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Aside from being a book hoarder, this fangirl loves buying decoration/jewelry, clothes and other knickknacks that have to do with books and/or movies. Large.nl is a large Dutch web-shop that sells lots of fandom stuff. From Funko pop to jewelry, clothing, mugs and many more items. Aside from book/movie/tv series related stuff they also sell a lot of brand clothing/shoes and such. There’s just so much to buy on that web shop and it’s definitely one of my favorite web-shops out there.

A while back we made ourselves backstage members – You pay a yearly amount with which you receive your backstage membership and you get special offers and free shipping and such. So when I saw that they recently had a huge Sale on a lot of products I just couldn’t control myself and bought several items. Let me show you!


This was the first item I came across; a Harry Potter engraved bracelet. The bracelet itself is a silhouette of Hogwarts which is so freaking awesome! And on top of that there’s a quote engraved on the bracelet saying ‘quote’. This bracelet normally costs € 9,99 and now it was on sale with a 30% discount and there were just only a couple left. I fell in love instantly and didn’t want to miss out on this offer so I put it in my shopping cart.

And of course I couldn’t stop with the bracelet, since there was a huge sale going on and all, so I decided to prowl some more in the SALE department – it would’ve been smarter for me If I’d stopped after buying the HP bracelet but okay, I’ve never been known as the one who made smart decisions when it comes to shopping haha.
I bought two more items and in the end I saved over €18 on the three items, so yay for me!


This item normally costed over €20 and now it was available for € 9,99. I desperately wanted some new Wonder Woman merchandise so I didn’t have to think for a second before putting this item in my shopping cart, haha. It’s a cute charm chaker, with Wonder Woman related charms inside.


And to satisfy my craving for expanding my mug collection I added a Wonder Woman mug to the shopping cart as well. I love collecting mugs and I really thought this WW mug would be an awesome addition to my collection. I haven’t had the pleasure of using it yet, because I wanted to finish this article first and taking pictures with the mug still being in the carton box. But as from tomorrow this mug will definitely be used when it’s not standing on the shelves aside the WW funko pop.

Do you love buying merchandise? If so, what items do you love to shop for?
I’ve recently ordered a geeky box that had really awesome reviews so far. It’s filled with a lot of geeky/fangirl merchandise and I can’t wait till it arrives and of course I’ll post an un-boxing post.
Large.nl is definitely dangerous for me to prowl because they have the most amazing stuff over there. I’ll share some stuff that’s on my wishlist soon in a new article, so you can see for yourself that the items are too awesome to ignore.

Have a lovely day!


  1. I know I totally love the large shop they have beautifull stuff!! I like all the things from beauty and the beast and from Alice in wonderland and also a lot of the clothing they sell. I love the things you bought, definitly the mug it’s great.
    Saartje onlangs geplaatst…Recensie Het PakketMy Profile

  2. Ik heb onlangs nog eens door hun webshop heen gebladerd toen ik een wenslijstje voor mijn verjaardag aan het samenstellen was. Ze hebben echt super leuke fandom-spulletjes.
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Magic Rises – Kate DanielsMy Profile

      1. Oops, ik slaag blogposts waarop ik reageer op in een Bloglovin-mapje vermits ik bij sommige blogs geen melding krijg wanneer er op gereageerd wordt. Alleen duurt het dus vaak nogal lang vooraleer ik door dat mapje heen blader. Vandaar mijn late reactie dus. Zo laat dat ik eigenlijk al niet meer goed weet wat er allemaal op mijn lijstje is beland. Er waren Hufflepuff-spulletjes bij, maar ook een mooi notitieboek van de Marauders Map én een schoudertas met een mooie sobere Harry Potter print, …
        zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Boeken, thee en een vleugje voorspelbaarheidMy Profile

    1. Author

      omg FAIL want ik zie je antwoord nu pas, sorry!
      Maar ik snap dat het je gaat kriebelen nu haha. Large is echt een verslavende webshop, ik moet er ook echt niet te vaak kijken. Zeker omdat we nu geen verzendkosten meer betalen denk ik al snel; wauw nu loont een aanbieding ook echt haha.
      melissasbookworld onlangs geplaatst…| TBR THURSDAY | #3My Profile

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