| NETGALLEY REVIEW – Contemporary | Lured In by Laura Drewry (#2 Fishing for Trouble)

| NETGALLEY REVIEW – Contemporary | Lured In by Laura Drewry (#2 Fishing for Trouble)

Lured In Book Cover Lured In
#2 Fishing for Trouble
Laura Drewry
Romance, contemporary
27 september 2016

Seasick. That’s how Jessie Todd feels when her best friend and boss, Finn O’Donnell, tells her that the Buoys will be featured on a popular fishing program—which just so happens to be hosted by a guy she used to date. She’s still friendly with her ex, but her new feelings for Finn are making things . . . complicated. His life is out on the sea, and though Jessie works at the resort, her paralyzing phobia of water keeps her on land, where she’s safe. To take a shot with Finn, she’ll need to face her fears—and her innermost desires—head-on.

Finn has been nursing a crush on Jess for a long time, so when she suddenly asks for swimming lessons, he dives right in. Holding her shaking hand as she steps into the ocean makes his heart swell—despite the sinking feeling that she’s just doing it to impress that smarmy TV host. Finn doesn’t trust anyone with his bruised and battered heart, but he’ll be forced to lay it all on the line to keep Jess from being the one that got away.

What a wonderful read did I find in ‘Lured in’ by Laura Drewry! One moment I’ve never heard of this author before and the next moment I put all her other books on my to buy/wishlist because I want to have them asap. This book knew how to carry me away from the first moment and delivered a delicious reading experience! A beautiful setting, wonderful and realistic characters with a beautiful story-line which involves a beautiful ‘from friends to lovers – romance’! It’s got humor, intensity, emotions and a lot of sexiness! On top of that an amazing writing style. What more could you want? Exactly!!An amazing book! Read on for the extended review.


Note beforehand: You can read this book as a stand-a-lone, like I did now even though it’s technically #2 of a series. Characters from the first book have a minor role in this story, and in between the lines their story is summarized so you know a bit of their history. In my own experience I didn’t feel like I missed out on something about this story because I didn’t read the first book. The only thing that happens is you already know the outcome of the first book because you read about them in this one. But if I’m being honest here.. romance books like these often end in a specific way, so you kind of already know the ending anyway, right? I didn’t even know this read was the second of a series until I was halfway through reading it and saw it on Goodreads that there was a first book, lol. I came across this one at Netgalley and the synopsis just sounded So Good I requested it, without knowing there was a previous book. 

Storyline development. 

I love reading about two people with different traumatic pasts and see how they also deal with it differently and at the same time deal with it the same; keep walking around with their demons instead of facing them head on. Until they find a confident in one another and are ‘pressured’ into facing their demons. I love the way their relationship develops and the way their life in general develops in this time frame.

I really liked reading about Finn’s but also Jessie’s background. Both went through some things in the past which are things you could connect to as reader being. The constant presence of these traumatic happenings from the past in their present life is understandable.. With Finn the fact he can’t bind himself to another woman, he just can’t fully give his heart away because of the things his mother did in the past and Jessie’s fear for water and not daring to swim anymore ever since the accident with her sister, which she never really processed in a right way (which is truly heart wrenching because it must be terrible living with the knowledge of what happened and keep reliving those moments over and over again for years. It had me in tears when Jessie finally opened up about the accident and talked to Finn about it, THE FEEEEEEELS)

I love the way they communicate with each other; Jessie having no filter so she blurts out just about anything that pops in her mind, lol and Finn who’s also one who likes to speak his mind. The development of their sexual relationship is a joy to read as well. From their first kiss to everything expanding into something ‘more’.. the author really knows how to build up the romance and make you commit to it on every possible emotional level. I was an addict while reading this book and it had me blushing several times, lol. The 10-year-old-friendship-to-lovers-romance is so well developed. The author knew how to take everything out of every aspect available and make it into an amazing heart-wrenching story. It’s intense and emotional and a page turner from beginning till end. It’s funny, realistic and incredibly sexyyyy.. a perfect package for a perfect romance story!


Finn, Jessie, Kate, Olivia and the other O’Donnell brothers; they are amazing! the characters you’ll come across feel very realistic, credible and are very interesting. I LOVED every second I spent with them so much! In this story Finn is a lead character but his brothers Liam and Ronan have the same pull Finn has and all I say now is; you want MORE of the O’Donnell brothers from the first moment you meet em!

Finn is a real manly-man to call it so and I love it! A hard working, sexy-ass specimen of a man, prr.. He’s had a crush on Jess in the past which is coming back to the surface after Jess asks him to teach her how to swim – she wants to conquer her fear of water. Finn can’t pass up on the opportunity of spending one-on-one time with Jess and he desperately wants to be the one who helps her conquer her fears. Their attraction towards one another is off the charts and soon both Finn and Jess are lost in each other. But opening up for Jess means facing some of his own demons and will he be able to conquer them or does he need to let go of Jess before he’ll hurt her? That’s the million dollar question..

As for female leads, Jessie is just awesome! She’s so REAL and funny! I just couldn’t stop smiling throughout this book whenever she was around. She’s got her heart on her tongue and speaks her mind and her way of thinking is so funny so when she ‘throws things out there’.. it’s hilarious haha. She’s a woman with a traumatic past, which keeps haunting her. She thought she’d never find the ‘one’ until reality hits her in the face and she finds out she’s been working with him for over 10 years. Jessie’s story is heart warming, moving, sad and romantic at the same time. As a reader, I felt really connected to her and reading her story and development throughout the book was an intense reading experience for me. Jessie is a character you keep close to your heart and will never forget.



The writing is deliciously good and I’m really bummed out the book is only available as e-book because damn, how I’d love it if I was able to add the book to my collection and be able to re-read the story with a physical book in my hands. *sad face*. But seriously, the writing is so good and addictive and made me want to read non-stop. The author really balances out a vivid writing of the scenery in combination with the emotional aspect of the story.


I really like the setting and with that vivid writing of the author it felt like I was right in the middle of everything. The vivid writing gives you a beautiful mental picture of your surroundings and makes sure you loose yourself in it. I absolutely loved this scenery; the scenery at the water with boats in the dock and a nice homey café/restaurant, rooms for guests and surrounded by a lot of nature. Yep, I could totally visualize everything very good and I loved it. It feels familiar and safe when you start reading about Jess living there, working there in that scenery in between the O’Donnell brothers. It felt like home even though I’ve got no idea how it really is living like that, lol. But the beautiful writing style accomplished making me feel that way.  Some pictures I came across while reading, which made me think about the surroundings:


The reason why I didn’t gave it a 5 star rating is because of some showdowns at the end. Yes, the moment THE showdown is there it’s incredibly romantic and such, but at the same time it felt a bit like the author just wanted to ‘get it over with’, even that may not be the case for her but it came across like that to me. I would’ve liked it better if the course of development towards the end was written somewhat more extensive.. I’ll tell you why in a spoiler message down below. So only click on the BLURRED text if you don’t care reading spoilers.

The moment Jess leaves for example is really abrupt and I’d liked there to be an extra scene in which she’d be face-to-face with Finn before she decides to leave. That would’ve given it more emotional baggage and would’ve been an awesome addition to the story in general I think.  Now it was like: Finn’s coming back from his boat trip and Jess is gone and at the same time we didn’t read this happening from Jess’s POV either so it was really out of the blue for me to read about. Okay, it was already kind of obvious she was going to leave the business but I just would’ve liked it to get some more written attention, know what I mean? Just somewhat abrupt for me, that’s all. And the moment Finn’s going after her and he builds her that sandcastle; it’s FFFFFing romantic, reallyyyyy <3 But again; I would’ve liked MORE, lol. Just making that scene and the way Jess left a bit more extended would’ve made the difference and would’ve made it a 5 star rating for me instead of the 4 star rating it now got – which is still really good, though!! Don’t get me wrong, because I really loved this book, reaaaaly loved it!



Overall this read just gave me almost anything I could’ve wanted from a romantic book like this so I definitely can’t complaint in that regard. I really loved reading it and couldn’t stop once I’ve started. These characters lured me in – see what I did there? lol – and got me hooked instantly.

So, if you’re looking for a read with:
– AMAZING and REALISTIC characters…check
– a beautiful developing ‘FROM FRIENDS TO LOVERS – ROMANCE’…check
– HUMOR…check
– EMOTION…check
– SEXINESS!!!!…check,check, double check!
Then this should definitely be your next read! Unfortunately it’s only available as e-book – I’d love it to add this book to my physical collection. But seriously; this needs to be on your ‘digital’ shelf!







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