| UNBOXING | Celebrate Books Box June: Flowers & Armour

| UNBOXING | Celebrate Books Box June: Flowers & Armour

After seeing the unboxing photos from some of my friends I got so so soo excited I got grabby hands myself, lol. Through a friend I was able to get my own box as well, and my inner fangirl was so happy and constantly screaming: BUY THE BOX, BUY THE BOX!! and I was like: OKAYYY IF YOU INSIST!  So I bought it 😉 – I’m weak like that, yep. SorryNotsorry.

So I just received the box and even though I already knew what was inside, it still felt like Christmas when opening this box. I was so excited to finally hold this book and the bookish items in this box in my hands. Even though a lot of Dutch bloggers already posted their unboxing of this box, I wanted to do an unboxing post myself as well. Here we go..

This month’s theme was FLOWERS & ARMOUR,
which sounds amazing doesn’t it? ❤

The first thing I see when opening the box is an amazing bookmark with a quote from the Dark Artifices by Cassandra Clare!! It’s so beautiful, I can’t stop looking at it. The quality of the bookmark is amazing as well! I’m definitely going to buy more from this shop in the future! This bookmark was made by: Hannah and Eva from Zwischenseitlich. I’m a bookmark hoarder and when I saw this bookmark with a quote from a favorite author of mine.. I just NEEDED this hihi..

Next I find a book candle of Meira, the main character from Snow like Ashes by Sarah Raasch. This is an exclusive candle made by: Anouk of Veelboekenliefde. The candle smells A-ma-zing! The combination of pine tree and violets fits really well and it definitely feels like it connects with Meira! I want to re-read Snow like Ashes soon so I can continue with book 2 and 3 and now I can read while burning this Meira candle, so awesome!!

Okay, so on to the next item. This was a cute brown package and I already knew what was inside of course, and couldn’t wait to unpack this item! It’s a handmade origame bookmark flower and it is soooo beautiful!!! This item is made by: Julia from Oriandle and the page she used for this bookmark is from Disruptor by Arwen Elys Dayton. I don’t think I’ll use it as a bookmark though but just use it as decoration for my shelves and photographs for bookstagram!


The next item is really awesome as well! It’s a cute little bag you can put your money/cards in, instead of using a wallet and I really like it! Of course you can use it for other stuff as well, like make-up or something. I can’t wait to use this item the next time I’m going out. This item is from: Spreak the booklove a.k.a. Blossom books!

And by now I’m about ready to start hyperventilating, lol. All previous items are so awesome and this next one is dgfhdfghbdjhbgfdhfg just really amazing as well. As you might know I’m a shadowhunter fangirl at heart. Cassandra Clare is next to Sarah J. Maas my favorite author of all-time. I’m already in love with that amazing bookmark I showed you earlier and this shadowhunter item was one of the main reasons I wanted to buy this box. It’s a Parabatai necklace! You can use it as a friendship chain. You give one half to a friend and the other one you keep for yourself, how amazing is that?! I know right!!!! God, I’m so in love with it <3

Last but not least.. the book itself! This one was very high on my wishlist. I haven’t read anything by the author yet but I’ve got her other series on the shelf waiting.. But this Mulan re-telling just had to be added to the collection. AND THAT COVER… LIKE OMG.. It’s amazing! And the edges are special cut, which I absolutely love as well. It’s an exquisite book already, without even reading it, lol. Of course I’m talking about FLAME IN THE MIST BY RENÉE AHDIEH. This author and especially this book is really hyped for the last months and that always makes me a bit skittish but if sooo many people love her writing, how could I not? Can’t wait to find out for myself what I’ll think of this book and this author!! The book is accompanied by an amazing quote card signed by the author, FREAKING AMAZING!!! And a beautiful button with a quote from the book!

I’ve died and gone to heaven. This box is amazing!! I loved each and every item in this box and the book is so beautiful and that signed quote card is amazing as well. Celebrate books went above and beyond with this one, I’m in love!! Seriously, EVERY item is so awesome sfgbdfbgdhjbfvdbbd…  Thank you Celebrate Books for making my day!!

Do you occasionally or maybe often buy book boxes?

I’ve bought the Owlcrate June box since there’s an ember in the ashes item in it and an a court of wings and ruin item – I’VE DEAD AGAIN OF EXCITEMENT BECAUSE OMG.. SO AWESOME – And as for the book I think that’s going to be in it; it has been on my wishlist for some time now so for the book and those two items alone I just had to buy the box, lol. I’ve also pre-ordered the Tower of Dawn special from YA chronicles, which will be delivered somewhere in September.  So that’s two hopefully amazing boxes I can look forward too from now on.

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