(Book) Struggle Sunday: “Just one more chapter.. “HAHAHAHA riiiight..

(Book) Struggle Sunday: “Just one more chapter.. “HAHAHAHA riiiight..

imagesdownload‘Just one more chapter and I’m going to …’ says every reader but never holds themselves to it in the end. Everrr.. Do you recognize yourself in this? Saying things like ‘Just one more chapter and then I’ll start cleaning.. Just one more chapter and then I’ll go do out to do some grocery shopping.. One more chapter and I’ll call it a night because I have to get up early in the morning.’ And then ending up finishing the book at 2AM with some toothpick’s that held your eyes open for the past hours. Which simultaneously means walking around with bags under the eyes the next day, but it’s totally worth it though, isn’t it….?



gif_booI always end my day with reading before going to sleep, and you? It’s even scientifically proven that reading before going to sleep gives you a better rest instead of watching tv or ‘playing with your phone’ before the lights go out. I often experience that while I’m reading a book I really don’t want to stop reading, when I’m really tired, I somehow don’t fully ‘receive and process’ everything as I should be doing. Like my brains don’t register all of what I’m reading. So, I told myself to stop in time instead of keep on reading, no matter how much I want to continue. 442f93e7d5e529ea94b6d37575ac7eadThe problem that appears then is; me lying awake often to continue thinking about what happened in the book and thinking about what is going to happen next. So yeah, there really aren’t any good solutions when it comes to reading in bed late at night and what to do when you’re tired and don’t want to stop reading your awesome current read.

How do you handle this? Do you continue reading well past midnight to finish a book or do you decide to go to sleep even though you’d desperately want to continue reading? 

20130811-200613Aside from reading in bed and not being able to stop reading before going to sleep, I experience the ‘not wanting to stop reading’ through the day as well. When I’ve got a meeting, or have to do grocery shopping, or.. When I’m INSIDE a good book, I just don’t want to stop and my hubby always needs to at least call me 5 times before there’s some movement to see from me, lol. And it always ends up with me panicking and afraid I’ll not be ready in time – which is my own fault. And I keep on doing it anyway, lol #bookwormstruggles, right ;)?

Most of the time there’s always a physical book in my bag and if not, there’s always the huge amount of e-books on the kindle and iBooks app on the phone, so I can read outside the door as well. You never know when you have the time to read when you’re out the door, so I like to be prepared.

Especially when being home alone I find I’ve got zero discipline. I NEEEED to clean and such around the house, but nooooo; Melissa’s hanging on the couch with a book or is blogging about books. BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS..

Like Cassandra Clare quoted so beautifully in the Infernal Devices trilogy; “We live and breathe words”..

It really feels that way to me and I love it <3 Most of the time I plan my reading time for the moments when Milan’s out the door for school or when he’s at his grandparents because cleaning can be done when Milan’s at home and reading when he’s around is a bit more difficult, to say the least, lol. But hey, before you get the wrong idea about me; of course f33f7eec6a6be802fd15634532e2a710I’m not reading all day long, lol and of course I clean our house and of course I spent time with Milan and I’m not reading all the time when he’s around hahaha. Most of the time, the real reality, is that I only read in the evening after Milan’s gone to sleep. Daytime reading isn’t something I do much anymore.

But aaanyway… When I’m reading – daytime, nighttime, just anytime really.. – there about a 90% chance I just need to finish one more chapter.. and ending up reading 3 more and I’m just not able to stop, lol. I use every excuse I can get away with to just get some more reading time hihi.

Are you able to put your book aside without struggles or do you have the same struggles I have? I’d love to hear more about your reading habits!!








  1. Goh, ik had dat vroeger heel extreem maar ik ben ‘s avonds gewoon zo uitgeput dat nachtje door lezen er voor mij persoonlijk nooit heeft ingezeten. De laatste maanden wil het lezen steeds minder lukken en ik merk dat ik het echt ontzettend mis. Niet omdat ik een Goodreads-challenge wil behalen maar omdat ik af en toe helemaal moet kunnen verdwijnen in een verhaal. Op die manier komt er rust in mijn hoofd en dat mis ik ontzettend wanneer ik minder aan lezen toekom.
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Mijn gezondheid in boekentermenMy Profile

    1. Author

      Ik kan me eigenlijk ook niet meer herinneren wanneer ik echt een nacht doorgehaald heb. Ik lees vaker wel uren langer door die ik eigenlijk al had moeten liggen te slapen, maar da’s waarschijnlijk voor veel jongere mensen nog steeds vroeg hahaha. Toen ik nog werkte startte ik altijd om 5.40 dus een nacht doorhalen met een boek zat er echt Niet in en nu met Milan is dat ook echt geen optie hahaha.
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