| BOOKSHELF TOUR | 2.0 June 2017 Part 3/5

| BOOKSHELF TOUR | 2.0 June 2017 Part 3/5

Want to have another look at my collection? I’ve recently published two articles and now it’s time for part 3/5 of my bookshelf tour! In the first two articles I showed you my freestanding bookcases and today I start with my large bookcase. Here you’ll find mostly YA books, with exception of the Sarah J. Maas’s books which are more New adult as YA but okay.. I hope you’ll enjoy it, happy reading..

On top of the left case you see my Jane Austen hardback collection. These editions are so beautiful, and I’m definitely planning on reading some of them this year! Historical novels aren’t books I read often but I really love reading them from time to time. Next to the box you find my paperback edition of Black Beauty and War horse.

The top shelf of this bookcase contains some of my hardcover collection, starting with Crimson Bound by Rosamund Hodge, which I haven’t read yet. I’ve read Cruel Beauty and sold this book, because it wasn’t for me – too bad, since I normally LOVE beauty and the beast re-tellings. Next you see the Sin Eater’s Daughter and the Sleeping Prince by Melinda Salisbury, which I received as a present for my birthday from my lovely friend Kwante. They’ve been on my wishlist a long time now and the hardcovers are so beautiful!! Definitely want to read these books this year! Next to them you see the first two books of the Darkest Powers trilogy by Kelley Armstrong. I’ve read the trilogy already on my reader and wanted to add them to the collection, still have to buy the third one. Then you’ll see book 1 and 3 from the Chemical Garden trilogy by Lauren DeStefano. Still ave to buy the second book and then I’ll finally be able to read the trilogy. Next to them you see the first two books of the sky Fall trilogy by Shannon Messenger. Then you’ll come across Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza, a sci-fi/dystopia book which sounds really interesting. Next to that one you see the Immortal rules book 1 by Julie Kagawa. I got this beautiful hardcover from my friend Kim. Then there’s the Wrath and the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh, which I still haven’t read, oops.. Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza is next, a sci-fi book I’ve had on my shelves since the release date but still haven’t read yet, oops again. Next to that one you’ll find one of my favorite reads; Illuminae & Gemina by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman and the stack on the right contains the following books: Defy the starts by Claudia Gray – amazing read, Shadow Run by Adrianne Strickland – amazing read, Alienated and Invaded by Melissa Landers, the Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid – really awesome read and the Starbound trilogy by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner.

The second shelf is contains my Laini Taylor collection, starting with the UK and US hardcover edition of Strange the Dreamer. I couldn’t choose between the two editions so I just bought both of them, oops. Haven’t read the book yet, but definitely planning to read it soon. Next you’ll see the Daughter of Smoke and Bone hardcover edition and right next to it the paperback editions – yes, I’m obsessed with Laini Taylor, can you tell? lol. On the right you see Dreamdark; Blackbringer, which I haven’t read yet but I’m dying to. This book contains the most amazing art inside of some of the characters!

On the third shelf you’ll find my Throne of Glass collection by Sarah J. Maas From books to tote-bags and other bookish items. On the left you see the hardcover editions – I’ve got two editions of Empire of Storms, one regular and one Target special edition.  The Target special edition is personally signed by Sarah herself when I met her in London last year. Then there’s the paperback collection of which Heir of Fire is signed and Queen of shadows and Empire of Storms are provided with a signed bookplate! O and of course in the back on the right the Throne of Glass coloring book – even if you don’t like coloring, you should really add it to your collection because the drawings are amazing!

As for bookish items on this shelf; I’ve got several bookmarks, a handmade mug with quote, fan art and a rowan hawke’s form candle.

The next shelf is really special to me as well. You’ll find everything that has to do with the Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare. The setting in the books – Victorian London – immediately took my breath away, but it’s the characters and the emotional depth of the story that enthralled me from the first moment. On top of that you find the most perfect written love-triangle ever.. – yes, it’s possible; a perfectly written love triangle. These books are perfection and I love them so so much! I’ve got the US original hardback editions and an extra special edition of Clockwork prince. Thanks to my friend Adinda I’m now also the proud owner of the paperback editions as well, yay! And on the left you see the Manga hardcover of Clockwork Angel – which is really amazing!! Can’t wait to add book 2 and 3 to the collection as well. Aside from the books, this shelf is decorated with a lot of bookish items as well; some really awesome magnetic bookmarks from HappyHello, a leather bookmark with quote, Herondale ring, clockwork Angel, Parabatai candle, selfmade bookmarks, art.. God I love this shelf, lol.

The last two shelves of this bookcase contain my Dutch YA books starting on the first shelf with a Historical novel by Nicole Luursema which is so insanely good!! Can’t wait for the sequel! It’s called ‘Tussen Lust, Liefde en Vriendschap. The stack next to it contain some of my read books, like: Gonna catch pikachu by Lily Frank, a short story with a lot of sexy-ness! It’s an awesome story and a quote of mine is printed on the back of the cover, so awesome! Then there’s Daan & Nadia by Esther Walraven, a truly beautiful book about coping with losing a battle against sickness and fighting depression. This book really touched me. The author’s writing is beautiful! Then a tinteling romance book called ‘Lot uit de loterij’ by Tamara Haagmans. It contains three short stories which I liked and written a review of but it got lost, so I want to do a re-read and write a new review in the nearby future. ‘Voor ik doodga’ by Jenny Downham, which I read years ago and loved. ‘Eenzaam en extreem ver weg’ by Kate Ling, which I really loved! Can’t wait for the sequel and on the bottom ‘Duizend Hoog’ by Katharine McGee which I really liked as well!

Then you’ll see some books I still haven’t read, but am dying to: ‘Op de rand van het niets’ van Corinne Duyvis, ‘De afstand tussen jou en mij’ by Marina Gessner, ‘Gevonden’ by Ann Brasharus, ‘Skeleton Creek’ by Patrick Carman, ‘Hij is van mij’ by Chinouk Thijssen, ‘Loverboys’ by Helen Vreeswijk, ‘Nerve’ by Jeanne Ryan, ‘Cathy’s book’ by Jordan Weisman and ‘Free to Fall’ by Lauren Miller. On the right my received ARC’s given by Publisher Q. Phobos and Phobos² by Victor Dixen and beneath it the Reckoners trilogy by Brandon Sanderson.

On the bottom shelf I keep my manuscript reads in the back – I’ve had the pleasure of reading a couple of manuscript for a Dutch publisher, so awesome. In the front on the left you see The one Dollar Horse trilogy by Lauren St. John and it has such amazing colors, don’t you think?! Next to it you find a box in which I keep little knickknacks and next to that my Bon jovi mug with a couple of bookmarks and a glass jar next to it with more bookmarks. In the back you see my Kerstin Gier collection and on the right you see the following books: ‘De cirkel en Vuur’ by Mats Strandberg, ‘Flame’ by Bernice Berkleef, ‘Starters’ by Lissa Price and the first two books of the Vleugels trilogie by Vanessa Gerrits.

I loved showing you this third bookcase tour article and hope you’ll look forward for the next two who’ll still are due to be published soon. Next time you’ll see more of my bookmark collection, my Richelle mead collection, my Jennifer L. Armentrout books and much more! Thanks for reading!


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