| mini REVIEW | Tower of Dawn – Sarah J. Maas (#6 Throne of Glass)

| mini REVIEW | Tower of Dawn – Sarah J. Maas (#6 Throne of Glass)

Even though this book deserves wayyyy more than a mini review.. I just can’t, I’m sorry. This 5 star book – and 5 stars really isn’t enough – deserves all the praise and I just can’t get my thoughts and feelings in proper order to write them down in full sentences with which I can explain what this book did to me just now. I just finished the book, like 20 minutes ago and I just know I’ll never be at that point where I’ll be able to write exactly how I feel about Sarah and her books – one of the reasons I didn’t write a review on one of the TOG books so far – and this series in particular, because Throne of Glass is my baby and remains my favorite of the two epic series Sarah wrote so far. But I’ll just let you in on my rambling, chaotic fangirl emotions and let you read what I Was able to put down in words.. 

What on earth am I to do with myself until #7 in the series releases in 2018? With tears still flowing freely I’m trying to find the words to do this book and this author justice but there aren’t any to be found. Sarah is such a phenomenal writer and I didn’t think I could fall in love with the Throne of Glass series even more, but this book proved me wrong.

Tower of Dawn is EVERYTHING, JUST EVERYTHING I hoped it’d be and SO MUCH MORE. I really don’t think I’m able to write a more extended review because like I said; there just aren’t any words do this book justice. From Yrene to Chaol, Nesryn and all of the new characters that are introduced in this book.. new creatures like the Rukh.. It’s so so sooo well written and the development throughout the book is just perfect and astonishingly good, really.

After reading EOS multiple times already, finishing Tower of Dawn just now there’s only this waiting for the final installment in the series left, and I’m so very thankful Sarah made this into a full length novel. This book fits so perfectly with the rest of the books and all of the characters in this book really deserved this. Us getting to know them better, fall in love with them and their stories. And aside from learning these new characters, delving deeper into this world Sarah created, learning more about the Valg with some shocking new stuff that’ll blow your mind.. I’m really crying tears of happiness right now for the fact that Sarah just blew me away again. This series is just EVERYTHING to me and I’m so in love with this book. God, I just can’t find the right words, truly..

I can’t even count the numerous times I’ve sat with tears in my eyes and/or holding in my breath while flipping page after page, devouring all that Sarah wrote down, because it were that many, lol. This book is bittersweet.. So much beauty and at the same time a lot of sadness for knowing what’s going down at the same time across the sea with Aelin and her Court. I loved the referrals to Aelin and her Court on the other side of the sea, and loved reading new stuff that’ll be very important in the next book. I keep repeating myself with everything I say, sigh haha.. Like I said; can’t find the words to do this book justice. With just finishing it, my emotions are still so fresh and raw. And I’m in awe.. I just keep sitting here, staring at my screen, trying to get my swirl-wind of emotions in order – which is impossible.

This book reminds me – like I needed a reminder. nope, I didn’t but it still had that impact tho haha – why TOG remains being my favorite series. Even with the 6th book in the series – and seeing how it all connects with the other books, right to the Assassin’s Blade stories – Sarah keeps surprising me, continues to let me fall even harder in love with the series – which like I said; I didn’t think possible – and leaves me breathless with tears still freely falling when finishing the book, yet again..

“He didn’t understand-how she could be so delicate, so small, when she had overturned his life entirely.
Worked miracles with those hands and that soul, this woman who had crossed mountains and seas.” 

I truly can’t believe there’ll be any Sarah-Throne of Glass fan out there, who doesn’t appreciate – and appreciate is really a too mild word chosen I guess because this book devoured my soul and is latched onto me forever – this perfection that was being released on September 5th..

And now the real horror begins. Now the REAL countdown begins to the last installment.. The book where it’ll all end. I’m so not ready for it. I WANT IT NOW, but I’m really not ready for it… I can’t believe what we already got so far and that we are now starting to count down for the last book to be released next year. I’m really not ready for this all to end….


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