| MELISSA’S MONDAY MEMORIES | June 5th – June 11th

| MELISSA’S MONDAY MEMORIES | June 5th – June 11th

Last week started off with spending some time with my friends before they returned home, a lot of ‘normal’ stuff throughout the week and ended it with a birthday, seeing a movie and some summer fun in the weekend.  I’ve been somewhat restless which resulted in little reading, little blogging and little bujo’ing. I hope I can make up for it this week. But first, let me tell you more about my past week..

June 5.
The day starts off with catching up on some sleep. Milan stayed over at my parents last night so everybody’s able to get some more sleep today since our 4 year old isn’t running around at 7 in the morning, lol. After waking up it’s a busy morning; the girls packing up their stuff, preparing breakfast and cleaning up the beds and such. Before dropping them off at the train station in Heerlen, we take a visit to Epen to eat some ice cream. This particular ‘shop’ in Epen is famous for their self-made ice cream. We each ordered a small bucket with two scopes of ice-cream, some fresh fruit, waffles and some whipped cream. Safe to say everybody enjoyed their ice creams, yummie!

After finishing our ice cream we drive back to my place from where Isabelle drives home with her car and then I drop off Adinda and Kaylee at the train station in Heerlen. Luciën already picked up Milan at my parents this morning so when I return we just spent the rest of the day at home, playing with Milan and just rest since it’s been a couple of fun but busy days. Today’s a day off from school and work for Milan and Luciën so that’s nice. I get some blogging and bujo’ing done and watch some tv with Luciën after Milan’s asleep.

CURRENTLY READING: I’ve finished Court of Nightfall by Karpov Kinrade
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June 6.

Trying out some new photo-effects with the help of my son and his bubble-making, lol.

A normal school/work day so it starts off with preparing Milan for school – although I have to say that most of that is being done by himself. He dresses himself for example which makes my life sooo much easier in the morning lol. Preparing breakfast and preparing lunch for work and school and together we drop him off. When I get home I do a quick clean up routine and then I try to finish some blog stuff and doodle in my bujo. The weather is depressing today in comparison to yesterday..

I’ve started reading This savage Song by V.E. Schwab. The book has been on my shelves since the release and I still haven’t read it, oops. The sequel is due to release next week so I thought it was time to start with this first book. Later on the day I receive the Celebrate Books Box which a friend of mine was able to get me after hearing me being excited of the content when I saw pictures from others. I picked up Milan from school and we ate a sandwich together when we got home. The rest of the day went by fast and ‘normal’; prepare and eat diner, giving Milan a bath, getting Milan to bed, watch tv/read.

CURRENTLY READING: This savage song by V.E. Schwab
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June 7.
Today’s a MEH day for me. I just don’t know what to do with myself, ugh. After dropping Milan off at school, I start cleaning the house and afterward I plop myself behind the desktop to try some blogging. But I don’t get much done. What I do? No idea, lol. Just prowling around on the internet, doing nothing..

CURRENTLY READING: this savage song by V.E. Schwab
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June 8.

Enjoying a delicious breakfast while catching up with my friend <3

My day starts with driving Lucien to work – We’ve got two cars, but one car is without aircondition and the weather forecast said it was going to be around 25 degrees Celcius today so on days like that we end up both wanting the one car With aircondition, lol and that results in me driving him to and from work. I race back home because I’ve forgotten my meds – which I eventually didn’t take anyway while I was out, so yay for me being an idiot buwhaha. And then my 1 hour drive to Eindhoven begins.

I’m meeting my best buddy Kwante there for a breakfast @ la place and it was delicious. After out breakfast we stayed chatting for a while and then went shopping. We couldn’t stay too long since both of us had to be back home in time for when our kids came home from school.The rest of the day went by in a routine; Entertaining milan after school – I received a pre-order: Dividing Eden by Joelle Charbonneau and it’s so beautiful! -, picking up Lucien from work, eating diner, preparing Milan for bed, watching tv together which ended up with me reading in bed before sleeping.

CURRENTLY READING: This savage Song by V.E. Schwab
ARTICLE THAT CAME ONLINE TODAY: Review YA paranormal/urban fantasy| Court of Nightfall by Karpov Kinrade

June 9.

Sleepyhead <3

Today’s Milan’s day off from school so we decide to bring Lucien to work together so we can pick him up later as well. When we get home we eat some breakfast and then we just kill some time before I bring him to my mother in law for a couple of hours. When I’m back home I start cleaning the house and afterwards finish some blog articles before I have to pick up Milan again. We pick up Lucien from work and head home, we eat and prepare Milan for bed.

We’ve finally watched a new Scorpion episode, which we haven’t watched in a while since we couldn’t find any new episodes online. I really hate the fact the Dutch Netflix misses out on the newer episodes – sometimes complete seasons! – of series, ugh. Afterwards I try to read in a new book: Tweestrijd (#1 Collide) by Gail McHugh. I was reading this savage song by V.E. Schwab but forgot to take it out of the car earlier today

CURRENTLY READING: Tweestrijd by Gail McHugh (#1 Collide)
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June 10.
As usual, our Saturday morning starts with us doing grocery shopping. We do some cleaning around the house and in the afternoon we attend a birthday party.  Afterwards Luciën drops Milan off at his mother so we can catch a movie at the theater. We’ve bought tickets for THE MUMMY with Tom Cruise. I’ve loved the previous mummy films with Brendan Frasier but this new version with Tom Cruise looked really amazing as well. So dark with an awesome story-line and I just really like Tom Cruise as an actor, his movies are so awesome!

I’ve decided to expand the blog with a new non-book-related item; SHOP-LOG. In these articles I’ll share my recent non-book-related buys. I often shop via Aliexpress.com or at some Dutch stores like: ACTION, HEMA, WIBRA.. I love shopping for phone cases, washi tape, home decoration and cute/handy gadgets. So from now on, every once in a while, I’ll share my shop-logs with you guys. I’d always love to get feedback and get new inspiration from you guys so don’t be afraid to leave a message behind 😉

CURRENTLY READING: This savage Song by V.E. Schwab

June 11.
Trying to catch as much sleep as I could get, I keep lying in bed for as long as possible this morning until I’ve got no other choice but to get ready because we have to pick up Milan, lol. We promised him we’d go to the ‘Valkenier’, a small theme park nearby. The weather forecast promised a hot day so we wanted to arrive as soon as possible, before it gets too hot. We’ve really enjoyed ourselves and ended our visit with a nice ice cream. Afterwards we went shopping and came home with a new inflatable swimming pool so Milan could spent the rest of the afternoon in there, since it was so hot outside. Of course mommy and daddy joined him as well, lol.

CURRENTLY READING: This savage Song by V.E. Schwab

So, yeah, that about sums up my week. Three more weeks until we’re going on vacation so I’m slowly busy making a packing list and writing down what things we’d still have to buy before we leave and I’m so excited! We’re all looking forward for it! The only downside is missing Rex for 8 days straight 🙁 Especially now he’s getting older – 11 years. Who knows how long he’ll still be with us but he’ll be well looked after by my mother in law so I’m sure he’ll be fine. He’ll probably sleep through those 8 days the whole time, lol.

How was your last week? Highs and/or depths? New books?


  1. Nice to read about your week. The breakfast you had looks delicious, I still haven’t had breakfast at La Place.. I am very curious about This Savage Song, I recently bought it and I can’t wait to read it 🙂
    Do onlangs geplaatst…The Selection – Kiera CassMy Profile

  2. Ik vind jouw terugblik plots veel overzichtelijker dankzij die kleine banners met de dagen tussendoor. Leuk dat het zo een beetje wordt opgesplitst in kleinere stukjes. Ondertussen heb ik wel zin gekregen in een ijsje. Hopelijk kunnen we binnenkort het nieuwe ijssalon in ons dorp is een keertje gaan uittesten.
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Hof van Vleugels en VerwoestingMy Profile

    1. Author

      dankje, dat is fijn om te horen! Ik vind deze nieuwe banners ook veel rustgevender als die drukke watercolor wat ik eerst had. Ik probeer er op te letten, aangezien ik inderdaad veel schrijf, om meer alinea’s te gebruiken hihi. En het ijs is zo lekker! mocht je ooit in de buurt zijn, geef je maar een gil – dan gaan we gezellig een ijsje eten in Epen! En ik ben benieuwd wat je van de nieuwe ijssalon bij jou in het dorp gaat vinden.

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