|BOOK STRUGGLE SUNDAY| not having enough space on my shelves.

“I’m out of space on my shelves, what to do?!” is something a lot of readers have said at one time or another in their reading life, or didn’t you? For me, it’s a struggle I come face to face with on a regular base, lol. – my monthly book hauls mess everything up all the time haha. I got two larger billy’s and one small billy from IKEA in November ’15 and when I finished putting my book on the shelves then, I still had a lot of space left. That gave me the opportunity to show my favorites even better, by giving them more space. Almost two years later – september ’17 – I’m having real issues each month when I have to add my new hauls to my shelves. It’s real life tetris for me every month haha. 

I got a certain way of shelving my books and I really don’t want to deviate from that because I really like the way my books are shelved. But that can be a real pain in my ass when it comes to adding new books to the shelves. I got everything divided by genre and my favorite authors got their own shelves, mostly. So lets say that at the moment I got a shelf with all my paranormal romance books and it is full. So when I get my next book in that genre, I’m going to have a problem to find space for it, yikes! And aside from my paranormal romance shelf, the rest of my shelves are really full at the moment as well, even though I did an UNhaul recently – I admit; I got a problem, lol. 

My YA paperback shelves are completely stocked with books, there’s not a mm of space left, while on my hardcover shelves there’s still some space left since I re-ordered them recently. One would say; well, if you get a new paperback just put it on the hardcover shelf? But no way in hell I’m doing that with my OCD tick hahaha. Everything just has to be where my stupid brain wants it to be. I know exactly where every one of my books is to be find on my shelves – and that are almost 600 books haha. So shelving just 1 book on a shelve where it isn’t suppose to be in my mind, is.not.possible, lol.

Being that way, really creates problems when it comes to adding my new hauls every month haha. Problems that may be aren’t necessary if you could just ‘get over your tick’ .. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon, lol. So I keep having this struggle coming back almost each month – depends on what kind of books arrive and how easy or difficult it is to rearrange the shelves. Do you recognize this problem? Finding space for your new books on your shelves? I’d love to hear your experiences on today’s topic!


Stop buying books completely a.k.a. a book buying ban. Well, it’s a NOPE from me hahaha. I seriously respect people who know how to make a success out of it, but I would seriously end up being unhappy if I’d try to do this – and I’m not exaggerating. I love buying books, it’s a moment of happiness for me. I love looking forward to book releases from favorite authors etc. And not having that anymore would seriously kill me, mehh.. I just don’t want to miss out on those moments of happiness, even if it would be for 1 month. a Book buying ban is just notttt and option for me – Yeah, I know myself really well when it comes to his haha. There are enough people out there who can make it work, so if you want to control your ‘I don’t have any more space on my shelves – problem’ and you think you could control yourself to not buy any more books, the book buying ban is definitely a good option for you!

This is a really helpful option, IF you’re able to part with your books haha. I always try to do a un-haul at least once a year and even though I sell books I don’t want to re-read anymore of don’t want to read at all, it still hurts when I part with them haha. But in the end, this is a really good way to create more shelf space and you could make a little money out of it as well, with which you can buy new books – which will take up the gained space again hahahaha. CIRCLE OF LIFE, lol.

Something I became very handy at in the last two years hahaha. My book collection went from 20 to almost 600 in like three years? And because of the specific arranging order in my book cases, there are always shelves that are extremely full and need to be rearranged when I get new books that need to go on that shelf. It’s a creative challenge every time I need to fit more books onto a shelf, but secretly I also really like doing this rearranging thing. I like rearrange my books, so the shelves look different than before. One thing I made a habit out of is stacking books. I never did this until a year ago I guess and I just couldn’t fit my books anymore in the ‘normal’ way, with the books standing up. And stacking them gives you a bit more breathing space because you can stack way more books on top of each other as that you could fit in that same spot with them standing up. On almost every shelf nowadays I have a combination of stacked books next to books that stand up. What I also like about stacked books is that you can read the book title better, because most of the books have the title printed that if you want to read it, you need to put the book horizontal instead of vertical. So for me, it’s a win-win by doing it like this; I like how it looks and I can fit more books on one shelf, yay.

You could also choose to use double rows. I don’t like doing this myself, because then you don’t see the books in the back, but unfortunately I had to do this with one YA paperback shelf, because I just couldn’t fit the books any other way anymore and at the moment it’s not possible to place another bookcase in our living room aside from the 4 larges ones and the smaller one we already have haha.

There’s much to be said about reading a printed book vs. a digital one. And every reader has it’s own preferences when it comes to choosing what you’d rather read. I LOVE the feeling of holding a book in my hand and seeing my collection and I don’t think that’ll ever change – when you see my monthly book hauls you see that there’s no doubt about the fact that I like printed books haha. But I also came to love the pro’s about digital reading. And digital reading is definitely a great way of making sure your shelves don’t get any fuller haha. I often don’t have a choice but to read digital, because a lot of books I read aren’t always printed (yet) and that’s okay. If I love the book I buy it as a printed edition later on as well and re-read it again. And in the context of creating space on your shelves or making sure they don’t get any fuller, reading digital books is a prefect solution!


If you’ve got the space you could always buy a new bookcase or new shelves for the wall and such. For me it isn’t an option because our house is just full as it is right now haha. Someday I really hope to have a whole room for my books and then I could add some more cases to the collection as well. I got the billy cases from IKEA without the extra attachment to put on top of the shelves, with which you create a whole shelf extra. So if I reaaaaaly need new space. I could buy these add-on shelves for my 4 larger billy’s. But both hubby and I thought it wouldn’t look really nice in our living room when the shelves would end at the sealing so we decided to put buying them off until we can’t get around them anymore haha. For now, I’m still able to use the previous options for creating more space and such.

And aside from adding more cases you could always look for space on your walls, so you could add some floating shelves on there for example. This is especially perfect for students and people with small rooms, so you don’t have to put a whole case in your room, which takes up a lot of space. Adding shelves to the walls is a great way of creating more space!

Do you struggle with space problems when it comes to your bookcases/shelves?
How do you ‘fix’ it? Because there comes a point when it just doesn’t fit anymore, right? haha
Love to hear your experiences with this struggle!








  1. Ik was meteen het aantal planken van je BIlly-kasten aan het tellen en wilde zo’n opzetstukken voorstellen en toen zag ik dus dat je dat al van plan was. Zelf heb ik die van in het begin gekocht en ik herinner me nog dat mijn echtgenoot toen zei ‘Heb je die wel nodig? Je gaat die kasten toch nooit vol krijgen …’ Hahahahahaha! Tja, dat bleek dus geen probleem te zijn. Gelukkig ben ik ondertussen kritischer geworden in het wel/niet aankopen van boeken en kan ik de laatste tijd ook af en toe afscheid nemen van boeken. Al gaat dit na een tijdje wel weer moeilijk worden. Nu lukt het omdat ik boeken wegdoe waarvan ik weet dat ik ze niet meer wil herlezen maar op een bepaald moment ga ik alleen maar favoriete boeken in huis hebben die ik allemaal ooit nog eens wil herlezen én dat gaat dan wel een probleem worden.
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Lezen geeft je vleugelsMy Profile

    1. Author

      haha ja de opzetstukken is inderdaad wel de eerstvolgende logische stap die ik moet gaan maken. Ik heb onlangs een hoop nl boeken naar boven verhuisd, dus kan met sommige planken weer even vooruit. maar het zal niet lang meer duren voor ik echt toe ben aan de opzetstukken. en ‘je gaat die kasten nooit vol krijgen…’ moet niemand tegen een boekennerd als ons zeggen hahahahaa.. Boeken wegdoen gaat me nog heel moeilijk af, maar ik moet wel echt realistisch zijn en boeken die ik niet meer ga lezen of herlezen wegdoen! maar wat jij zegt; als je straks alleen nog hetgeen over houdt wat je wel wil herlezen en houden.. dat gaat problemen geven hihi.

  2. Mijn boeken kasten zijn een stuk kleiner dan die van jou (ik heb ook veeel minder boeken haha), maar ik herken de struggle wel echt. Het past niet en dan moet je gaan proppen, maar dat ziet er weer minder mooi uit en je wilt juist dat je boekenkast de parel van je huis is. Aaargh struggles!
    Rowan onlangs geplaatst…Wrap Up: Leesvoornemens 2016My Profile

    1. Author

      hahahaha jaaa precies zoals jij het omschrijft. ik proef de frustratie in je woorden, zo herkenbaar xD

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