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It’s almost here: Vacation! But here’s the deal.. Can I cope with not blogging for 8 whole days? Or do I bring the laptop and just blog while on vacation? Which books to take with me to Spain? I still need to buy extra sun block for Milan before we go and I thought I needed something else, but what was it again? These questions and many more are going through my mind since a couple of weeks now. I’ve begun with putting aside some stuff we need to pack already and keep re-checking our lists so we don’t forget anything, lol.

I’m soo excited to go on Vacation with just the three of us. Sun, Sea, great company and the beach nearby.. An all-inclusive hotel so we don’t have to worry about prepping diner and such; it’ll all be perfectly arranged for us. We just need to relax and can do whatever we want whenever we want. Love it! To be honest, we really needed and deserved this upcoming vacation, lol. Ever since my miscarriage last year my depression is back in full swing and Lucien’s really busy with work and the weekends are almost always booked with doing stuff like grocery shopping or going to birthdays and stuff like that – so there’s never enough time to really relax you know? We just need some relaxing-time!! And now the countdown has finally begun. T-minus 6 days and we’re off to Mallorca, Spain! We booked a 4* hotel & spa on the North side of the island. There’s lots of stuff to do there, especially for kids so I’m very excited to find out what Milan will think of all this! We’ve been to Mallorca with him 2 years ago but he was 2,5 years old then so he doesn’t remember how it was anymore.

Our house is in a constant state of chaos, do you recognize it? I’m just not good in preparing for a vacation and do it in a orderly way, lol. Everywhere you look there’s already stuff lying around to take with us. And I hate that there’s a lot of stuff I can’t pack beforehand because we still have to wear/use it this coming week so you have to pack it at the last moment possible. Which makes me always forget something in the end, ugh.  I’ve tried to create order in all the chaos by using my Bullet journal; day-to-day planning of what needs to be done and such, but I just can’t seem to follow through with this planning, lol. There was a lot of stuff we needed to buy for this vacation at like 4/5 different stores so that took away a lot of free-time. I swear, I just need a vacation because of all this prep work alone haha. And don’t even get me started on how I feel when we return; depressed as hell. Because 1) well, our vacation is up and we have to say goodbye to beautiful Mallorca and 2) there’s soooo much to be done when we get back, like; grocery shopping, unpack and wash all the dirty clothes and so on.. But okay, I try not to dwell on that too much because it’s about enjoying our vacation <3

The flip side of all this is we have to miss Rex for 8 whole days, which I feel terrible about. My buddy is always around when I’m at home so I definitely need to rehab from not having him around all the time. And well.. I’m gonna miss my books, is that an awful and stupid thing to say? lol. But seriously, I’m so proud of my collection and there are definitely several copies and other stuff on my cases I treasure so much and I’m always so scared of burglars breaking in and ransack the whole place. My father always says ‘you don’t need to be worried, like they would steal books?’ But he doesn’t get it, lol.. They wouldn’t steal the books no, but they’d probably ransack the cases and damage my books and other bookish stuff and thinking about it breaks my heart, yikes. Dont touch my precious babiessss.. But luckily my mother in law stays at our house when we’re gone, so that’s a relief. And there’s always Rex there who can guard our home, even though he’s seriously senior now and getting deaf and such, poor thing haha – he’s 11 years old now. But having him at home and my mother in law at evening/night is good for my peace.

Do you ever go on vacation with contradictory feelings? 

I’m trying to plan as far ahead as possible, so you don’t know I’m gone and you can keep continuing reading my blog articles as they come along. And if I think on my previous social media/blog behaviour I’ll still be online often enough to respond and continue writing new articles as well, since I probably can’t leave the laptop at home and still have my phone with me haha. A new surrounding may give me some new inspiration as well, so we’ll see what happens. Since Milan is still young, he can’t stay up all night long so we’ll be at our hotel room for quite some time in the evening for example so that may give me some opportunities to keep blogging.

Are you going on vacation this year? How do you prepare your vacations? Do you have a ritual or do you jus


  1. Tja, het zal je waarschijnlijk niet verbazen maar ook in deze situatie val ik weer terug op mijn geliefde lijstjes. Eén keer deed ik het niet en toen had ik niet voldoende teststrips bij voor mijn diabetes. Ik neem immers steeds een reserve doosje bij en dat was ik dus vergeten doordat ik eens zonder lijstje probeerde te werken. Heel stom want nu moesten we er in de apotheek één kopen waardoor ik 50€ kwijt was terwijl ik ze normaal dankzij de conventie gewoon mee krijg uit het ziekenhuis. Dat bedrag spendeer ik veel liever aan nieuw leesvoer dus sindsdien werk ik gewoon altijd met lijstjes. Super overzichtelijk en zo ben ik zeker dat ik niets vergeet.

    Welk leesvoer ik mee wil nemen is meestal de beslissing die het moeilijkste is. Dankzij de edreader ben ik nu wel altijd gerust dat ik nooit zonder leesvoer val. Ik heb immers altijd schrik dat ik mijn fysieke boeken te snel zal uitlezen.
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…I Heart Instagram TagMy Profile

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