| COVER CRUSH | High in the sky..

| COVER CRUSH | High in the sky..

It has been a while since I published the last Cover Crush article, but since I still had so many awesome cover photos in my archive I decided to publish a new cover crush article for you guys. I’ve decided to focus on SKY/STARS/GALAXY covers. I’ve got several books with stars/galaxy at home, but there’s so much more  I came across online, which I’ll also show to you guys.
Happy reading!

So lets start with the books I’ve got at home. It’s quite a task to perform, searching for covers with stars/sky on them when you’ve got like 550 books. Some of them were easy to find since I already knew they’d be perfect for this article, but I didn’t want to risk missing out on a cover, so I searched on every shelve so I was sure I didn’t miss one. Curious to see what covers with a sky/stars/galaxy are on my shelves at home? Let me show you my collection:

the Starbound trilogy by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner. These covers are absolutely stunning! Each book shows off different color themes but they’re evenly stunning, don’t you think? I’ve tried my best to get these covers photographed so you could see their beauty but if I’m being honest.. these photographs don’t do the covers justice. I love the design of these covers with the couple floating through space/the galaxy, which you see in the background and then surrounded with those pretty colors.. Yes, definitely one of the most beautiful covers in my collection!
the Empress of a Thousand skies by Rhoda Belleza shows a moon in the middle of a galaxy background. There’s a model present inside the moon which I assume is the main character of the book. I love the lighting on the left side of the moon, the sun which is about to come into view. A stunning cover! But I just love galaxy covers in general, so I’m a bit biased with a lot of these covers, lol.
Alienated and Invaded by Melissa Landers are so beautiful as well I think. They combine the galaxy look with the earthly look, which is so awesome since both settings are important in the books as well. On the cover of the first book, Alienated, you see earth below and galaxy on top but in the second book it’s reversed and it looks so awesome, don’t you think? I haven’t gotten around to buying the third book yet and I still have to finish the second book, oops. I liked the first one, and I’m definitely planning on finishing this series.
Phobos and Phobos ² by Victor Dixen are one of my favorite galaxy covers. The main character is floating through space and I love the red/orange/black colors in the background. Everything on the covers is really matching to the story inside and I really like it when reading a book and afterwards look at the cover again and seeing little details about the story you didn’t know were there beforehand.
the Star-touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi shows not an overly present galaxy but it’s there tho.. The stars/galaxy is being presented on the bottom half of the cover, below the character who’s being presented in the middle. I love the mystery this cover shows and the dark colors down below with the stars and on top the beautiful ‘sunset like’ colors. I haven’t read this book yet, but I’d really like to read it this year.

I’ve got several more books which fit the description but I’ve decided to only photograph the books I mentioned above. The rest of the books I’ve got at home will be mentioned down below where you’ll find the rest.

As I wrote earlier, I also went online looking for beautiful covers. Some of these books have been on my wishlist for a while now, but there are also a couple of new found books I’d added while doing research for this article. Don’t they look beautiful?

I loved doing research for this article and I can’t stop looking at all those beautiful covers! I especially love the Melissa West covers, in which you see earth and the galaxy around it, but PLUS ONE by Elizabeth Fama has also become one of my favorites. I love how the kissing couple both have another fill in, one with clouds and one with the galaxy. It looks absolutely stunning I think!
In my previous cover crush articles I let my readers vote in a poll for which ‘cover subject’ I’d be presenting in the next article and I’d like to continue that tradition..
So, which cover subject would you like to see in the next Cover Crush article? Vote below.

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  1. Galaxies on covers are soo pretty! My favorite of your list is probably The Midnight Star by Mari Lu (I haven’t read it, but the cover is really pretty) I would like to see mermaids on covers!

    1. Author

      Midnight Star is really beautiful as well <3 I haven't read anything by Marie Lu yet - shame one me - but have the complete Legend trilogy at home waiting to be read and the Young elites so I hope to start reading one of the series really soon! And I LOVE mermaids! I've already got some awesome covers stashed away on my desktop!

  2. Ik blijf het grappig vinden dat we zo vaak dezelfde onderwerpen op onze coverlijstjes hebben gezet. We houden echt wel allebei van prachtige covers. 🙂
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Fictionista #9My Profile

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