| REVIEW – New Adult/Novella | Ignite by Rebecca Yarros (Legacy, #0.75)

| REVIEW – New Adult/Novella | Ignite by Rebecca Yarros (Legacy, #0.75)

I need MORE, like RIGHT NOW please?!!!

That’s what I first thought when I finished this read. And now here I am, behind my desktop, after just finishing my 7th Rebecca Yarros story. And every time I want to write a review of one of her books, I’m at a loss for words, because there aren’t enough words out there to do this author justice.  Her writing is so flawless and amazing, it blows me away every single time. Yarros did it again. When authors write novellas THIS GOOD I’m just at a loss for words when wanting to write a review, but I’ll do my best anyway.. Happy reading..

I’m flabbergasted.. How on earth is Rebecca able to write so many different characters, stories,etc. within the NA genre and still able to create diversity in every book, to make every book so unique and at the same time extremely addictive!? She’s a genius, truly. She knows how to hit you right in the feels and turn your world upside down while reading her stories, every single time. Novella or not, this is once again of the best NA/romance reads I’ve read so far and yet again by the hands of Rebecca Yarros. And how I wish there was more, MORE, more of River and Avery. Their story was so intense and romantic and full of feels. I loved every single second  of reading this story, seeing it develop and I know I’ll definitely going to re-read it more often. Characters like River and Avery hold a place in my heart and will never be forgotten. They are so real and recognizable, which made the feels all the more intense for me while reading. Add Rebecca’s hot and steamy but at the same time, romantic writing to the mix and you’ve got yourself a guaranteed amazing reading experience which’ll turn you inside out in the best way possible. 

River was.. the perfect man specimen I want to read about in a book like this. Strong, brave and his character is so well developed for a novella. River is totally in love with the woman who stole his heart from the first time he set eyes on her but he’s always been afraid to tell her. Avery is a strong, loving and caring character I loved from the start. She has no idea that her best friend has been in love with her – and of course she feels the same way about him, which he doesn’t know of, of course When his circumstances change and he is called back to Legacy to follow in his father’s footsteps, he has to come clean and take a chance on losing his best friend. He knows she thinks she has an obligation to stay in Alaska so it’s up to him to show her the life that they could have together. He’ll do and offer anything for her to come home with him and live the rest of their lives together. And when Avery decides she wants to stay in Colorado with River and make a life for themselves, everything falls apart… – and jeez, those specific moments.. you just see everything unravel before your eyes, you can’t do anything about it and your heart is hurting so bad. Rebecca’s writing is so immensely good. You feel everything as if you’re one of the characters yourself, experiencing what’s happening to them right there and then. So yeah, another sob-fest-read written by Rebecca, lol. 

Aside from the romance between River and Avery I loved the presence of Avery’s family as well and that being a huge part of the story too. There was so much more to feel in regards to this story as romance feels, because Avery’s family – her dad and sister – really ‘got’ to me as well. I felt so sad for Avery, her sister and their dad. I mean, I hate drunk people but I get it. I get how their dad ended up this way, because it’s just terrible if you lose someone so close to you. And, well, not everyone can cope with things like losing a wife so they change for the bad.

But on the other hand I felt really angry towards Avery’s dad. He still has two daughters, who want/need a real father in their life and not someone who just sits on the couch all day and yell at them. It broke my heart and I wanted so bad for them to fix this. For their dad to man up and go into therapy and redeem himself, so he could enjoy living again and enjoy his daughters, who were still hoping for him to get better. How badly Avery wanted to go with River, he was still her dad and I can get why she just couldn’t walk away from that either, even though her dad makes her life miserable. I wanted a freaking happy ending and that feeling was so intense throughout the whole story, I nearly smashed my phone against a wall, lol.

“I’ve never looked into my future and not seen you in it.”

I wanted Avery to go with River so badly it physically hurt me when it didn’t play out that way. I wanted her to live with him after they finally admitted to each other how they felt for one another. What they feel is not just a silly crush.. No, it’s that heart wrenching, all consuming LOVE that has been there for years and years and will last a lifetime and even long after that – I swear, Rebecca is the queen of writing the perfect intense romances.  There isn’t one single author who can top her when it comes to writing such beautiful heart wrenching romances/stories, there really isn’t. *happy sigh*. Yarros turns words into feelings and emotions I seldom experience, in the best way possible. And this story is yet another example of such a reading experience and I’m in awe, really. The way River and Avery’s feelings and emotions are expressed are so freaking intense and feel so real, like you’re  really living the story yourself and it makes my heart ache, in the best way possible. Rebecca’s stories leave me flabbergasted, every single time I read one of her books, and this novella made it to my favorites list, along with all other books by Rebecca I’ve read so far.

I can’t imagine there’s a reader out there who wouldn’t want to read this novella. I’ve rarely read a novella which has been written so perfectly. The characters are so well developed and the romance between them is so freaking hot and intense,beautiful and real!  How Rebecca was able to deliver such a perfect story within this small amount of pages is beyond me, but she did it. Yet again, she had me crying, laughing, sobbing, choke up, on the edge of my seat and ending a book with the most intense happy feeling a reader can get after finishing such a beautiful story which left it’s mark on my heart and soul.

I haven’t read Point of Origin yet, #0.5 of Legacy, but that book is #1 on my to buy list!!

Have you read anything by Rebecca yet? If yes, I’d love to fangirl together over the amazing-ness this author creates with every book she writes.

If not, you should be ashamed of yourself, lol. But hey, thank god for me and my review, because I seriously hope you’re going to buy and read this book now after reading my review? 😉




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