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Here in the Netherlands the Bullet Journal became really popular, really fast. I already have a Happy Planner which I enthusiastically started with last year, but it didn’t last long. But coming across  BuJo-stuff more and more, I wanted to give it a try so I bought my first one last month. I’m planning on writing updates on my BuJo experiences and showing you guys what I do with mine. The amazing thing of the BuJo is that you can make it completely YOUR OWN unique BuJo. You start from scratch and make lists, checklists, agenda’s, whatever you want to do with it basically.

A lot of people use the BuJo as agenda and keeping checklists for house cleaning and other stuff and use a minimalist lay-out to do this. I wanted to use mine as a combination of agenda/checklists but also leave room for my creative mind. Lists of read books, movies to watch and enough pages for doodling since I love drawing/coloring. I use my BuJo Instagram account and pinterest for inspiration and just fill in the pages as it goes..

As for what is a Bullet Journal exactly? I refer you to the Bullet Journal website: check it out HERE.
You can use several sorts of notebooks, but the well known and most used one is the notebook wit dot grids. I prefer these as well instead of notebooks with lines or blank pages. Dots make drawing weekly spreads and such just a lot easier for me. Most users prefer the LEUCHTTURM 1917 but I got a Dutch bullet journal edition called ‘Mijn Bullet Journal’. It’s pages are a bit wider which makes it more adjustable to the drawing I’d like to do. Also, I like the cover much more than the ones from leuchtturm.


As I said before, I get my inspiration mostly from Pinterest – on which I have multiple boards just for the BuJo. Check out my account HERE

And I’m active on Instagram. There’s, just as with the book community – also called bookstagram – a whole community for everyone who works with a Bullet Journal. So I made my own account, so it’s easier for me to follow people and share my own updates instead of throwing it all together with my bookstagram account.

click HERE to see my Instagram account. Follow4follow.


MY BuJo.

Since I bought the BuJo right in the middle of May, I decided to officially start using the BuJo from June 1st. This gave me enough time to start filling pages with everything I wanted to fill it with. I made some quote pages, a InstaTracker page, weekly spreads for June and made a start with the first drafts of July as well, and more. Since this is the first BuJO post, I’ll show you all I’ve got so far and from now on I’m planning on writing a monthly post for the BuJo to share my pages with you!


There’s so much stuff to choose from when it comes to materials you could use for BuJo’ing. I’ve already had some stuff at home from previous creative outbursts in the past whaha. At the moment I’m using;
– pigma micron pens
– Faber Castell classic coloring pencils
– Prismacolor Premium coloring pencils
– some stuff to help with drawing and such like a ruler, protractor and some other stuff.

Some other stuff I’ve got lying around at the house, but haven’t used yet;
– stabilo fineliners, pastel colors
– washi tape
– various stickers
– clear stamps


The inside of a BuJo is very personal for every user, which makes every BuJo unique. I’ve made my June spread, with four weekly spreads and some in between pages filled with doodle pages, books read and stuff like that. I’ve got a Instagram tracker, quotes pages and more. Let me show you some stuff – I’m not done with a lot of them, but I wanted to share them anyway.

There’ll be one extra post for the BuJO, which I planned for next Sunday. In that post I’ll tell you more about the Facebook groups, the BuJo Instragram community and I’ll share my favorite Instagram accounts for you to follow!

Do you use a BuJo or like to start one? Love to hear your thoughts on this!


  1. I have both a BuJo (well: a journal, because I don’t do any bullet journaling to be honest: i just fill it with stuff I like), and a Happy Planner (which I love), and in addition to that we have to combined journal, which is more like a bullet journal, to keep track of things for the both of us and the household chores and such.
    The thing I like about my Leuchtturm is that I can use it however I want! And I can refer to lists on pages if I do need to note something down on another page. I love the numbered pages.
    I like my Happy Planner because it is so cheerful. It’s a better place for my stickers and such. I use fewer stickers and washi in my Leuchtturm now.

    1. Author

      yes, I agree with you that the happy planner is more suitable for the use of stickers and such! I still have that planner as well. I loved to make my own stickers and such for the planner, but after a couple of weeks I stopped using the planner and haven’t picked it up since. such a shame really..

      I’ve ordered some washi via Aliexpress and want to use them for the bujo theme’s I plan on drawing in the future. So far, I haven’t used any washi in the bujo either.

  2. Ik hou er heel erg van om te kijken naar welke creaties andere mensen in hun Bullet Journal allemaal maken. Ik ben er ook ooit enthousiast mee begonnen, maar hield het maar een week vol…. ben niet zo goed in zulke dingen bijhouden denk ik. Ik ben blij om te lezen dat jij er wel veel plezier aan beleefd!
    Inge onlangs geplaatst…YA-Middag Boekhandel Haasbeek | EvenementMy Profile

  3. Please help me, what do you think, what is the right size of a BuJo notebook? Thanks for every advice!

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