| MELISSA’S MONDAY MEMORIES | May 29th – June 4th

| MELISSA’S MONDAY MEMORIES | May 29th – June 4th

I’ve had a busy week as you will read below. I’ve read some awesome books, doodled in my BuJo, prepared for a 2 nights sleepover – some friends stayed here on Saturday- and Sunday night – did a lot of cleaning in and around the house, been cranky a lot because of the hot weather, lol and much more.. Curious to know how things went down in my personal life? Read on..

May 29.
The temperature is going through the roof today. It’s 34 degrees Celsius – in the shades – here in the southern part of the Netherlands and I hate it haha. Inside our home we’ve got two sky domes in the ceiling so when it’s as warm as it is today, I can imagine how a turkey would feel like in a oven on thanksgiving’s day, being slow-cooked hahaha. The humidity in the air is really suffocating as well. Going outside isn’t an option either tho because it’s too freaking hot in the sun. So I’ve decided to take it easy today and do my house cleaning tasks tomorrow, when it’s suppose to be at least 10 degrees colder. A lot of people love summer, but I kind of have a love/hate relationship with it haha. This heat just isn’t for me I guess – even though when I’m in Spain, on vacation, it doesn’t bother me at all, only here in the Netherlands haha. Stupid climate. I wanted to keep Milan from going to school with this heat but he insisted he wanted to go anyway so alright then, off he went. Milan off to school and mommy’s just doing nothing all day expect for some blogging and drawing in my BuJo with a vent directed at my face, lol.

After school I drove over to my parents so Milan could cool down a bit in their swimming pool – we don’t have one yet in our backyard and even if we would it would be a small one and my parents have a bigger one so simple math; the bigger, the better so off to my parents, lol. After our fun in the water and sun, we’re picking up Luciën from work – I drove him this morning because I had to do some grocery shopping and wanted to drive the car with the air conditioning system. Our other car doesn’t have an air conditioning system and it’s black so with this heat; just NOPE. Hopefully tonight we all get some sleep since last night was terrible for sleeping conditions because of the temperatures. We watch some tv and then I read in bed – I always read before going to sleep, just relaxes me.

I’M READING: Court of Nightfall by Karpov Kinrad
THIS BLOG ARTICLE CAME ONLINE TODAY: Review YA/fantasy/paranormal – Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

May 30.
When Milan’s off to school, I decide to do some blogging and drawing some first drafts in my BuJo, but on either things I don’t get much work done. Time flies by and I’ve got that feeling I’ve accomplished nothing haha lol. It’s that kind of day. I do some cleaning around the house, things I didn’t do yesterday because of the heat. When Milan’s done with school for the day, I take him to my sister for her birthday. I bought her a book box for her birthday with the Dutch edition of a Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas, which released yesterday here in the Netherlands. I bought her the first book for her birthday last year and gave her the sequel a couple of months ago. She likes to read completed series so now she’s ready for some awesomeness!! She already started reading ACOTAR yesterday, so I couldn’t be happier!

I’M still READING: Court of Nightfall by Karpov Kinrad

May 31.
I didn’t do much today. After Milan was off to school, I tried to get some blogging done. I’ve put reading Court of Nightfall on hold for a bit because I wanted to read a novella by Rebecca Yarros and afterwards I started reading a sports romance book I couldn’t put down either, lol. I did some thing around the house and when hubby was done working, we did some grocery shopping together. On Wednesday Milan always goes to my parents after school and spends the night there as well. Normally Luciën and I go see a movie on Wednesday evening but we were both tired from not sleeping well due to the warm weather of last week, so decided to stay in. Luciën decided to catch up on some gaming and I doodled in my BuJo.

I’VE READ: Ignite by Rebecca Yarros & Scoring Wilder by R.S. Grey
Wishlist Wednesday| Book Inspired Coloring Pages
Bookhaul| May 2017

June 1.

Waiting for my hubby @ work

Not much going on today either, just the usual. I’ve had some time for myself until I had to pick up Milan at school. So I finished some articles for the blog, I’ve finished some BuJo pages and did some stuff around the house. After picking Milan up from school we went home. The first thing we always do after coming home from school is eating a sandwich together and afterwards we played some Mariokart together on the Nintendo Switch. When Lucien gets home, Milan friendly pushes him toward the LEGO box to build something together, lol. And when I say ‘a friendly push’ I mean : DADDY, YOU HAVE TO COME PLAY LEGO WITH ME! DADDDDYYYYY!!!!! – that’s more like it, lol. The temperature in the house is building up again which pisses me off since I have to do some major cleaning in the next couple of days because upcoming weekend three friends of mine stay over. They’re going to PinkPop – a huge festival over here in the Netherlands and I happen to live nearby – on Sunday so I offered them a place to sleep. So nice of me right? 😉 lol whahaha.. But the in-between time we’re spending together and on Monday, after they’ve got some sleep, we still have several hours to do something fun before they return home. Looking forward to it! When Milan’s asleep later on I start cleaning up all the mess that’s been laying around while Lucien starts making hamburgers for diner. After diner we plop on the couch. Lucien puts on a TV show about politics which doesn’t looks interesting at all, lol. I pick up one of my current reads and read some more before we’re getting ready for bed. Tomorrow my parents are coming over and they’re gonna help me with my major house cleaning task list, so yay.. looking forward to do just that *not*

I’M READING: The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson & Court of Nightfall by Karpov Kinrad

June 2.

So excited for this sequel!!

Friday is Milan’s day off from school but I’ve got lots of house cleaning thingies to do around the house so it’s a real challenge to get things done with Milan running around, lol. At 1PM I dropped him off at my mother in law so I could finish my tasks at home. It’s really hot today and in combination with eating lesser as usual and taking my meds later than usual I feel like crap most of the day. When done with cleaning I plant my ass behind the desktop for some quality time with my blog, lol. I’ve got an hour to spare before picking up hubby from work, so I finish some articles for the blog.

I’ve stopped reading in The unexpected everything by Morgan Matson. I just couldn’t commit myself to the story so after 62+ pages in I’ve decided to put it aside and maybe pick it up another time. I’ve started reading Seeker by Veronica Rossi. I loved Rider, the first book in the series so I was very excited for this read! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Veronica in person here in Holland when she was at yalfest in April and she’s so awesome!!

The rest of the day went by fast. When we got home from picking up my hubby from work and after that Milan at my mother in low, we ate and prepared Milan for bed, after which we spent the evening before the television. My hubby watching a TV show and me reading, of course ;).

I’M READING: Seeker by Veronica Rossi
THIS BLOG ARTICLE CAME ONLINE TODAY: E-book haul| Free amazon books #1

une 3.
This Saturday starts off with a visit to our travel agency. We already booked our upcoming Vacation to Mallorca, Spain through this agency and we wanted to plan a trip to Disneyland Paris in September so we decided to do this via them as well. We could’ve booked online ourselves, but since a member of the travel agency went to Disney herself last week, in the same hotel we want to stay at, we decided to pay them a visit. Maybe she had some tips and such for us in regards to booking and visiting Disneyland – which she had, so yay. Some time later we’re walking to the car with our booking confirmation papers and a lot less money on our bank account, lol. Then it’s time for grocery shopping.. I hate grocery shopping on Saturday. Normally it’s the first thing we do so it’s still less crowded in the supermarket but today we arrive at 11.30 at the supermarket and there are sooo many people, ugh. And since we get 3 people over for a couple of nights I want to buy enough food for them to choose from so our cart is almost exploding by the time we’re done shopping haha.

The rest of the day is like; cleaning, cleaning, cleaning – with a large dog in the house and a 4 year old you can clean all you like but the next day it looks like you did absolutely nothing the day before, lol. When Milan’s ready for bed I leave for the train station in Sittard to pick up 2/3 of my friends – Adinda and Kaylee – who’ll arrive there. Isabelle is driving her car here and will arrive later in the evening. The first thing we do when we arrive, is calming Rex down haha lol. REX IS LIKE; Two ‘strangers’ in the house who give me non-stop attention? ME LIKE .
After that, we ordered in some food – YAY – since most of us are really hungry after the long day we’ve all had and I just didn’t feel like cooking because I was exhausted at that point. Around 9 I guess? Isabelle arrived and not long after we made the ‘beds’ for the girls and I escaped upstairs haha.  I’M READING: Court of Nightfall by Karpov Kinrad

  • O and a special mention of how amazing my friends are. It was totally unnecessary for them to do this but okay.. As a thank you for letting them stay here the weekend they composed a box for me with some suuuuuuuuper awesome bookish stuff!!!!! dhfbghjdbfghbdfgdfg… Yeah, I’m still unable to form some coherent words, lol. Thank you lovelies <3

June 4.

It’s that time of the year again: cherries!

I’ve slept terrible so yay for me *not..* Rex was suffering from the heat so somewhere in the middle of the night I let him go downstairs where it was a bit cooler. Milan was awake at 5.30. We tried to keep him occupied for as long as possible upstairs, but around 7 we couldn’t hold on any longer whahaha.. So the whole house was required to get up when we came downstairs with Milan, lol. Poor Adinda, Kaylee and Isabelle.. Because they had a long day ahead; PINKPOP festival!

Around 12.30 I dropped them at the Kiss & Ride and then dropped off Milan at my parents. He’ll stay the night there so we all can sleep in tomorrow, something we all need now. Lucien and I didn’t do very much the rest of the day. We took a power nap, cleaned up and he played some games on his PS4 and I’ve read some in Court of Nightfall and doodled a bit in my bujo. We watched some tv and prepared the beds for the girls so they didn’t need to do it themselves by the time they came back. I picked them up later that evening and we spent some time chatting and listening/watching music from the festival before we all turned in.

I’M READING: Court of Nightfall by Karpov Kinrad

So that about sums up my week haha. Tomorrow is a day off here in the Netherlands so that means hubby is home as well, yay. Adinda, Kaylee, Isabelle and myself are planning on going to Epen, where they have the most amazing home-made ice cream and they really need to taste it before they’re going back home, lol. Afterwards it’s family time at home for me. I’m planning on seeing my friend Kwante next week and we have a birthday party scheduled but for most of the week it’s a regular program for me I guess.

How’s your past week been? 

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