| MELISSA’S MONDAY MEMORIES | June 12th – June 18th

| MELISSA’S MONDAY MEMORIES | June 12th – June 18th

A new Melissa’s Monday Memories for ya. A day to day recap of my personal ‘adventures’. I write about what I do, think, feel, read and more. Curious to see what I was up to last week? You’ll find it here if you read on. Happy reading!

One of the pictures I took for the TAG post that’s due to publish tomorrow. Something about beautiful book covers 😉

When I’m waiting at school for Milan to come outside I see him holding hands with a girl he often talks about from class and it’s sooo cute haha. When we’re home he suddenly can’t stop swearing and it’s annoying haha. Some kid at school was swearing a lot today he said and he picked up on it and he’s non-stop yelling ‘what the f*ck’.. After some threats, punishment I try the ‘ignoring-way’ which seems to help. Days like these… ugh.

I’m still reading this Savage Song. It’s not I don’t want to read but through the day I just can’t seem to get myself to read. So I only read some at night before bed. I’m really bummed out about it because I really like this Savage Song but I just can’t keep myself concentrated for long. Not only with reading, but with everything else too; blogging, doing chores at home, working in my bullet journal.. It s*cks. Receiving two new books today, softens my bad mood a little, lol; the Silver Swan by Amo Jones and Earthbound by Aprilynne Pike came in.

After like 6-12 months at least, I’ve used my SRL Canon camera again and it feels like coming home. Before my depression kicked in I was quite active with taking photos for myself and others too – I even had a website for my photography stuff and such – but at one point I couldn’t cope with the pressure anymore of taking photos for other people so the camera ended up in a closet and since then I always used my phone for photos, but really; phone photos are just not as good as photos I shoot with my SRL. I started with some photos for the Tag post which’ll publish on the blog tomorrow and I’m really liking the result. So I’m planning on using my SRL camera more often from now on!

CURRENTLY READING: This savage Song by V.E. Schwab
Melissa’s Monday Memories | June 12th – June 18th
Review – New Adult | Ignite by Rebecca Yarros (# 0.75 Legacy)

One of the pictures I took of Lexi, the German Shepherd who belongs to my Sister in law. Love taking pictures of her, she only doesn’t retract her tongue, no matter how I try to keep her focus on me, lol. But even though her tongue is out, I really like this pic since I haven’t done any photographing in quite a while.

After dropping Milan off at school I try to do some cleaning around the house, some blogging.. But nothing gets really done –  I blame it on the fact we barely got some sleep last night. Milan was really restless and woke up  A LOT and by the time he woke up, which meant we were awake as well, it felt like we didn’t sleep at all – Hello bags under my eyes, could you please go away? Thank you very much..

My sister in law asked me if I wanted to take some photos so she could frame em for upcoming Father’s day so before picking up Milan from school I went over and we went into a nearby park to shoot some photos of her, her son and their dog. She was happy with the result so that’s always nice to hear. I really enjoyed taking pictures again because it’s been a while  and it kind of dawned on me that I really missed taking photographs. So the camera is definitely coming with us when we’re going on vacation July 1st. Hopefully I can shoot some pretty pics on Mallorca <3

After picking up Milan at school, we went home. I made him some food and together we viewed the photos I made earlier. Milan’s pretty tired after a full day of school and having slept terribly last night, so we grab a blanket and lie down on the couch together watching Peppa Pig, waiting for daddy to come home. Today we eat Spaghetti Carbonara, which Milan doesn’t like so he gets a sandwich – he loves eating sandwiches instead of warm diner, lol. When Milan’s asleep we watch an episode of Scorpion and afterwards we go to bed, because we’re really tired. Hopefully tonight will be a better night..

CURRENTLY READING: finished This savage Song but haven’t started anything new yet
THIS BLOG ARTICLE CAME ONLINE TODAY: Tag Time Tuesday | Beautiful Book Covers

STOUTER – Ongedwongen & Ongezien, het laatste nieuwe boek in de serie!

Another awesome bookish day for me today because I get surprised with a Dutch edition of one of the Beautiful Bastard books,which releases today here in the Netherlands: Stouter – Ongedwongen & Ongezien by Christina Lauren. This book contains two novella’s from the Beautiful Bastard series and I love this series. I’ve had the pleasure of participating in a blog tour for the previous book for the Dutch publisher and they were kind enough to send me this ARC as well, which just released yesterday in the Netherlands. So, soon there’ll be a Dutch review about this book on the blog!

some pictures my mon sent me while Milan was there, having fun.

Later on I receive 3 other books. One of them was a pre-order for which I was looking forward too for months now; Thief’s Cunning by Sarah Ahiers. And book 2 and 3 of the Nightfall Chronicles by Karpov Kinrade got in. So yeah, that’s 6 books in a day? Wow.. Technically 7 because I got an digital ARC from Random House: the sequel to a Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess: a Poison Dark and Drowning. I really loved the first book in the series and I’m flabbergasted the publisher sent me an ARC, so freaking awesome! The book isn’t due to publish yet until upcoming September. This is definitely a read I want to start with asap.

Milan’s going to my parents after school, so I’ve got the whole day to myself. I do some cleaning around the house – it never stops, yuk.. – and when Lucien gets home from work we spent some time with Rex before we leave to eat out the door at a nearby cafeteria. After that we drive to the cinema to see Wonder Woman. I’ve been looking forward for this movie for what feels like ages. Lately we saw the trailers every time we went to the movies so I got more and more excited every time. And the trailer was amazing, but the real stuff, the full length movie was mind blowing! It was so so sooooo AWESOME! One of the best movies DC made so far, for sure.

CURRENTLY READING: Stouter – Ongedwongen & Ongezien by Christina Lauren
THIS BLOG ARTICLE CAME ONLINE TODAY: Wishlist Wednesday | #35 YA,NA, contemporary

First thing I do in the morning is driving Lucien to work. Yesterday evening he lost one of his contact lenses so driving with only one other left isn’t the greatest thing to do, so that means driving him to and from work. Today’s gonna be a warm day so I try to do some cleaning when I get home before it gets too hot inside. I finish two blog articles which I’d planned to publish tomorrow and afterwards I read some chapters of my current read; Stouter – Ongedwongen & Ongezien by Christina Lauren.

I’m trying really hard to turn around when it comes to bad eating habits, losing weight and such so I logged in to my Weight Watchers account for the first time since forever and go looking for some new recipes. I’ve dug out some of my old recipe books and re-organize everything so I can start fresh again. And I like having recipes together in a map or something so I can find them easily – I hate looking for recipes on the site of WW, somehow it just doesn’t work for me to look on there, lol – sorted out in different courses. This makes writing down a grocery list easier as well for me. Maybe I can do something with grocery shopping/making lists in my Bullet Journal.

Getting in some reading time with my Puppy beside me

After picking Milan up from school we head home and eat a sandwich together. Afterwards we start building on a Lego box Milan recently got with some Cars figurines inside. Normally I build most of these Lego sets, but today Milan was really dedicated and build most of it himself, yay #proudmama. He was watching the instructions very carefully, sought out the bricks he needed and knew almost flawless how to build everything, it was a joy to watch 🙂 – until the moment he can’t get something done properly and he turns into Satan himself because he’s pent up with too much frustration, lol. He looks so much like his mommy..

When we’re done building and playing with the Lego it’s time to pick up Luciën from work and we decide to take some take-out back home so I don’t have to cook today, since I’m utterly exhausted. I’m emotional and cranky and ugh.. Guess it’s the hormones – being a women sucks sometimes lol. I decide starting a read on the kindle app on my phone, so I can write some new NetGalley reviews soon and I’m planning on starting a new read in a physical book, but there’s so much to choose from and It’s killing me haha. I want to read Thief’s Cunning but my mind is more in the mood for a sexy read so instead I pick up Ride Rough by Laura Kaye, the second book in the Raven Riders series. After Milan’s asleep we watch some tv and I end up reading a bit more before going to bed.

CURRENTLY READING: Another Postcard by Elle Christensen (#1 Stone Butterfly Rockstars) & Ride Rough by Laura Kaye (#2 Raven Riders)
THIS BLOG ARTICLE CAME ONLINE TODAY: Dutch Review | Tweestrijd van Gail McHugh (#1 Collide)

Today nothing much happened. Milan has a day off so we spent it at home playing and such and around 1PM I drop him off at my mother in law for a couple hours and I do some cleaning around the house. I pick Luciën up from work and together we pick up Milan. We go home and eat, prepare Milan for bed and just chill the rest of the night.

CURRENTLY READING: Ride Rough by Laura Kaye (#2 Raven Riders)
Cover Crush | Dragons, gotta love those firebreathing winged creatures 😉
UNBOXING | Owlcrate June 2017

This delicious breakfast is only 4 WW points!

Today starts off with doing grocery shopping @ Lidl and Albert Heijn. Since deciding to give Weight Watchers another go, it means shopping at multiple stores since some things are better bought at Lidl and some at Albert Heijn. After visiting two supermarkets we go home because the hairdresser is coming by to do Luciën and Milan’s hair. After she’s done we eat something and then head out to do some more shopping. We bought a new inflatable swimming pool but still need a cover to lay on top after swimming so bugs and such don’t get in the water. But the store were we wanted to buy them is so freaking busy and it’s just swarming with people – I hate this, yuk. At this point I feel absolutely terrible – dizzy, nauseous – and just want to go home, lol. But unfortunately we’re not done yet and still have to visit two more shops today.

When we get home I’m done for the day. It was terribly exhausting so far so Luciën proposes I go lie down a bit on the couch while he entertains Milan – God, I’m so blessed with my hubby. Social media and the blog are being ignored since I can’t find the energy to do something with it today. When Milan’s in bed for the night, we crash on the couch and Luciën decides to do some gaming and I read on in Ride Rough. The reading is going really slow lately. Where I normally just need a day or two for an average book, now it takes almost up to 4 days.

CURRENTLY READING: Ride rough by Laura Kaye (#2 Raven Riders)

Milan decides to wake up at 4.50 in the morning and we can’t get him back to sleep, so that sucks big time.. We get to snooze a bit and after breakfast Luciën decides to take a ‘dive’ in the pool in the backyard since it’s already freaking hot and it’s not even noon yet. Luciën gets a new game for Father’s day and a nice self made frame with a photo inside they made at school.

We spent the afternoon at a bowling alley with my family in law and afterwards we have some time to relax at home before putting Milan to bed. Now lets hope he’ll sleep through the night, lol.
I finished Ride Rough and we decide to go to sleep early and hopefully catch up on some sleep we lost yesterday night.

CURRENTLY READING: Finished Ride Rough

Another week flew by. Our departure day – vacation – is slowly coming nearer so it’s time to definitely start preparing some stuff – I still have to buy some stuff so I’ll definitely have to plan a shopping day for that in the next week or so. It’s about to get hot next week so I hope we won’t be too much affected by the weather, like bad night rest and such but we’ll see..

How was your week? Buy some new books or other things?


  1. Wat leuk dat je stilletjes aan terug het plezier van fotografie herontdekt. Misschien kan je net als ik met een weekmenu werken, dan kan je die in je bullet journal opnemen en aan de hand daarvan je boodschappenlijstjes maken. Eentje met de ingrediënten die je al aan het begin van de week in huis kan halen én dan de voedingsmiddelen die je vrij vers moet aanschaffen apart of zo.

    Hier gaat het nog steeds rustig aan. Ik kan heel slecht tegen de warmte. Normaal is het sowieso verplichte platte rust alleen moest ik dus vandaag de boodschappen doen (in VIER winkels- met de fiets), ik moest een pakje ophalen, samen met mijn ouders bij mijn oma op bezoek, dat ene pakje bij mijn broer -en schoonzusje gaan afgeven en dan ook nog naar het ziekenhuis.

    Ik dacht het mezelf makkelijk te maken en een kant-en-klare maaltijdsalade te kopen op weg naar huis maar blijkbaar waren er nogal veel mensen die het zelfde dachten. Geen salade dus. 🙁

    Wel krijg ik twee boeken toe vandaag: Ik zie je op het strand (Jill Mansell) en Een zwaard van Zwart Staal. Eerst nog even Dreamfever van Karen Marie Moning uitlezen en dan begin ik wsl in één van die nieuwe aanwinsten. Morgen zal het echter vooral rusten en neerliggen zijn want ik heb me te erg geforceerd vandaag.
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Blogger Vriendenboek #101My Profile

  2. Nice to read about your life, especially as a mom. I am currently reading This Savage Song and I really like it, did you like it as well?
    Do onlangs geplaatst…Mijn ervaring met audioboekenMy Profile

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