Today I got a confession article for you guys which I first wrote and published in September ’16. This is one of the articles I’ve translated from Dutch -> English recently and I’ve also been busy with re-writing it here and there. Now it’s time to publish it again and I hope you’re going to like it. It’s about my book buying addiction.. an addiction most of you are probably well known with, am I right ;)? Happy reading!

Addicted to books..

You’re probably thinking; ‘Well, aren’t we all?’ But I’ve encountered different forms of ‘being addicted to buying books’, lol. There are those readers who say they’re addicts but secretly hold themselves to their budget, or even if they’re going over budget they’ll keep it within some level of set boundaries.  And then there’s that reader who says he/she’s addicted and truly goes OVERBOARD when it comes to spending money on books. I’m the latter hihi. My collection of physical books has grown in the last two years from about 20 books to – when I’m re writing this post(June ’17) I’ve recounted my collection – 548 books. And those are the books that are being shelved in my bookcases. I’ve got a couple of hundred more upstairs, yikes. Most of my collection from downstairs are books bought at normal price and the ones upstairs are from 2nd hand shops and such. Sooo.. bol.com and the bookdepository  can definitely be happy with me as a regular costumer since I order almost all of my books online, lol.

Empty promises..

Probably recognizable for a lot of readers and something I’m very good at when it comes to (not) buying books is making empty promises. Every monthy I keep promising myself, but mostly my buddy to take it ‘easy’. At the end of each month, when writing my bookhaul, I always discover I’ve failed terribly.. Yikes. Looking back to when I first started blogging, and writing down my book-hauls, I’ve bought an average of 15-30 books each month. Not all of them were bought tho. I’ve got several from friends and/or publishers from time to time. Every month, I try to keep my promise but just keep failing miserably, lol. When I come across some books I really want and/or the price is just too good to pass, there’s this ‘pull’ from inside me that’s so much stronger than my ‘reason’ which ends up with me buying stuff.

Best thing to do is just to not make any promises beforehand like ‘No, really, I PROMISE I won’t buy anything this month’ or ‘I’ve got 2 books in pre-order this month and that’s it, I PROMISE.’ The best thing to do is to just not say anything – I tell this from experience, lol. But seriously, I think my hubby gave up a long time ago to hold me to these promises, lol. Often he is The reason for my huge book-hauls since he likes to surprise me with new books. So really, he’s got nothing to stand on when he wants to rant about me buying too much, lol.

Enough is enough you’d say?.. Think again..

Nope, nope and just.. nope. When would you ever have enough books? Exactly.. never! Your addiction and greed – because let’s be honest, a lot of our book buying addiction is just ‘greed’; the inside CRAVING for books that pops up whenever it feels like popping up. Cover buys for example.. Definitely a buy you act upon because of greed, because you just need that beautiful cover in your collection. For me, since reading English alongside Dutch, this NEED often pops up, lol. Especially since I can’t control myself whenregularly prowling on the internet; looking for new releases and/or expand my wishlists – THE MOST DANGEROUS THING YOU CAN DO..

But seriously.. how on earth could one ever have enough books? Not possible haha. My problem especially is liking a lot of different genres and wanting to read A LOT of books. I often read e-books but I still prefer having a physical edition to read. And aside from reading English, there are also a lot of Belgium and Dutch authors who caught my eye in the last couple of years, writing books within my favorite genres, so my wishlist just keeps on growing and growing, poor thing. One thing is obvious; you can NEVER have enough books and it’s always a good time to buy new ones!

the World Wide Web is my DOOM..

A quick visit to the bookdepository webshop or bol.com and with just a few clicks you bought some new books, that’s all it takes. And then they always have SALES in their bargain shops and such and well.. I just can’t resist it, I’m weak like that. Of course, when I’m visiting a bookstore and I see all those physical books the horror is just as bad and holding back isn’t an option as well then either, lol. But in the end, I’m better at controlling myself when it comes to buying books when I’m in an actual store as when I’m prowling online. For starters, the supply of English books is really terrible in most bookshops I’ve got nearby. I could order them in, but that’s such a hassle everytime, especially when you look at how often I buy new books, lol.

So, yeah, sorry.. But I’m just easy that way and I just don’t want to go out the door for it every time. I often buy on an impulse so buying online is way more convenient then because all of the books are available while I would call a shop up front and have to order it in and when it’s there I have to drive with my car to go get it and it’s always way more expensive than buying online.. – I like calling people, so that’s a problem already and I don’t want to have to take the car every time to pick up a book whenever I feel like buying one, lol. But the internet is on the other hand way too dangerous because it’s so accessible and easy to buy books from.

The downside of ordering a lot of the books online nowadays is that bookstores are having trouble to stay ‘alive’. And I really get why people say stuff like ‘those people will be out of jobs when a store closes’, etc.. And I really get it why that’s terrible. I know several awesome bookstores which I love to visit if I’m in the neighbourhood and it would be a shame if they’d vanish, but it’s just not do-able for me to always go there when I want to buy a new book because like I already said; they’re more expensive than online, I always have to take my car to go there which costs gas and way more time from my schedule, a lot of shops nearby don’t even have an English collection, let alone English books from genres I prefer, so that’s horror as well.. And you know; people who work for online web-shops need their paycheck just as much I think..

I sometimes just feel slightly offended for buying most of my books online, because people love to preach about how you Must buy in bookstores for them to stay alive. But for me it’s just not do-able to always buy in a shop. But when I’m near a bookstore I always pay a visit and always buy a book or something else there, so whenever I get the chance I definitely try to support a store.

Excuses I use to justify myself whenever I want to buy a book..

This will probably be recognizable for a lot of you; grabbing any excuse you can think of to justify yourself whenever you want or need to buy a book. It’s not a matter of wanting, it’s a MUST hihi. Fangirls are just unstoppable..

  • Everyone is talking about the book. The HYPE is surely there for a reason right? I need the book as well, ASAP!
  • He/She is one of my auto-buy authors so I just NEED that book because well.. I just NEED it, okay? Everything he/she writes is magic and I need it as soon as it’s out there.
  • I’ve only bought the first book in the series so far and I loved it so much, I need to buy the rest of it so I can read on!
  • I’ve had a bad day and I’m in need of a COMFORT-BOOK-BUY #becauseIcan
  • I’ve just accomplished something amazing and need to celebrate it with a new book as a reward!
  • This author is coming to an event I want to visit and I’d love to get a book signed by him/her, so I need the book!
  • Look! 50% discount, damn! I just can’t pass the opportunity to buy this book for such a good price!
  • My current editions from a series don’t match and it’s killing – OCD tick – so I really need those matching editions!
  • I haven’t bought a book since 2 weeks and I’m experiencing withdrawal symptoms, which makes me agitated. Sooo; time to buy a new book!
  • I don’t have anything good to read!! – is yelling in front of her bookcases which contain like 200+ unread books. I want to read THAT one and I don’t have it, so I just need to buy it them so I can read it as soon as it’s being delivered.


So yeah, as you can see; there’s always an excuse to buy a new book! I’m pretty shocked actually that I came up with so many excuses, lol. Which excuses have you already used to justify your book buying behavior?

Damage Control..

I love coming up with excuses to justify myself but seriously; there needs to be set a limit somewhere along the line, right? Because when those bills come in; yikes! hahaha. A perfect solution to stop your book buying behavior from getting out of control is by repeating Mantra’s to yourself.. a lot of mantra’s and a LOT of repeating, lol..

  • You want to buy your dream house so you have to start saving as much money as possible ASAP if you want to move asap. So that means keeping yourself in check and not buy so much anymore for a while. Just hold yourself to a budget and it’ll all be fine..
  • You’ve got like – seriously – 200+ unread books on you shelves, e-books not included. And you all want to read them really much as wel, so come one; be realistic and focus on them for a while!
  • Maybe it’s wiser to only buy a first book in a series instead of buying the whole series at once. Because what if you don’t like the book and you’ve already bought the entire series? That means that you end up selling them for less than you paid for them, which is just a waste. You could’ve saved that money.
  • You’ve got always several ARC’s lying around which need to be read as well; focus on them.
  • And another solution: UNhaul. Clean out your shelves and get rid of the books you didn’t like and don’t want to reread again. You get room for new books and you get money to buy new books; win-win..
  • And if you ever get the feeling that you don’t know how to stop you book buying behavior from getting out of control, just remember what Joey said:

Gods, it’s so hard to keep myself in check and I keep failing at it every month because buying books just makes me so happy! Do you have any tips and/or tricks for keeping your book buying addiction to a minimum? I’d love to hear from you!


  1. Zo lief van je echtgenoot dat hij je regelmatig verrast met boeken. Ik merk zelf steeds meer dat ik kritischer word over het wel/niet aankopen van een boek. Bepaalde auteurs en series vind ik zo goed dat ik ze automatisch blijf aanvullen maar bij andere boeken stel ik me steeds de vraag … Wil heb het boek hebben of wil ik het enkel lezen? Er zijn immers heel veel boeken waarvan ik weet dat ik ze slechts één keer zal willen lezen en dat soort verhalen koop ik nu niet meer. Af en toe koop ik nog wel eens zo’n ‘op goed geluk’-boek maar dat is dan vaak in een Kringloopwinkel of op een rommelmarkt.
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Terugblik op de Blossom Books BookstagramMy Profile

    1. Author

      Jaa ik mag echt niet klagen over mijn mannetje. Oké ik ben thuismama en werk nu zelf al een paar jaar niet meer in loondienst, dus mijn boeken van de laatste paar jaar zijn allemaal in principe betaald door manlief hihi. Maar naast verjaardagen of bijzondere datums zoals onze bruiloft, verrast hij me inderdaad vaker met boekjes <3 En ik merk ook dat ik selectiever geworden ben, vooral met langere series. Dan kijk ik toch eerst altijd even wat ik van de eerste boeken vind. Trilogies daarentegen koop ik vaak wel al compleet, maar daar heb ik me gelukkig so far nog vrijwel nooit in verkocht haha. En boeken wat ik niet meer zal herlezen of wat ik niet leuk vond, gaan achteraf weer een keertje weg

    2. Daar herken ik me inderdaad in! Zo zijn er genoeg boeken die ik eerst als ebook heb gelezen, maar aangezien ik ze zó goed vond heb ik ze ook op papier gekocht. Ofwel; met de zekerheid dat ik ze écht nog een keer zal lezen. Ik heb dus ook laatst de Fallen serie gekocht, maar die viel reuze tegen. Super jammer natuurlijk, want ik krijg ‘m niet verkocht… En dat is zo zonde! Daarbij vind ik het niet de mooiste boeken… Daarom begin ik ook steeds wat bewuster na te denken over de boeken die ik koop!
      Lisa Kievits onlangs geplaatst…Zie ik daar iemand spieken?My Profile

  2. zooooo herkenbaar… ik kan geen boekwinkel in zonder iets aan te schaffen…. en de boekhandel ligt naast de supermarkt pfff waar ik dus geregeld moet komen…. ik neem mezelf elke keer weer voor een maand niets te kopen ( zelfs deze maand nog en hou het al 2 dagen vol haha) …. enige wat ik nauwelijks doe is bestellen via www want dan is het echt niet meer te houden….
    Misschien moeten we samen iets oprichten ala AA maar dan voor boekennerds ….

    1. Author

      Da’s inderdaad een geweldig plan ja: een AA oprichten voor boekennerds hahaha! En we zijn echt allemaal hetzelfde he, zeggen dat we niks meer kopen en aan ‘t eind van de maand zijn er toch altijd weer boekjes toegevoegd geworden aan je collectie! En deze maand heb ik het so far ook al goed volgehouden hahahaha xP Hier komt 6 september het eerste, ofja twee boeken eigenlijk, boek weer binnen

  3. Kom ik aan met veertig ongelezen boeken…Valt dan nog best mee :’). Maar goed, ik herken het probleem. Ik vind het best moeilijk om boeken te laten liggen als ik in een boekenwinkel loop. Meestal krijg ik spijt als ik het niet haal en dan bestel ik het alsnog via internet. Ik voel me daar altijd erg schuldig over (alhoewel mijn portemonnee er heel gelukkig van word).

    De laatste tijd probeer ik me écht wat meer in te houden. Ik leg nu maandelijks een bedrag opzij waarvan ik boeken mag kopen.
    Esmay onlangs geplaatst…London is the place to be! (3)My Profile

  4. Ik heb een spaarrekening waar ik mijn geld op zet. Het geld wat ik gedurende de maand mag gebruiken zet ik op mijn betaalrekening. Ik werk niet dus heel veel geld is dat niet.
    Wat toch ook wel een beetje lijkt te helpen is een lijst bijhouden met boeken die ik erbij heb gekregen per maand (en deze bewaren in de boekenkast). Als het dan een behoorlijke lijst blijkt te zijn weet je dat je je een beetje moet gaan inhouden!
    Daarnaast probeer ik boeken altijd zo voordelig mogelijk te kopen. De glazen troon van Sarah J Maas wilde ik dolgraag hebben maar ik vond €20 voor een boek echt teveel. Geduld hebben werkt dus ook! 🙂
    En soms zijn er leuke aanbiedingen waardoor je veel meer uit je budget kunt halen. Zo wordt de boekenkast langzaam steeds een beetje voller!
    Lisa Kievits onlangs geplaatst…Zie ik daar iemand spieken?My Profile

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