| BOOKSHELF TOUR | 2.0 June 2017 Part 4/5

My 3rd bookshelf tour article came online recently and since I made the pictures for this 4th edition already, I went on writing it as soon as the third went online so I could share it asap. In this 4th edition I’ll show you guys the content of the small billy case, which stands in between the two larger billy cases. You’ll find a large part of my bookmark collection in here, my Richelle Mead collection, Jennifer L. Armentrout collection and more. Excited? So am I ;).. Here we go!


On top of this middle case you find the latest Celebrate books box with the book which was inside; Flame in the Mist. Side from the book there’s also this beautiful SIGNED quote card and an accompanying button!

On the top shelve I’ve got my Cate Tiernan collection consisting of the Immortal Beloved trilogy on top and the Wicca series beneath. I really loved both series. I’ve read Wicca twice now, the first time in Dutch and the second time in English after buying the omnibus books you see in the picture. I’ve read the immortal beloved books in Dutch too the first time and I want to do an English re-read for ages now but haven’t gotten around to do so. Someday though…

On the left you see my Cinderella in dress Funko and beside the funko you see my TBR jar, which still has to be filled! I got this jar from my Secret Santa last year and I really love it! It’s about damn time I’m going to fill it up and use it! In the background you see a small bit of the cover of my Titanic notebook. I bought it through Aliexpress a while ago and I’m so in love with it! It got an amazing cover and it’s hardback with some really pretty adornments on it. On the inside the pages are filled with space for writing down notes but also some text and pictures from the titanic movie! It’s really stunning. For a closer look of this notebook you’ll need to read my next SHOPLOG, in which I’ll take some up-close pictures of the notebook.

The second shelf contains a lot of my bookmark collection, alongside with special notes/cards and such I received from friends/authors. In the front you see a blurry card hanging, which is a special note I received from one of my favorite Authors; Nalini Singh! In the background you see a NY card which I received from a friend of mine while visiting NY, Jenny. On the left you see a written card, which I received from Liesbet (a.k.a. Zwartraafje) My kobo reader lies on this shelf as well. On the left you see a bookmark from Malta, which my little sister brought back for me when she was on vacation there. On the right I’ve got some hand-made bookmarks which I received in my Secret Santa box 2 years ago. It’s a hand-made MARVEL bookmark, a hand-made bookmark with a picture of my doggie friend Rex and one with a picture of my son, Milan. In the middle there’s a card ‘You got this girl’ I received from my friend Adinda some time ago. I was feeling down and she sent me some chocolate and a really nice card. I’m so blessed with my friends, truly <3 I’ve got a lot more friend-cards like these but not all of it fits on this shelf and/or are placed somewhere else in the house.

This shelf contains my Beauty and the Beast items and re-tellings, alongside a re-telling of Sleeping beauty.

On the left, starting with a bookmark of Aurora and in the back Once upon a Dream by Liz Braswell, which is a re-telling of Sleeping Beauty. Next to it another re-telling by Liz Braswell, As old as Time. This is a Beauty and the Beast re-telling which I’m so excited for. Next to that one you come across Belle by Cameron Dokey. And then Hunted by Meagan Spooner. I had to show this cover off because I think it’s sooo beautiful! Also, I really LOVED this book and gave it a 5 star rating. Definitely one of my favorite Beauty and the Beast re-tellings out there.

On the right you see a cute clip-board with a quote inspired by Beauty and the Beast – more detailed photo’s will follow. In front of that a phone case of Beauty and the Beast. Then you also see some Funko pops: Mrs. Potts & Chips, Belle in dress and Lumiere. I’ve got some knickknacks as well on this shelf like a bookalicious lip balm, Shakespeare mints and a watch-necklace I bought in London a couple of years ago. And on the right you see a tin box with a sticker of Belle on the front and it’s filled with tea, so lovely!

The next shelf contains my Jennifer L. Armentrout collection. Starting on the left with: the Problem with Forever, Wait for You, Unchained, Cursed, the Gamble Brothers trilogy, Scorged and Frigid and lust but not least, my absolute favorite: the LUX series! This series was my first Armentrout read and damn what an entrance did Armentrout made with this series. I’d never thought I was going to love a book with aliens, but did she prove me wrong, lol. I was hooked from the first page until the last. Daemon Black.. damn.. Did you not read this series yet? YOU MUST!

On top of these books you see a signed bookmark on the left and on the right the darkest Elements trilogy. In front of the books you see on the left my Arrow mug and inside the really cute birth ‘card’ of Sanne, the daughter of a good friend of mine. It’s a wooden ‘card’ in the shape of an owl, so cute! You see a small button lying beside it, and next a self printed bookmark. You can see Daemon and Katy magnetic bookmarks by HappyHello, my favorite Etsy shop. And in front of it lies a good luck charm that belonged to my grandmother.

On the next shelf you’ll find my Richelle Mead collection, which mostly consists of Vampire Academy related thingies but okay haha. On the left you see the graphic novel of Shadow kiss. The first two graphics are behind this one so I couldn’t let it show in the picture. On the right, in the background you’ll find my Vampire Academy paperback set along with the 10th anniversary edition I bought last year, which contains extra novella’s, so awesome! On top of this stack you find Gameboard of the Gods, which I still have to read and I’m very excited about!

In the front on the left you see a couple of bookmarks. two selfmade-selfprinted bookmarks and in front of them two leather bookmarks with the molnija and promise mark ingraved. On the right you see my hardback edition of the Glittering Court which I still have to finish. I put it down at the time because it unfortunately couldn’t keep my interest back then so I hope to finish it another time.


And last but not least; the rest of my vampire reads, starting on the left; Twilight paperback set, on top the Twilight Director’s notebook. Next to the paperback box the official illustrated book and next to that one a Dutch special edition of the first book, which is really beautiful with it’s cut edges, ribbon marker, soft touched hardcover and a beautiful box around it. Also, on the inside it’s special with some red inked here and there, a beautiful lay-out, etc. Next to this special edition you’ll find the Dutch edition of the short second life of Bree Tanner.

Next are the first 4 stories of the Vampire Diaries which I got from a friend, just as the Quote book of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

And now we’re done with part 4/5 so there’s only one remaining tour left for you to, hopefully, look forward too. I’ll try posting it next week. In that tour you’ll find more of my hardcover collection as well as two more shelves of Sarah J. Maas and Cassandra Clare books, my angel books and my contemporary books. Thanks for reading!


    1. Author

      hihi yes, I love those knickknacks and a lot of small stuff has emotional value to me as well. Love decorating my shelves with those things <3 Hunted is definitely my most favorite Beauty and the Beast re-telling, really loved it! Curious to see what you'll think of it!
      melissasbookworld onlangs geplaatst…| WISHLIST WEDNESDAY | #36My Profile

  1. Naar Hunted ben ik ook heel benieuwd. Die heb ik op mijn verjaardags-wenslijst gezet. Mijn Lumière zijn vlammetje is jammer genoeg afgebroken. Je ziet het niet maar zodra je hem wil verzetten valt het er af. 🙁 Ik moet echt nog eens een keertje verder met mijn Shelfie-toer maar ondertussen ben ik met de grove borstel door de kast met romans gegaan waardoor die er weer anders uitziet.
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Ijs als Vuur – Sara RaaschMy Profile

    1. Author

      aahwww arme Lumière! hihi.. misschien nog te fixen met secondelijm? Ik heb ook een aantal pops die ietwat beschadigd zijn, grotendeels doordat Milan ze per ongeluk in handen gehad heeft haha. Zo mist danaerys een voet, OOPS. En bij loki zit één van die uitsteeksels op zijn helm los, maar dat zie je niet tenzij je ‘m dus inderdaad ook verplaatst haha. De cape van batman zit los..

      Ik ben benieuwd wat jij van Hunted gaat vinden, het is echt een van m’n meest favorite Beauty and the Beast re-tellings! Vond het echt een heel gaaf boek <3

      En het lijkt me echt super tof als je een tour gaat doen!!
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    1. Author

      thank you! I hope to move the books and items to a larger shelf someday! We’re going to Disney in September, so maybe I’ll find some new stuff over there for my shelves <3 And I've got more then enough re-tellings on my wishlist to fill up the beauty and the beast shelf when the time comes 🙂
      melissasbookworld onlangs geplaatst…| WISHLIST WEDNESDAY | #36My Profile

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