Two weeks went by since my last Monday Memories went online, so I decided to give you guys a little re-cap of the previous two weeks. Last weeks of Milan’s vacation, meeting with my bestie, my new kindle reader came in, I’m talking about books I’ve bought and read and much more. Want to know what I’ve been up to lately? Read on..

I’m glad I can say I’ve been feeling a bit better for the past two weeks. I ‘fell down the rabbit hole’ again a couple of weeks ago – as you could read in the MMM’s -; I felt miserable and suffered from anxiety attacks almost everyday, which was something I didn’t experience in months now so that sucked big time. But In the meantime I’ve been to the doctor and I’m in a new project of getting help, so that’s good. Hubby and I have started with eating more healthier again and we’ve been trying to get some more exercise done. We’ve been slacking with all of this ever since coming back from vacation so it’s time to pick it back up again.

My Kindle reader came in, so YAY YAY YAY! I’ve been using it very intense every since and I love reading on the kindle so much! No more Kobo for me haha.

The hubs and me went on a small trip to Utrecht and had a stay over at a hotel with the most amazing Jacuzzi I’ve ever seen, sigh.. It was perfection haha. We really enjoyed ourselves. Did some shopping, went out to a Burger restaurant – which makes hubby extremely happy because he loves burgers haha – and enjoyed our Jacuzzi and luxurious hotel room *wink wink*. But seriously.. We really needed some time for ourselves, away from everything and it was lovely. Now we’re counting down to September 17th when we take Milan to Disneyland Paris for three days and enjoy some family time over there ♥ It will be his first time visiting Disneyland and he’s already so excited, it’s so cute haha. For me it’ll be my third visit and I especially can’t wait to visit the shops there hehe.

Last week was Milan’s last week of vacation. Beforehand I was terrified of six weeks vacation and didn’t think I would get through it, lol. But in the end, it wasn’t so bad at all. Time has flown by and the vacation was over in a blink and before I knew it I was preparing everything for his first day of school again.

I had a lunch meeting with my bestie Kwante in Eindhoven. The weather was really nice so instead of going to our usual spot at La Place, we took a seat outside at a restaurant where I ordered a huge omelet and Kwante a burger with fries. It was nice catching up on things face to face instead of using whatsapp haha. Thankfully we get to do this more often now – we’re interviewing Sophie Jackson together next month in Amsterdam and for Jennifer L. Armentrout’s visit to the Netherlands we booked a hotel in Utrecht so we can spent some of the day after together as well. So yeah, lots of fun things to look forward to.

I really enjoyed drawing/setting up my Bullet Journal and have been really active with it lately. I’m currently busy with finishing the last spreads of September and already made some first drafts for October – which is going to be done Halloween style.

Since the last MMM went online, there isn’t much changed in my taste of music. I’m still listening to my FeelGood playlist on spotify and have a lot of the following songs on repeat;

  • Imagina Dragons – Warriors
  • Imagine Dragons – It’s Time
  • One Direction – 18
  • OneRepublic – Stop and Stare
  • Miley Cyrus – When I look at you
  • Lady Antebellum – Just a Kiss
  • the Wanted – Could this be love
  • OneRepublic – Let’s Hurt Tonight

O, and I also listened to a lot of movies/games soundtracks/music. I’ve got a spotify playlist for that as well. Some of the music I’ve listened to;

  • Never Forget from Halo 3 (Original Game Soundtrack)
  • the Avengers by Alan Silvestri from the Avengers movie
  • Sons of Odin by Patrick Doyle from the Thor movie
  • Launch by Trevor Rabin from the Armageddon movie
  • Rise by Hans Zimmer, Gavin Greenaway, Matt Dunkley from the Dark Night Rises movie
  • This Land by Hans Zimmer from the Lion King
  • One Day by Hans Zimmer from the Pirates of the Caribbean; At World’s End
  • Run Free by Hans Zimmer from the Spirit; stallion of the Cimarron movie

For the past two weeks I’ve got very little accomplished blog wise – that’s how it felt to me anyway. Normally I like to at least publish 1 article a day and now I didn’t even do that and often with days in between of nothing at all, mehh.. But I’m starting to get my mojo back a bit, so I’m just doing it one day at a time and see where I’ll end up haha. I think having all those drafts waiting to be finished is intimidating me a bit because I want to finish them all asap and that’s just not possible haha. So I have to do a reality check every once in a while so I don’t make myself go nuts over this.

Since the last MMM article there’s been a couple of articles I got to finish and publish though, like a new Tag article, Award article, shoplogs and a couple of reviews so in the end that’s not so bad – it isn’t nearly the amount of published articles I want to maintain weekly, but I’ll get where I want to be again, I’m sure.

I got to do a dog tag article; DOGS DAYS OF SUMMER DOG TAG, which I really loved writing because I got to tell you guys more about my love for dogs and one in particular; my buddy Rex. I found the inspiration for a new WISHLIST WEDNESDAY; ROMANTIC COMEDY thanks to Geybie’s Book Blog and her Recommend Me articles. I came across her Romantic Comedy article and found a lot of new books I wanted to read, so that was more then enough material for a new Wishlist Wednesday. In the meantime I was devouring the Wild Aces trilogy by Chanel Cleeton and decided to write mini reviews on the three books so I could put it all together in one article so I could tell you guys about all three books and how amazing they are, at once. That article – MINI REVIEW | WILD ACES TRILOGY BY CHANEL CLEETON – ended up being published right away because I couldn’t control my excitement anymore. As I told you before, hubby and I went to Utrecht and Primark for some shopping, and I bought enough to write some new shoplogs hehe – SHOPLOG UTRECHT & SHOPLOG PRIMARK were published soon after.

On August 23rd I received one of my highly anticipated books of 2017; after the game by Abbi Glines and of course I started reading this one right away. After finishing it, I had this enormous urge to finish my review of this book right away, so I did and published it the day after already. so my REVIEW OF AFTER THE GAME was online on August 24th. That same day another article went online, my TBR THURSDAY #4. Two articles in one day, lol whereas I’ve had a lot of days with just nothing going online the past weeks. On Friday August 25th I finished the FRIDAY’S FAVORITE LIST OF.. SUMMER READS, which I’ve been working on for months now. I finally found the inspiration to finish the article so it went online, yay. I was working on the BLACK CAT, BLUE SEA AWARD as well – I got nominated for this by the lovely Darque Dreamer Reads a while back – and decided to publish it on August 25th as well. And in the weekend I didn’t publish anything but I did work on some articles for next week. I already know I won’t be able to finish all the drafts I had planned for next week, but I’ll do my best to publish as much as possible xD

I got to add some very awesome new books to the collection the past two weeks. And aside from books I also bought another Bullet Journal. This one is larger than the one I already have and I plan on using this one as a memory/travel journal – as soon as I’ve started working in it, I’ll show you guys some pics.

I’ve normally got quite a fast reading speed already, but since reading on the Kindle reader as well, my reading speed has been even faster. Somehow, reading digital books, makes me read faster. How do you experience this? After the Kindle got in, I obviously wanted to use it right away and for a couple of days straight, I’ve easily read 5 books within 5 days, which was a lot for me considering I still had to do a lot of other stuff during the day and I mostly only read during the evening. This is what I’ve been reading for the past two weeks:


So yeah, that’s about it for this Melissa’s Monday Memories haha.
What where you up to lately? Love to hear from you!


  1. Nothing to do with books but how do you like the Hanzel and Gretel board game? Jules is 3 and totally into board games. To you think he would be able to play it?
    Silke onlangs geplaatst…Spannend nieuws!My Profile

  2. Eerst en vooral …. dankjewel voor de link! Heerlijk om te lezen dat het stilletjes aan wat beter met je gaat. Wat een geluk dat de gesprekken bij de dokter én het deugddoend weekendje met jullie tweetjes (manlief uiteraard, niet met de dokter) zo goed doen. Ik ben zelf nog nooit in Utrecht geweest dus als ik met mijn nichtje daar een keer naar toe ga kom ik jou zeker om tips vragen. Boekenliefhebbers weten meestal de leukste én lekkerste adresjes zijn.
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Korte recensies: Compleet in de wolken & Camp AlienMy Profile

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