – Tower of Dawn special

Of couuuuurse I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity of buying the YA chronicles Tower of Dawn special. I was so extremely excited for the book and I already saw a lot of unboxings for this book box and therefore knew that I really wanted to buy one someday. So when they announced there’d be a TOD special, I immediately put in a order! You could choose to get the box with the uk paperback, us hardcover or both editions. Since I already ordered two hardcovers somewhere else, I decided to choose for the box with the paperback only.

Since I live in the Netherlands and the box had to be shipped from Australia I already knew it could take a while before I would receive the box, but in the end the waiting wasn’t that long! I received the box a little over a week after the release of the book. Unfortunately I had to pay extra import costs, which resulted in me paying €60 for the box in the end, which bummed me out a bit. So I don’t know if I’ll buy a YA box in the future, because the risk of getting import costs every time is too high for me. But back on with it hihi.. Let me show you what was inside this TOD special, and I can tell you up front; it’s amaaazing!!

So after opening the box, the first thing I saw was the specialized card on which the shops and such are mentioned who made the products inside the box. I don’t look at that card to closely until I’m finished unpacking everything hihi. There’s also a really beautiful Ya chronicles bookmark in Tower of Dawn style, and I love it! And I love the color theme, the blue stuff matching the book – since I know the cover of the book is blue haha. This sight is just extremely inviting, isn’t it? hihi.. And aside from the ToD style bookmark I also received an ‘I love Young adult’ bookmark I bought as well. I love the YA chronicles bookmark designs – from what I’ve seen in other unboxings – so I couldn’t pass up buying this I love YA bookmark as well to expand my collection.


The first item I come across is a bookmark – I love love love bookmarks so I’m really not one to complain about the amount of bookmarks in this box, lol. This bookmark is a handmade item from one of my favorite etsy shops; ReadandWonder. I’ve ordered some magnetic bookmarks from this shop a while ago and they are really beautiful so I’m really excited I get to add this bookmark to my Throne of Glass shelf now! This is a custom made bookmark, especially for the ya chronicles box, yay! Again, I love the color theme, the dark night sky turning into that bright blue at the bottom.

The next item I picked up is a beautiful ToD temporary tattoo custom designed by Bookmark’d Tattoo. I don’t know if I’ll ever use it, or if it ends up staying on my shelf haha. I really love the design though, is stunning with that quote, the colors and background. Maybe if I ever meet Sarah again, I’ll wear it xD

This next item is definitely one of the prettiest book items I now own. It’s a custom and exclusive ToD quote necklace, made by Belle Regalia. I love the quote, the font that’s being used, the colors and the design of the necklace itself. Can’t wait to wear it at my next bookish event! It’s absolutely stunning!

The next item is an item I use very often and I love collecting them; it’s a tote-bag! This one’s designed by Blue Bear Bazaar and I think it’s really awesome with the black/white colors, the chosen quote and the skull that’s being presented next to it! I can never get enough tote-bags, I love collecting and using them and I’m really happy that I can add this one to the collection!

On with the next one.. This is yet again one of those bookish items I’ve come to adore and love collecting. I can’t get enough of these things; bookish candles! There’s a NESRYN candle inside this box and it’s so awesome! I love the vibrant pink color and the smell is just amazing! Can’t wait to light this baby up while re-reading ToD in the nearby future. Welcome to the candle family nesryn, yay! This candle is custom-created by Novel Scents & Co. It smells of blackcurrent, plum, lemon zest and leather.

The next item I picked up was the book itself, and it’s so stunning! There was a lot of talk about the cover for this book. A lot of readers didn’t like that they chose not to portray a character on the cover – Chaol for example – but I think this cover is really amazing and fits the series perfectly. Especially after reading the book, I’ve come to love it even more because there’s so much thought put into the design of this cover, it’s amazing. And I didn’t think the paperback would be this beautiful to be honest. I mean, I love the UK paperbacks in the series so far, but the sight of ToD just blew me away. I’m in love! I love the hardcovers, but the paperback is at least just as stunning I think! I’m so glad I can add it to my collection, yay!

And there was one more item in the box, ladies and gentlemen! A really beautiful Young Chaol and Dorian print designed by Taratjah. It’s sooo adorable and I love the drawing so much! I’m going to need to find a right spot to showcase this print, because my shelf is really full at the moment, but I can’t wait to have this beauty standing on my shelves.


Despite having to pay import costs, I’m so incredibly happy with this box! I love the designs of every single item in this box and I may not use every item in the future, but they’ll at least always have a spot on my shelf, being beautiful lying on it. I’m going in search of a fitting frame for the print, because I really want that in a frame, showing off. Overall, this box is a huge success for me and I’m just extremely thankful for all the talented artists out there who created all these beautiful items!

Do you like buying special box editions? Book boxes in general?
Love to hear from you, have a nice day lovelies!

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  1. Although I haven’t read any Throne of Glass book (yet, sorry :$), I really like everything in this box. I love everything blue and those bookmarks are really pretty. The extra costs suck though, haha.
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