| MELISSA’S MONDAY MEMORIES | June 19th – June 25 th

Normally this Monday Memories article contains a day-to-day recap from my previous week but I was so busy last week I just forgot to update the post every day and writing it down afterwards in more detail is just impossible for me with my forgetful mind. So this week’s Monday Memories is a bit different. Instead of a day-to-day recap it’s just some random recaps that left an imprint in my mind, lol.

the delicious lasagna soup I made.

In regard to the food department, my Weight Watchers adventure is going fairly well. It helps a lot that it’s summer time and a lot of my favorite fruit is available like cherries, watermelons and such. I’ve been able to stay off the chocolate and such – for me complete withdrawal is the best option since I just can’t stop myself from eating a whole bar – which I’m happy with and I can’t even say I miss it all that much, so yay for me. lol. I can’t keep myself hydrated enough though – I’ve never drank much, even when I was still a child. A friend of mine told me about a app for the phone so you’re being reminded by an alarm every time you should drink and that way you’d get hydrated enough, so I’m going to give it a try and see what’ll do. And the third and second thing I’m having trouble with is working out. I want to start with some hiking first to build up some stamina, since I don’t have much anymore – like none really.. And maybe when I build up some more stamina I can think about visiting a gym so I can train some specific areas of my body. But it’s so hard for me to push myself on this one, since regular daily to do-things like cleaning around the house/cooking diner/caring for Milan and such cost me all of my energy already.

Our after school activity. Could’ve been worse, right ;)?

I’ve tried some new recipes, found some new favorites and tried drinking more. I’ve made a lasagna soup – I kid you not.. and it was delicioussss! Definitely a WW recipe I want to prepare more often.

Normally I often write about how I feel in the Monday Memories day-to-day recaps so I’ll try to write about how last week felt for me. Last week was a busy week so I often felt very tired.It was extremely hot for several days, I was on my period – I know, TMI buwhaha – and in combination with the hot weather I was cranky almost all week long. Stupid hormones. Milan was also sick in the weekend and Lucien and me weren’t feeling well either. Still, we had to do grocery shopping and visit a lot of stores since we needed to buy some stuff for our upcoming vacation, so that sucked a bit. So yeah, feeling wise It wasn’t the best week ever, lol.

Due to the hot weather I tried to do minimal stuff around the house, because it was so hot and clammy inside. So instead of cleaning up, I tried some blogging, reading and after picking Milan up from school, we’d relax outside at our ‘pool’. As long as Milan has water to play with, he’s the happiest kid alive haha.

I’ve had contact with several favorite authors of mine who agreed participating in a Q&A for the blog, so that’s really awesome! One with Leisa Rayven, which is due to be published on Monday June 26th, one with Amelia Hutchins who’s known for the Fae Chronicles and one with Anna Banks who’s known for the Syrena Legacy, Nemesis, Joyride and more.. I’m so thrilled that I’m in the position to do these kind of things and feel very privileged that these authors take time from their busy schedule to do this for me, this Dutch blogger, yikes <3.

I’ve got tons of ideas to work out for the blog, and hope I’ll be able to let you see some of this stuff very soon. I’m still busy translating my older articles from Dutch to English, but since I’m mostly focusing on new articles lately, the translating of the older articles gets shoved aside a bit. The translating isn’t the hard part, but since I’m translating already I like to re-write a lot of articles as well. So I’m still deciding on what to do exactly.. 1) keep translating and re-writing Dutch articles while they remain online or.. 2) get the Dutch articles – aside from the Dutch reviews – offline and translate/re-write them behind the scenes and publish them when done.. What do you guys think is best to do? I’ve still got a lot of dutch readers so they wouldn’t mind reading the dutch articles that remain online, but I hate the fact that the English readers have to read it with Google translate, which just sucks since the Dutch and English grammar and syntax is just completely different from one another. So yeah, that’s been on my mind a lot this past week; what to do with the Dutch articles I want to translate.. what do I want to do with them and how.

I’ve written down my complete TBR last week and put a page for it on the blog -> HERE. I like having this list and I want to keep up with which books I’m reading so I can look back in a couple of months and hopefully see my TBR stacks have lessened some, lol.


One of the amazing reads from last week; a Shadow bright and burning. This was a ReRead

NEW BOOKS: I regularly receive new books and last week wasn’t an exception either. I’ve among others received the four different Harry Potter 20th anniversary editions in paperback. And boy, do they look pretty with those bright colors! I love the extra content of each house inside and can’t wait to read them all.

I’ve bought a couple of books while doing grocery shopping; a Sylvia Day novel and a omnibus of Harlequin with 3 short stories inside – my guilty pleasure reads.

I’ve received Wicked by Jennifer L. Armentrout and I’ve also read it and Loved it! Can’t wait to buy the sequel, Torn, and read on with this story!

BOOKS READ: As you can see in the picture on the left I did a reread of a Shadow bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess. I’ve read it last year and the publisher was so kind to send me an ARC of the sequel, a Poison Dark and Drowning, through NetGalley so I wanted to do a re-read of the first book. I absolutely loved the book and upgraded it from my 4 star rating last year to a 5 star rating.

As you read above I’ve read Wicked by Armentrout and after that one I finished reading Of Triton, the second book in the Syrena Legacy by Anna Banks. I love love loveeeed the first book ‘of Poseidon’ and I just really wanted to finish the trilogy so that’s what I started out to do. After finisihing Of Triton, I immediately went on with Of Poseidon.


What do you guys think is better? Writing the Melissa’s Monday Memories like I did this time? Or try to continue with the lay-out I previously did; day-to-day?
Personally I feel the day-to-day recap is more clearly to read, but I’d like to know what you guys think?

How was your last week?


  1. Wauw, die foto van lachende Milan is echt wel leuk. Gezonder eten wordt een pak makkelijker met al dat heerlijke zomerfruit hé. Komende zondag doe ik echter mijn verjaardagsfeestje én dat gaat opmerkelijk slechter zijn qua dieet-vriendelijkheid. 🙂

    Afgelopen week was relatief rustig door de hitte. Maandag moest ik naar het ziekenhuis, vrijdag kwam mijn nichtje op bezoek en keken we samen naar twee films en zaterdag ging ik mee supporteren voor het optreden van mijn echtgenoot op het conservatorium. Verder deed ik niet veel meer dan huishoudelijke klusjes en zoveel mogelijk rusten.
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Dreamfever – Karen Marie MoningMy Profile

  2. Author

    Optreden op het conservatorium? WAUW, gaaf!!
    De warmte was vreselijk he? Hier probeer ik dan ook altijd zo min mogelijk te doen haha. En verjaardagsfeestjes gooien roet in het eten als je wil opletten, maar je mag ook wel eens een dagje ‘zondigen’ 😉 Wij gaan a.s. zaterdag op vakantie, all-inclusive hotel.. Ik heb me voorgenomen om die week even nergens op te letten en dan erna maar weer aan de bak te gaan. Alles goed gegaan in het ziekenhuis hoop ik? <3
    melissasbookworld onlangs geplaatst…| REVIEW – New adult/sports romance | Scoring Wilder by R.S. GreyMy Profile

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