SHOPLOG | Aliexpress #2

I recently published my first shop-log and let you see my latest Aliexpress buys. Today I got another Aliexpress haul for you – yes, Aliexpress is way to addictive and I order way too much stuff there, lol. There are still two orders with other stuff on their way as we speak, so you can expect more shop-logs in the nearby future ;). Today I’ve got 4 products to show you and I can’t wait to let you see what I bought recently! Here we go..

Feather Pen ballpoint

Ever since I was a young girl I adored writing and collecting different sorts of pens. When coming across this feather pen I couldn’t resist buying it. It looks so awesome – I have a thing for feathers – and I thought it would look nice accompanying books in pictures and such. And beforehand I never thought the pen would also write really well. I love the way it feels in my hands and thanks to the ballpoint it writes really smooth and with the black ink it looks really nice, don’t you think? And seriously; it’s just € 0.73 with free shipping!!


 You can buy this feather pen, in different colors, HERE.

 Silicone egg/pancake mold, non-sticking

I saw this item on an Aliexpress Facebook group and a lot of people were really enthusiastic about this egg/pancake mold. Since I hate flipping pancakes and eggs you could make with this mold, I decided to give it a try and buy it. For this price, I couldn’t resist! I haven’t had the opportunity to try it out yet, I want to do it this weekend. I bought the one with 4 holes in it, but you can buy them with more holes as well or different shapes like hearts and other shapes. The one I got costs € 2.70 and again; with free shipping of course, so yay!


 You can buy this Pancake/egg mold HERE.

Make Up Organizer (which I turned into a pencil case, lol)

Okay, so this article is officially labeled as a make up organizer but I bought it for my coloring pencils and such so I could easily bring them with me on vacation. Why not a normal pencil case you think? I’ve thought about that but since I’ve got over 100 coloring pencils it’s easier using a larger organizer. I saw several people using this organizer for storing their pencils on one of the Bullet Journal groups on Facebook, and that’s how I found out about it. I understood the leuchtturm bullet journal also fits inside it as well, so that’s awesome! You can carry your bujo and all your pencils and such with you in this organizer. And of course, you could always use it as storage for your make up as well 😉 This item costs € 3.45 with free shipping.


 You can buy this Make up organizer HERE.


Okay, so I love love loveee bookmarks and I just love to collect all different sorts of them. Aliexpress is an awesome webshop to shop for bookmarks. I’ve got quite a large wishlist there for just bookmarks alone, lol. I already got some different kind of bookmarks in my collection I bought at Aliexpress so far, and this newest set of bookmarks came in very recently and I really wanted to show them to you. It’s a set consisting of 30pcs feather bookmarks, printed on good quality ‘paper/cardboard’. They’re very firm and I like the fact that they’re all unique and different from one another, in shape, height and coloring and such. I’m definitely going to be using these for reading but also for accompanying books I like taking pictures off for my Bookstagram! This bookmark set costs € 1.88 and has free shipping as well (to the Netherlands).

 You can buy these bookmarks HERE.

I’m really happy with these buys and I’m particularly curious to see how the pancake/egg mold will do when it’s being used. I’m in love with the feather pen and the bookmarks as well and I really like my ‘make-up-organizer-turned-into-pencil-holder’ and can’t wait to take it with me on vacation next week.

What’s your latest buy, Aliexpress or otherwise?


  1. Die pannekoekendraaier is echt zo handig! Daar ga ik meteen voor kijken. Ik heb alleen nog wat hoesjes voor de nieuwe telefoon voor mijn man besteld en mijn beste vriendin is dinsdag jarig, dus die heb ik voor 20 euro laten uitzoeken op Aliexpress.
    Tamara TS onlangs geplaatst…Mijn Favoriete Bloggers deel 3 & Spam je blogMy Profile

    1. Author

      Ik heb ‘m nog niet gebruikt maar als ik de filmpjes online zie en de reviews , moet het een geweldig product zijn! Ik wil ‘m dit weekend echt gaan testen, ben zo benieuwd hihi! En wat een leuk cadeautje heeft je vriendin gekregen <3 Die 20e kom je op alie wel makkelijk kwijt hihi
      melissasbookworld onlangs geplaatst…SHOPLOG | Aliexpress #2My Profile

    1. Author

      jaaa wat gaaf zeg! Ik ben ook echt fan van de pen, vind ‘m ook heerlijk schrijven! Wil er binnenkort nog wel wat meer bestellen. Voor € 0.73 per stuk zijn ze wel makkelijk besteld, niet? hihi. Alleen jammer dat je zelf geen kleur kunt aangeven. Er zijn 4 beschikbare kleuren en er wordt dus random een opgestuurd. Maar hij is echt onwijs leuk en ook leuk om in pakketjes te stoppen enz 🙂 Wat is Aliexpress toch fijn hihi
      melissasbookworld onlangs geplaatst…SHOPLOG | Aliexpress #2My Profile

  2. Oh, die veren zijn zo leuk hé. De bladwijzers bedoel ik. Zodra ik die voor het eerst op een Bookstagram-foto zag langskomen ben ik fan van de kleine details en mooie kleuren. Tot nu toe heb ik me nog steeds kunnen inhouden maar nu ik weet dat er vrij veel met gratis verzending zijn ga ik dat waarschijnlijk niet kunnen blijven volhouden. 🙂
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…I Heart Instagram TagMy Profile

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