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It’s the second day of a new month so it’s time for me to look back on last months blog/reading accomplishments and write my Wrap up. Unfortunately I’m having trouble with reading/blogging at the moment so the last week and a half I didn’t made much progress on either one, but over-all I published a nice amount of articles this month and read several awesome books as well! Do you want to read more of my July experiences? Read on..


July was a busy month with a lot of lows and a lot of highs at the same time. We started the month with our vacation to Spain, which was really amazing and I can’t wait to go back there next year! Now we get to look forward for our upcoming Disney trip in September – September is going to be amazing! busy, but amazing! We had a lot of family time together which was something I really enjoyed. I went to a meeting @ Candyce to meet up with some friends of mine and it was supposed to be a DIY kind of day but in the end I didn’t do a thing except just talking and laughing with them haha. It was a really nice day! Too bad though I always have to travel such long distances to get somewhere, ugh haha. I’m looking forward to our next meeting!

Blog-wise I had quite a sturdy month, to say the least. After coming back from vacation I completely lost myself in the blog and could keep on writing and writing. And I ended the month with some major slumps.. Blog and reading-wise. But I’m used to it haha because it happens to me a lot. I focus myself on my Bullet Journal at the moment – and because of that I can write some BuJo relatec articles as well, yay – and only blog and read when I feel like it, no pressure, right?

I got the manuscript of the newest book that Zomer & Keuning is going to publish; STILTE by Mia Sheridan (Archer’s Voice) and I’m reading a book for another publisher for which I’ll participate in the blogtour when the time comes. And on top of that I got invited to interview Sophie Jackson on September 15th when she’s in Holland!!! Really, really awesome and I’m sooo looking forward too it. I couldn’t imagine spending my Birthday any other way hihi. I got to add some amazing new books to the collection in July, which you could see in my BOOKHAUL. So that were definitely my bookish highlights of the month!


I’ve started July with finishing a re-read of Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover. Damn, just damn.. this author knows how to write a angst-ridden romance that grabs you by your heart and never lets you go again. So sad, so beautiful, so heart wrenching and amazing! I just can’t get enough of Colleen’s books and love re-reading them from time to time!

The day before we left for vacation I got the new K.A. Tucker in the mail – F*CKKK YESSSS! best timing everr! So the first book I read in Spain was this one and god I was sooo excited for a new K.A. Tucker read, because she’s one of my favorites! She was my introduction to New Adult and I still love her books so much to this day. Until it Fades was yet again a typical K.A. Tucker read; enchanting, seductive, addictive and breathtaking. Her writing is utterly amazing and I loved every second of this book! I was really sad when I finished it because I didn’t want to say goodbye haha.

After K.A. Tucker I went on with Nowhere but Here by Katie McGarry and I found myself a new favorite author to add to my list!! This first book of the thunder road series blew my mind and I gave it a 5 star rating. After reading several adult biker romance books I was very very veryyy excited to see what Katie did with an Young Adult biker romance and she f*cking nailed it! I got everything I could’ve wanted out of this read and more. So after finishing this book I was aching for more so I ordered two more Katie McGarry books online.

Then I decided to start with FANGIRL by Raindbow Rowell. Despite not being impressed by Eleanor & Park I had high hopes for this book because several book buddies loved it so much. In the end I didn’t like it so much as I’d hoped beforehand. I guess this author just doesn’t fit me, and it’ll probably be the last book I buy/read of her, sorryNotsorry.

I decided to stay within the contemporary genre and picked up PS. I still love you by Jenny Han. I absolutely adored the first book and started the second book not long after that but at the time I got stuck in a huge reading slump so I put the book aside and didn’t pick it up again. I thought it would be a perfect vacation read so I decided to finish it in Spain and I devoured the book. It wasn’t as good as the first one I think, but absolutely sweet and adorable nonetheless and I’m looking forward to buy and read the third book in this trilogy! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jenny when she was in Holland last year and she’s so warm and kind!!

Next in line was an e-arc I received through NetGalley; Another Postcard by Elle Christensen. The synopsis of this book sounded really intriguing and I was in the mood for a rockstar romance so I started this book. And it blew me awaaaaay! Quote from my review:

Elle Christensen has a great way of writing.  No matter who’s point of view you’re reading, you truly lose yourself into this story and feel as if you are right there with the characters.  This book is touching, emotional and funny. This book brought a smile to my face the whole time reading it, it melted my heart into a puddle of goo and made me fall in love with the characters, the story and the writing. It left me craving for more.

This book got a 5 star rating so that says enough, doesn’t it?

The next book I started was Helemaal het einde by Lisette Jonkman, which I won through Hebban.nl. This was a really nice package to see when I got home from vacation. I’ve heard many good things about this author and the story-line of this book sounded really awesome. I gave the book a 5 star rating. I was hooked right from the start and loved everything about this book. I definitely want to read more of this author in the future!

The next two reads were the Katie McGarry books I ordered when I was in Spain; Pushing the Limits – which I really liked and gave a 4 star rating – and Walk the edge, the second book in the Thunder Road series which I really loved as well. The third book of the series arrived today, so that one is definitely going to be read in August, whoopwhoop! Katie’s books are a real joy to read and she definitely is my favorite YA contemporary author at the moment.

Then I read a novella from the Hard Ink series; Hard to hold onto by Laura Kaye, which I received in July, and I loved it so much and was a bit sad that it was only a novella and not a full length novel but well, we can’t have it all can we? haha. But Laura Kaye’s books are so much fun to read and she became a auto-buy author with her Hard Ink & Raven Riders series.

After the novella I wanted to read a paranormal romance book, which I didn’t read in quite a while. I decided to start with the first book in the Dark Hunter series; Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon which I ended up giving a 4 star rating. I really liked the book. It wasn’t my favorite paranormal read ever but it was a really enjoyable read and I definitely want to continue with the series! I got book two and three on the shelves so that’s a good start.

Then, out of the blue, I decided to start re-reading Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas because I was in desperate need of some Rowaelin!! Queen of Shadows and Empire of Storms followed right after. This re-read ended with my having an ugly cry sob fest and asking myself why on earth I wanted to re-read the books Again because.. THE FREAKING FEELS. I was broken all over again because that end of EoS.. dammit all to hell, it’s devastatingggggg. But ok.. despite that; did love it and I can’t get enough of these books!

And I ended July with reading a book that was recently published; Lucky in Love by Kasie West. I was hearing great things about this author and the synopsis of this book sounded really nice so I had to pre-order it when I came across it several months ago. It was an incredibly sweet, fun and light read and I can’t wait to read more of Kasie! This book is perfect if you’re in need of a romantic and light read!

Despite not being able to read much in the last week and a half of July, I ended up with reading 13 full length books, a novella and a part of Maybe Someday at the beginning of the month – I started that one at the end of June. When I started writing the wrap-up I thought I didn’t read much this month but when I consulted my Goodreads page it showed me the opposite was true, lol. How many books did you read in July and which one was your favorite?


I went to Spaind and brought this back home…
Fangirl shopping at Large.nl

|Netgalley| Another Postcard by Elle Christensen
| DUTCH review| Helemaal het einde van Lisette Jonkman
| YA Contemporary | Nowehere but here by Katie McGarry

#38| Craving for Sequels.

Sometimes I’d rather re-read a favorite book instead of starting a new read.. sorryNOTsorry
I’m a book buying addict!

Feeling alone in a fandom
‘Just one more chapter’ …HAHAHA riiiight..

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Hehe okay.. So despite the fact that I’m not feeling all too well at the moment, I’m staying positive about this new month. There are some really awesome books that are going to be released this month and I’m literally jumping up and down from excitement because well.. a new REBECCA YARROS book, a new ABBI GLINES book and a new JODI ELLEN MALPAS book for example. And then there are several new books of authors I do not know yet, but am desperate to meet by reading their upcoming releases. So yeah, book-wise I’m really looking forward for August, YAY!
– which release of August are you looking forward too the most? 

Hubby and I booked a hotel for a one night stay somewhere nearby Utrecht – Amersfoort. It’s something we do once in a while, just to be someplace else, just the two of us. We often go out for diner in the evening or see a movie and the next day we visit a nearby city and do some shopping – I’m already investigating which book shops are nearby and need a visit hehehe. 

Aside from new books, there are some new movies which are coming to the big screen as well and since hubby and I love going to the movie theater, I wanted to mention which movies I’m looking forward too! On August 18th we are staying over in a hotel nearby Utrecht for just some alone time and we plan to go see a movie then as well,

  • TERMINATOR 2; JUDGEMENT DAY 3D. O my god, I totally freaked out when I saw there was going to be a 3D version of this movie. This was and always will be my favorite Terminator movie – I cried so hard every single time at the end, lol – and it brings back happy memories. I’ve loved this franchise from since I was a little girl and watched all of the movies, so I think it’s really awesome I get to see my favorite one in the cinema in 3D!!!! fgbdhjfbghdbfg.. #fangirling
  • EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING. So, this is a book-to-movie-adaption I’m really looking forward too. I haven’t read the book yet, but the trailer made my knees go week. It seems to be a really beautiful, romantic and tragic movie all at once. I’m a fan of the male lead character as well so this movie just has to be seen in August!
  • THE DARK TOWER. When I first saw this trailer I was flabbergasted. It looked so freaking awesome and epic and I’m so so sooo excited for this one! Matthew McConnaughey – I LOVE his acting skills – as a bad guy? Idris Elba as a lead character? COUNT ME IN! And all of the fantasy elements? A stephen King story? YES YES YESSSSS..
  • OVERDRIVE. Well, Scott Eastwood for one.. Says enough right? lol. But seriously, the story-line looks great and the trailer looks really good as well. I love seeing Scott perform on the big screen so this one is definitely on my TO WATCH list for August!

Oooo and I’m still waiting for the arrival of my first Geek at Heart box. I’ve ordered the July box but since I live in the Netherlands and the box comes from the US – I think? – shipping will probably takes a bit longer. But I’m soo excited and I’m hoping it’ll be here fast, because I’m running out of patience, lol haha.
-> for more information about the Geek at Heart box click HERE.


I don’t know why I keep trying to show you guys a tbr stack at the beginning of each month because I seriously don’t hold myself to it at all, normally. Looking back to the TBR I made for July I see that I DID read most of that tbr pile so YAY FOR ME! #feelingabitproudofmyself. So I decided to give it another shot this month as well, even though I’m having trouble reading at the moment.

Killing Keiko
Long way Home
Daughter of the Burning city
finish a Poison dark and drowning
finish Spellslinger
finish STILTE
finish the evaporation of Sofi Snow
finish All the stars left behind

So as you can see there are a lot of books I already started and still need to finish. I didn’t put ’em aside because I didn’t like them but they just weren’t the right ones for me at the time. And I don’t want to push myself into reading a book that doesn’t fit my mood, you know? Because that would maybe interfere with How I experience the book and How I write a review of it afterwards.

What was your favorite read in July?
Any specific book(s) you want to read in August and/or buy?


  1. You’ve managed to read a lot of books in July! I am still very curious about ‘Helemaal het einde’, I am also looking forward to read Daughter of the Burning City, that book sounds really awesome. I can’t wait to watch Everything, Everything <3 If you are going to visit Utrecht you should definitely visit Broese and if you are visiting on a weekday (monday till friday) you can also go to the secondhand bookstore Books 4 Life (on the Krommenieuwegracht), they sell a lot of Dutch and also some English/YA books for only 1 – 5 euros <3 Have fun!
    Do onlangs geplaatst…One of Us is Lying – Karen M. McManusMy Profile

  2. Ik ben razend nieuwsgierig naar je review over Daughter of the burning city.

  3. Wat een leuk vooruitzicht zo’n weekendje weg met jullie tweetjes. Hopelijk doet het deugd en vind je enkele leuke boekenwinkels in Utrecht. Ik ben er zelf nog niet geweest dus misschien kan je me nadien wat tips geven mocht daar ooit verandering in komen. Die Geek in Heart box kwam ik al enkele keren tegen toen ze op Instagram enkele van mijn foto’s leuk vonden. Tot nu toe heb ik echter nog nooit zo’n box besteld. Maar misschien moet ik met al het daardoor uitgespaarde geld binnenkort maar eens een bestelling plaatsen bij AliExpress én The Book Depository én zo zelf leuke spulletjes bij elkaar sprokkelen.
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Strijder – Julie JagawaMy Profile

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