| MELISSA’S MONDAY MEMORIES | July 17th – July 23rd

| MELISSA’S MONDAY MEMORIES | July 17th – July 23rd

Another week’s passed by and I’ve had a really busy week. Spending more time with Milan, since his vacation started, had a meeting with some friends, got a lot of new books, read some awesome books, was busy with the blog and lots of other stuff. Let me tell you about it!

Last week was Milan’s first official week of vacation and it took some adjusting, especially for me, lol. I was way more exhausted then I normally am because he was around a lot more. But it gives me the chance to do more fun stuff with him as well, which is a plus side of him having vacation. Normally he always goes to my parents 1 day a week and stays the night there and half a day to my mother-in-law. We keep on doing this in the vacation as well, so I get some time for myself to refill my energy-level and do some stuff for myself. I have to say I’m a bit scared we have another 5 weeks of vacation to go after this one hahaha.. I love having him home – don’t get me wrong – but him going to school was something we all needed at the time, lol. Now, all his energy is turned toward us and damn, he’s got some energy.

We’ve started with a new TV series; Westworld. And oohmygod that pilot episode was already so good! The acting is phenomenal and it’s only the pilot yet, damn. The concept of the series is really original and it’s creepy,freaky and awesome! Every night after Milan was asleep we would watch only this series because we were hooked! I love it when we find a new TV series which we both like right from the start. – What tv series are your favorites to watch currently?
We are loyal followers of among others;
– Arrow
– Modern Family
– Suits
But we also like to watch
– New Girl
– the Flash
– Legends of Tomorrow
and now Westworld as well!

On Friday I went to Zwijndrecht, where a friend of mine lives – Candyce – to meet up with her and some other friends of ours for a DIY meeting we’ve planned several months ago – we always have to plan something months beforehand because our group consists of quite some members and everyone has a busy life and such. I ended up not making anything aside from a really simple bookmark, lol. I just didn’t find any inspiration so I just watched them make some really awesome things and they could watch me just sitting there and chat with ’em, lol. But we had a really, really fun day and I loved seeing them again! I really hope we can do this again real soon. After a really fun day I went back home with the train and they were going out to eat. Since I still had to travel for about 2,5 hours it was wisest for me to go back home on time. Also, I was already exhausted so it was the best decision for me. I met all of them through the Dutch book community and they ended up becoming real-life friends. I’m so sad I live on the other side of the country so I can’t do this more often, but when we find the time to get together it’s always so much fun and that’s just awesome.

Saturday Luciën, Milan and myself went shopping. Milan wanted to go with the train so who are we to deny him such pleasure? Exactly. So we took the train to the city and he was so enthusiastic about it. That makes my mommy heart melt on the spot haha. We spoiled Milan with some new toys, some new clothes, fruit on the market – my god, the prices are so good there in comparison to the supermarket and the fruit itself looks so much fresher and better so I’m definitely going to make a weekly trip from now on to buy our fruit on the market instead of the supermarket. I bought a new book online because the bookstores don’t have any English books where I live, ugh and I was in the mood to buy something, lol. Luciën didn’t find anything for himself, but he usually doesn’t buy anything because he’s not that high-demanded as I am buwhahah. He ordered himself some new shoes online – and I ordered myself a new pair of Nike’s alongside as well, oops. So yeah, I don’t only have a book buying problem but a shopping problem in general, lol.

Sunday morning we went to the Valkenier again in Valkenburg. We’ve got a season pass so we went there a couple of times already since we bought the passes. It’s a quite small entertainment park but perfect for Milan. There are a lot of things he likes to do there and some attractions he can still grow ‘into’ in the future. It’s a perfect place for Milan to spent his energy and to just have some family time together. Definitely something we’ll be doing more often this summer.

Since I was busy updating my Spotify Playlists, I listened to a large variety of songs the past week. I’ve made some new playlists;

MOVIE/GAMES music. I love listening to music from movies I liked. There’s sooo much awesome music written for movies and I love it when music is able to give me such intense feelings when listening to it. For example; the Launch by Trevor Rabin from the Armageddon movie. This specific music piece lasts for more then 7 minutes, and I still haven’t gotten enough of it when it’s finished. This music is so profoundly good and since I’ve seen the movie at least 100 times already I can always ‘see’ the images flash before my eyes when listening to it, love it!
– a new STORY SOUND SATURDAY playlist with songs I use for my SSS article on the blog. I already have a SSS playlist on YouTube but wanted to create a new one and thought using Spotify to do it this time would be more helpful to me, since Spotify is my favorite music platform to use at the moment.
ONE DIRECTION playlist. So I’m not one of those major 1D fangirls, but thruth is; I really like a lot of their songs #notashamedhere. These boys know how to sing! And a lot of their numbers just have really powerful lyrics which know how to touch me. And when I’m in a particular mood I love listening to my favorite songs of them and having a playlist with just their songs on it is just really nice to have.

Aside from making new Spotify playlists, I listened a lot to a playlist made by an author I’ve recently read a book from and wrote a review about: Nowhere but here by Katie McGarry. And since I was writing a story sound saturday article on this book, I listened to this playlist a lot. A lot of the numbers on the list were so awesome, I had them on constant repeat.

Hey brother – Avicii
Sons of Odin – Patrick Doyle (Thor)
Launch – Trevor Rabin (Armageddon)
It’s Time – Imagine Dragons
Love you goodbye – One Direction
Temporary Fix – One Direction
Warriors – Imagine Dragons

Last week I published a new Thursday article; TBR thursday in which I highlight a book from my current TBR. I’ll show you the book and synopsis and talk about how it came to me and why it’s still on my to-read list. I love to hear what you guys think of the books I show in this article. If I should read it asap or if you did not like it, why you didn’t like it, etc. I was looking for a Thursday article for quite some time now – that’s the only day on which I don’t have a regular article – and this seemed like something that would really suit me and I really liked writing the first article and am currently writing the one for next week.

As for the rest of the blog week.. There were some days I’ve skipped and I rearranged my planning a lot. Beforehand I planned 2 articles each day and ended up publishing mostly just 1 article a day and sometimes nothing at all. I just couldn’t find much energy to write since I’ve had an exhausting week. But the articles that went online, I really loved writing and the ones I didn’t end up finishing, are still due to be published anytime soon, so you’re not going to miss out on anything 😉

Also, I’m still busy translating old Dutch articles and love re-writing them. Last week I’ve been busy rewriting some of my already published Struggle Sunday articles and made a new header for this article as well, which I really like. I really hope I find the time/energy to keep on translating some articles this upcoming week. I love reading my ‘older’ articles and re-write them now and publish them again. On some subjects I like seeing how my opinion on something has shifted since the first time I’ve wrote it, that’s really funny to experience.

I’m having trouble writing reviews at the moment, which I’m really feeling sad about – it’s something I experience really often. I think it’s because writing reviews is the most intense thing for me to do blog-wise. I’ve read some really awesome books lately and for most of them I haven’t find the energy to write a review about, so mehh 🙁 Hope my review-writing-block isn’t something that’ll last long and I can pick it up very soon.

Looking back on last week’s MMM article and seeing my stack the shelves books -> And now seeing the books I’ve added to the shelves last week as well -> I think my monthly haul will be huuuuge – again. I really hope my hubby doesn’t read my monthly bookhauls because I think they’ll give him a coronary if he sees how much of his money is being spent on books, whoops – yes, he pays for everything, lol. I’m a stay at home mom since a couple of years now and this works fine for us the way it is. Soo, this is what I’ve added to the shelves last week:

Stacking the Shelves..
* Another Postcard by Elle Christensen (#1 Stone Butterfly Rockstars)
* the Complete works of William Shakespeare
* Perfecte Liefde by Milly Johnson (the Birds & the Bees)
* Een hopeloze romantikus & de liefde van haar leven by Henriet Evans (a hopeless romantic & the love of her life)
* Levende Steden by Philip Reeve (#1 the Hungry City Chronicles)
* Dawn of the Dreadfuls by Steve Hockensmith & Jane Austen (#0.5 Pride and Prejudice and Zombies)
* De Roos van Illian by Richard Schwartz (#1 de Godenoorlogen)
* All the stars left behind by Ashley Graham
* Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (SIGNED EDITION) 

And I’ve finished several reads as well. Not many new reads, just the one, in fact. The rest were re-reads of which I even skipped some parts. I’ve re-read the TOG books from Heir of Fire to Empire of Storms. And from HOF and QOS I’ve only read the Rowan/Aelin parts because I was in need of them so much haha. EOS I’ve read all the way because I was in too deep and needed every page to be read, lol. I’ve got a countdown on the blog home page for the release of Tower of Dawn – 43 days to go now! – and can’t wait to read about Chaol and Irene Towers and what more there’s to come, aaaaaahhhh #fangirlranting!
So, these were my reads from last week:

* Night pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I’ve had the first three books of the Dark Hunter series on my shelves for ages now and last week I suddenly had Night Pleasures in my hands and decided to start with it. Paranormal Romance is one of my favorite genres and I was so curious to learn this world, because I’ve heard so many good things about this author and her books. In the end I gave it a 3.5 star rating. There were definitely some awesome elements in this book, I really liked the concept of this world. But the book didn’t succeed in surprising me. Not that I think it’s bad because of that, but that’s the reason I gave it a 3.5 star rating instead of more. In comparison to what I’ve already read in the genre this one just didn’t entirely knew how to blow my mind, you know? But I’m definitely determined and looking forward to the second book!
* Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas (#3 Throne of Glass). I was in some serious need of Rowan/Aelin and HOF is really special to me and keeps being my favorite book of the series because of the tremendous development the whole story-line and all of the characters are going through, and of course.. of course.. MEETING PRINCE ROWAN WHITETHORN. He was my first Sarah J. Maas crush and is still my number 1 – Sorry,Rhys... So with this first Sarah J. Maas read of this week I’ve only read the Rowan/Celaena/Aelin parts and skipped the rest, oops haha.
* Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas (#4 Throne of Glass). One of the perks of having read the series multiple times already is knowing what lies ahead. So when finishing HOF I started reading QOS right away because after the end of HOF I needed my next Rowan/Aelin scene so freaking badddd.. If you’ve read the series yet, you’ll know what I mean. And that moment in QOS when they are reunited, f************ck; the feels!!! Gods, how I love re-reading these parts!!
* Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas (#5 Throne of Glass). From here on I started reading everything because I wanted to read all the Lorcan/Elide moments, Aedion, Lysandra, Dorian, Manon, etc. as well. I can’t really put down in words what these books do to me, but I love these books so so soooo much. I’m counting down the seconds until Tower of Dawn arrives and the last installment of the series next year.

And just like last week, I’ll share some articles of fellow-bloggers which I really liked to read!
I hope you enjoy them as well!

How was your week?


  1. I also go through writing reviews block, when that happens I try not to push myself. I love the flash!im almost finishing with the third season and liking it more than season 2.
    Thanks for showing my post 🙂

  2. Nice post. I totally can understand that it’s tyring to have your son around more, I am babysitting my little niece once a week and after a whole day of playing and paying attention I also feel tired, so I can imagine how you feel haha. 🙂 I hope you like Six of Crows, I really loved it and I can’t wait to read Crooked Kingdom as well. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog!
    Do onlangs geplaatst…When Dimple met Rishi – Sandhya MenonMy Profile

  3. Thank you so much for sharing my blog post, hon. I would like to know your favorite romantic suspense books.

    Anyway, sorry to hear about your writing reviews block. Don’t force it if you don’t feel like doing it. It will make it worse. Write something you love at the moment instead. It doesn’t have to be book reviews. Anything you love or you’re in the mood of talking.

    Enjoy your books and have a wonderful week.
    Geybie’s Book Blog onlangs geplaatst…Recommend Me Books – Romantic SuspenseMy Profile

  4. Thanks for sharing the bookshelf tour. I can imagine having Milan hope takes a lot of energy. I can already see that once Merijn is older he is going to be a big bundle of energy as well. You still read a lot with him home.

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