| TBR THURSDAY | September TBR – for now..

| TBR THURSDAY | September TBR – for now..

It’s Thursday already? Time flies by!! Especially since the arrival of Tower of Dawn, because I’ve been stuck with my nose in that book ever since haha. Had to pull myself away from it to write this article today, lol. Normally I’d share just one book/series in my TBR Thursday but today I’m going to talk about several books on my TBR piles I want to (finish) read(ing) this month. The list is not all too long, since it’s a really busy month for me with some blog tours I participate in and such that require more time from me at the moment. And aside from blog-stuff a lot of personal appointments this month as well. Curious to know what I’ve been reading and what I want to read soon? You find out about it in this Thursday’s TBR article!


  • Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas
    Since I didn’t receive my hardcover pre-order on release date I got myself the e-book as well, so I could start reading it on September 5th. Thankfully the book itself came in yesterday so I read on in the printed copy. I’m currently at page 397 and I’m so in love with this book!!!!!!! I’m trying to maintain a slow reading pace because I don’t want it to be over. Every turning of a page gives me that dreaded feeling of knowing the end of the book is getting ‘in sight’. Nesryn, Chaol, Yrene and many other new characters have already stolen my heart. Chaol is such a realistic character that I just can’t do anything other than love him again as he’s fighting his way through life at the moment. Before I go on an all-out fangirl rant over here, I’ll stop now hahaha. You’ll be able to read my extended review soon enough ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • a Poison Dark and Drowning (e-ARC)
    I’ve read the first book, a Shadow bright and burning last year and did a re-read this year. I fell so hard for this world, these characters, the setting and the amazing story-line. I was soooo excited when I got an e-arc of the sequel, which is due to release on September 19th. I’ve started it a couple of months ago and loved it, but there have been others book that came in between so I still haven’t finished it unfortunately. This was primarily due to the lack of having a Kindle so I was forced to read on my phone which I didn’t like so much lately haha. So now I got a kindle and I’m picking up where I left. My review will go online somewhere around the release date. Preferably on the release day itself but we’ll see how it goes with my planning haha.
  • Mountain Men trilogy by Hazel Parker (e-ARC)
    I’ve become a part of Hazel’s ARC team because I was really excited about her books and I got the mountain man trilogy to read and review. It’s a three books-set and I’ve finished the first two and I’m currently reading the third one, so mini-reviews(I’ll review all three of them in 1 article) will follow soon!


  • the Siren chronicles book 1 by Douglas J. Sloan (e-ARC + blog tour participant)
    One of my Netgalley ‘catches’ from last month. I’m desperate to read more mermaid-related stories and this one looked sooo good so I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity of reading it for the publisher. I also got an e-mail in which I could accept participating in the blog tour and I love participating in blog tours so I didn’t pass that offer up either lol haha. So you’ll see my review/blog tour article very soon!
  • Stil van jou by Sophie Jackson (#2 Pound of Flesh)ย 
    I’ve recently read the first book in the pound of flesh series and I’m dying to dive into the second book. I’m planning on finishing the Sophie Jackson books before September 15th, on which I’ll travel to Amsterdam to do an Interview with Sophie!! So awesome!! You’ll definitely read all about that afterwards.
  • Samen by Sophie Jackson
  • a Beautiful kind of Hope by Cathy Johns (e-ARC)
    I love reading debut novels, so when I got the chance to become a member of Cathy Johns’ ARC team and read her debut novel, I didn’t hesitate one second, because the synopsis of the book sounds really good and I’m really excited to read this book!
  • Archangel’s Viper by Nalini Singh (e-ARC)
    Some of you might already know it; I’m a huuuuuuge, huuuuuge, ginormous fan of Nalini Singh. She’s one of my all-time favorite authors and a favorite author within the Paranormal romance genre specifically. Her Guild Hunter series; Devoured them! And from what I’ve read of Psy-changeling so far, I really loved as well. Venom is a character we meet early on in the guild hunter series and I loved him instantly. I’ve been dying to read his book for a couple of years now. And finally, finally the month of it’s release is here, yes!!! And I’m one of the lucky bloggers who also got an e-arc so I don’t have to wait until release date to read the book hbfsdghdhfjdgf. Of course, my pre-order is still coming in on release day because 1. I want to support this author in whatever way I can and 2. I want to add the beauty to my collection of course and being able to re-read it in a printed edition as well!

Seeing how much I get to read for authors/publishers nowadays keeps astonishing me. I love to participate in blogtours and such and it’s an honor to be ask to review books for them all. So looking back on the current tbr list above, I can’t feel anything other then excitement and gratitude for being able to do this! I’m so glad I found my ‘home’ in blogging and hope to continue doing this for a long time to come!

What’s on your September tbr pile?


  1. Ik lees zelden twee boeken door elkaar, maar nu ben ik er dus volop mee bezig.
    Heartless op de ereader. (Gezien de zoon niet meer alleen in slaap wil vallen en mama dus vele uurtjes doorbrengt in een donkere kleuterkamer ๐Ÿ™‚ )
    En our savage song op papier.

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