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Today I’ve got a new Cover Crush article for you guys and I was really excited to put this one together. This edition has to do with my favorite Disney movie of all-times; the Little Mermaid. This has been my favorite story ever since I was a little girl. I was obsessed with Ariël, Flounder, Sebastian and the adventures they undertook together. A couple of months ago I’ve read my first ever mermaid-related story: of Poseidon by Anna Banks and I absolutely LOVED it! Since Mermaids was chosen by you guys in the previous poll; your wish is my command hehe. I loved working on this Mermaid cover article and hope you’ll like it as much as I do. I added a lot of new books to my wishlist – sigh haha – and can’t wait to read more Mermaid-related stories! 

When writing these cover crush articles I always photograph covers from my own collection, but for this one I could only find 1 cover with a mermaid on it; Deep blue by Jennifer Donnelly. Despite the lack of mermaid covers in my collection, I still have several mermaid reads on my shelves but those books don’t show a mermaid on the cover. I’d still want to show you, so here we go!

  • Deep blue by Jennifer Donnelly, lets start with this one since that’s the only mermaid cover book I own, lol. This is the first book in the Waterfire saga. I’ve bought this somewhere in 2016 and still haven’t read it – shame on me. The book itself is really, really beautiful and the picture doesn’t do the book justice. Not only the mermaid is beautifully displayed on the cover but the inside of the book is really awesome as well. The text is printed with blue ink instead of black ink as you’re used to in most books and the chapter beginnings contain a really beautiful design as well! Can’t wait to read this book and see if I like it enough to buy the rest of the series too.
  • the Syrena Legacy books by Anna Banks. I stumbled across this series by accident a while ago and the synopsis sounded so awesome I decided to buy the first book. And omygod, how I loved it!!! The writing is really awesome and sometimes even somewhat sexy which I really liked, the characters are funny and witty and really interesting. The story-line is really awesome and I love discovering this whole new world underneath the Sea. I’ve read the extra novella of the first book as well, which was really amazing too and I can’t wait to finish this series
  • Wake by Amanda Hocking. This is the first book in the Watersong series. I bought Wake a long time ago when it was on discount at the bookdepository. I’ve already read several books by this author which I really liked so I was definitely curious to see her writing on mermaids and such. I still haven’t read it yet, whoops.. Hope to read this first book of the series somewhere this year and then I’ll decide if I want to buy the rest of the series as well.

I found quite an expanded collection of book covers with mermaids on them. In some covers there’s not much to see of the mermaid but because of the beautiful details they are still really beautiful and it’s still obvious that the book is about mermaids. There are middle grade books, Young adult and adult/contemporary romance novels; just so much diversity when it comes to mermaid-stories and I love it!

there are much more mermaids reads but they don’t contain visible mermaids on the covers so I didn’t show them, but I made a list for you nonetheless because even though you can’t find any visible mermaids on the covers, it doesn’t mean they aren’t worth reading and we wouldn’t want to miss out on some new reads right? here we go..

I hope you liked this cover crush edition of Mermaids and as usual I’m going to ask you to vote down below  and maybe next time your choice in cover subjects will be published!

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Did you read any Mermaid-related stories and which one would you recommend to me to read first?

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to vote 😉


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      Thank you! I haven’t read many mermaid reads either, but I’m definitely planning to read some more! There are some adult romance stories in the list as well, I can’t wait to find out how those books are like hehe.. Currently reading book 2 of the Syrena Legacy by Anna Banks and I love it so much. I’ve already reviewed the first book, of Poseidon. Really love this YA mermaid read.
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  1. Yay! Mermaids! I haven’t read any of the books you shared, but I really want to. When I was little, my favorite Disney movie was The Little Mermaid and I always wanted to be a mermaid myself, haha. The cover of The Rogue Wave is my favorite, the colours are gorgeous <3
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