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I’m sure every reader experienced THE UGLY CRY just once in their life, not? Or maybe more than 1 time, like myself?

I’m an emotional and sensitive person who gets emotionally hooked to characters and their story real fast. That means I’m often in need of some tissues haha.. But the real ugly cry doesn’t happen a lot. That’s reserved for my favorite reads. The ones that hooked their claws in my heart and soul to never let go. The ones who made me live and breathe the story, like I was the main character and felt EVERYTHING that was going on in the book..

Why on earth would I have a favorite books list which stands out to me for the ugly cry sob fest it made me experience? Well, let me tell you why I think these books are one of the best I’ve read BECAUSE of the ugly cry sob fests.

When a book makes me experience moments in which I start ugly crying at first it’s really intense and sad because there probably happened something bad I didn’t want to happen. But when an author makes you FEEL LIKE THIS? with words? That’s amazing and I cherish every single one of my ugly cry sob fest-books like they’re the most precious things on earth. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when an author makes me feel all these intense feelings and emotions which I cannot longer control while reading. When I’m forced to just give in to my feelings and let them take over..

For me, experiencing a book like this is what makes reading so amazing. Of course it doesn’t mean that when a book doesn’t get me THIS riled up and emotional it’s a bad read or something. Not at all! But these ugly crying sob fest books are just something special for me. Books that engraved themselves in my heart and soul and I couldn’t be happier about that.

So, I’ve made a list of favorite books that made me UGLY CRY and tore my heart inside out. Books like these keep having this insane impact on me every single time, no matter how often I re-read them. These books deserve to be shared with you guys. I’ve probably mentioned a lot of them already in previous articles on the blog in the past year, but I like to repeat myself when it comes to recommending awesome books hehe..

Beware; the potential ugly cry sob fest you’re going to experience while reading one of these books below is at your own risk. I cannot be held responsible 😉 lol.  

What’s your favorite ugly crying book?


  1. It Ends with Us made me cry like a baby. Hehe.. ohh I’m gonna check out all The Rebecca Yarros books in this list. Nova is the only book I read so far by Yarros. I LOVED her writing. She knows how to make us feel ALL the feels! ❤️

    Illuminae has been on my TBR list for months. I’m so curious about it too. But RY books will be my priority.
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    1. Author

      holy crap, NOVA is the only one you’ve read so far? omg omg omgggg.. girl, prepare yourself haha. FLIGHT & GLORY.. it’s epic, phenomenal, heart wrenching and so much more.. I’m so excited for you that you can read them for the first time. Enjoy and buy a crap load of tissues beforehand haha lol.

      Illuminae is amazing! Never thought beforehand this book would get to me on such an intense and emotional level but omg. The reading experience is unique just because of the lay-out inside. Again; can’t wait to hear what you’ll think of it!

    2. Author

      It ends with us was so emotional, definitely gave me an ugly crying sob fest as well haha lol. November 9 was my first CoHo read ever and continues being my favorite of her to this day, with It ends with us as a close second. Have you read November 9 yet?

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