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I came across this tag a while ago while watching some videos on the Epic Reads YouTube channel and thought it would be a good one to do so today’s the day you guys get to read my answers to these awesome questions. Which author would I invite to tea? What book would I like a prequel for? And many more awesome questions are discussed in this Epic Reads Book Tag.

Okay, so asking me questions that involve choosing 1 this or 1 that; that’s just cruel because I can never choose only 1. I’ve got several authors whom I’d love to do this with and choosing feels impossible, ugh. Just like choosing for just 1 character is impossible as well. So I decided to make a small list of 3 authors and 3 characters instead to lighten my burden a bit, lol.

  • Sarah J. Maas & Aelin because I just seriously need Aelin at my table haha. She would definitely be an entertaining guest. And what would I serve them? Chocolate and other sweet stuff because I know for a fact Aelin likes those things and I’m sure Sarah as well. I want to tell Sarah what a genius writer she is and how much her books mean to me. I want to tell Aelin how awesome she is and that I can’t wait to see her sitting on her rightful throne in Terrasen with Rowan next to her as her King.. –has a dreamy look on her face right now – we can always wish, right?
  • Laini Taylor & Karou because they are both so amazing! I want to see Karou’s drawings and fangirl over them. I want to talk with Laini about how amazing her writing is. I want to ask Karou a lot of intimate things about Akiva, lol buwhahaha.. Meeting Laini is one of my dreams so having the opportunity to talk with her would be really amazing, no matter which subject we’d speak about. What would I serve them? My first thought was Goulash but that’s definitely not something you serve with tea buwhahaha.. I go with scones, strawberry jam and whipped cream then!
  • Cassandra Clare & Will Herondale because seriously? Will just really needs to be at this table! His snarky, arrogant and funny comments need to be heard! And I just want to look at him and maybe even sneak a touch here or there, lol. Maybe we could dress him up in Tessa’s wedding gown while he’s eating biscuits buwhahaa – Yep, I’m totally visualizing this right now. And I’d love it so much if I could talk to Cassandra because she was my first BIG FANGIRL AUTHOR CRUSH and her books are so precious to me. To be able to sit next to her would definitely be a dream coming true.

Ohh I really like this question! There are definitely several books/series I would’ve liked a prequel for;

  • I’d love a prequel of Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor and then reading from the Chimaera world or the Angel-family Akiva comes from,before the War started. Or more of Madrigal and her life before everything went wrong.. There’s just so much more I’d love to read of this world <3
  • And I’d definitely want a prequel of Riders by Veronica Rossi because I really need more background story on the horses for example. I’d love to see more of their history and how they came to be.
  • Ohhh and I want a prequel of Of Poseidon by Anna Banks and reading more about life under water, the kingdoms and the mythology. There’s so much more that could be written in and about this world and I’d do anything to be able to have a prequel book of this trilogy.

This question makes me think about the RIP IT OR SHIP IT tag I did last year – and want to do again – in which I had to pick two random notes with a book characters name on them and then I needed to decide if I’d rip ’em or ship ’em and it was hilarious to do. There were such awesome parings and some were really terrible haha. I definitely want to do this tag again with new characters. For now, I leave this answer blank..

That’s an awful question to ask me because I really suck at talking with authors, especially if I’m only granted a limited time, lol. I stood stuttering before Sarah J. Maas for example and blabbered out some incoherent things before I was shoved down the line again buwhaha – and never told and asked her what I wanted to ask. When speaking to Mary E. Pearson for example.. when she was in Amsterdam, I’ve talked for 1,5 hour with her and felt much more at ease because you really get to know this author person from across the table a bit better when talking for a longer time. So I could ask everything I’ve wanted to and talk about everything I wanted to talk about. And I really wouldn’t know what to ask a favorite author if I would come across him/her right now because my first instinct is to clam up and behave like a squealing lunatic – like I did for example when I saw Gena Showalter ‘in the wild’ at YALfest, buwhahaha.. 

Jeez, another difficult question haha. I wouldn’t know which book that would be exactly because I’ve been reading for as long as I remember. It’s just always been something I’ve kept doing throughout life and am still doing today. I definitely remember a lot of books that were precious to me in childhood but the specific book that made me a reader isn’t a question I’ve got an answer to unfortunately.

Noooooo this cannot be a legit question!!! I don’t want to think about the possibility of my bookshelves catching fire, my poor babies.. And I could never choose only one, dammit! – first reaction, lol. Pffft okay.. I choose to take the Gone with the winds Dutch editions with me, which belonged to my grandfather. The rest of the books in the collection are books I could always purchase again. And the signed stuff I could always try to get my hands on again as well. But the Dutch editions of Gone with the Wind from my grandfather, who was a fervent reader just as I am and died when I was 2 years old, is something I just can’t re-purchase so they are too valuable to me to leave behind.

I don’t know if these books technically belong to the dystopian genre but I’d choose the world of Penryn and the End of Days. Okay, so it’s definitely a creepy and scary place to be and the angels are brutal and cruel killers most of the time but.. the possibility of me coming across my own ‘Raffe’.. YES PLEASE.

Nope. ugh. Nope. I refuse to answer this question haha. Like I said before; I hate questions like this, because It’s impossible for me to just choose one read. On top of that, I’ve read several books from several genres which were epic and I couldn’t compare them to one another because of the differences world-wise and such. So nope, it’s just impossible to choose..
Could you choose just one book(series)? I’d love to hear which one you’d choose then!

Pfoe, I have to say.. I really liked filling in this tag but most of these questions were really difficult to answer though. I needed at least 4 takes of writing to finish this article because I couldn’t always come up with an answer right away – this article was originally planned to publish on July 4th so yeah.. know what I mean? buwhaha.
Instead of tagging other bloggers; Just feel free to do this tag if you’re up for it!


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