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So, the hubs and myself went to Amersfoort and Utrecht Friday for a stay at a hotel, a bit luxurious with a double Jacuzzi and all hehe. Every so often we book a hotel somewhere near a larger city here in the Netherlands, so we get to enjoy some alone time. This is always associated with some shopping, in this case in Utrecht. We never went to Utrecht together. I’ve been there several times and really like the city. There are lots of diverse shops and the city feels just really cozy, you know? Lovely buildings all around, the canals and boats you see sailing by. Anyway.. we did some shopping and I’d like to share some of the stuff we bought when we were in Utrecht!


I love stationary stuff and I get grabby hands every-time I walk into a store that sells stationary related stuff. I bought several things at several shops. From envelopes to sticky notes and more.


Visiting Utrecht has to involve a visit to the Broese bookstore. They have a huge collection of books and I love prowling the shelves there. Aside from Dutch books, their English collection is quite awesome as well! So of course, I couldn’t resist buying something hehe..


And aside from this stuff, we bought some toys and clothes for Milan as well and the hubs bought himself a new iPad. So our trip to Amersfoort/Utrecht was a success haha. I think our bank account doesn’t agree with us tho, lol.



  1. I love buying stationary as well, those notebooks are so cute <3 Where did you buy them? The cover of Chasing the Stars is very beautiful, I am curious about the story 🙂
    Do onlangs geplaatst…Cress – Marissa MeyerMy Profile

  2. Uit die stationary-reeks heb ik ook enkele producten gekocht omdat het me leuke spulletjes leken tegen dat ik nog eens een postpakket wil samenstellen voor iemand. Leuk dat jullie een tof weekend met jullie tweetjes achter de rug hebben. Zelf ben ik nog nooit in Utrecht geweest. Misschien toch maar eens opzoeken of het ver is vanuit Antwerpen.
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…2017: Shelfies #6My Profile

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