Today, out of the blue, I posted a Facebook status online in which I announced that I’d decided to start blogging again, only this time I was going to do it in English instead of Dutch. A lot of my followers are probably asking themselves Why on earth I want to write in English since I’ve always blogged in Dutch.. Let me tell you 😉

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So today, I ‘restarted’ with my blog – Melissasbookworld – which I didn’t think I’d ever do again since I was really fed up with all the bullsh*t (excuse my language) that happened within the Dutch blogging community this past year. But it kept nagging at me – that feeling that something was ‘missing’ ever since I stopped blogging. It really became a part of me, who I am. Okay, so I had more time to be creative with other things – For example; I started with my first bullet journal and let me tell you; it’s so much fun and I love working with my BuJo – and read more, but I missed a lot of aspects of my previous blog-life if I was being honest with myself.

When I started blogging the first time around, I started writing in English but I ended up writing in Dutch anyway soon after – since I was quite active within the Dutch book community at the time. I didn’t have any followers then, so I doubt anyone would remember me writing in English in the VERY beginning haha, lol. Now, 1,5 year later, I decided to go along with the thing my instincts ‘told me’ then right away – which I’d decided to ignore back then -: to blog in English instead of Dutch.

I just want to keep continuing being part of an (online) blog community, and writing in English gives me the opportunity to do so on a much larger and different level than my Dutch blog ever could. Also,without it giving me the amount of stress the way the Dutch community gave during my Dutch blog period – I’m not going to spill everything in detail, but yeah; my Dutch blog life started off amazing and ended with me hating blogging – (I’ve shed a lot of tears and HATE to use the word hate and blogging in the same sentence but it was reality for me, unfortunately) and everything to do with the Dutch book community because of fellow bloggers and supposedly ‘friends’ I met through books. And I really hate giving people the satisfaction of succeeding in driving me away from my blog. Some people succeeded a couple of times, and I bounced back from it but at one point I just couldn’t do it anymore. But, to bring back some positivity: I’m going to give MELISSA’S BOOKWORLD another go. I’m going to let the past be the past and start all over again.

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But deciding to go English and ‘starting all over again’ also meant I had to turn my already existing blog upside down. So a lot of past time last week was spent on remodeling my blog haha.

First, I had to decide for myself what I wanted to do. I’ve had almost 400 posts online on my Dutch blog, some of which I’d still like very much and I’d hate it to just remove it and for it to be never seen again. A lot of elements from my Dutch blog still give me the feeling that it was just as it was supposed to be and that I really shouldn’t remove it.

So I started with remodeling my menu/categories and remove everything from the menu and the online articles I didn’t want to translate and keep. That being done.. I still have 317 articles online in Dutch I want to keep. Some of them are ‘outdated’ and in need of a new layout, and since I’m going to translate all of them, I’ll rewrite those specific articles right away. Since my articles are always at least 1000 words, you can understand it’s A LOT of work to translate all of them haha..

And because I also want to write new stuff of course, I’ve decided – with the advice from a friend – that I’ll just start blogging new stuff and translate the older articles one at a time in between – whenever I feel like it. In the meantime, you – my dear readers – can still use the Google Translate button on the blog with which you can translate the posts yourself with a single click. The grammar won’t be 100% correct, but you’d still understand what I wrote. I’ll try to translate everything ASAP, but with a household, a 4 year old running around, my new Bullet Journal addiction and other activities, things can take a couple of months, so bear with me will ya ;)? hihi.

I’m really excited to make this turn around and start exploring the foreign/English blog community. Since I already read a lot of English books, the transition from Dutch to English blogging is an easy transition for me – but like I said; please bear with me.. my English grammar isn’t always correct, so I apologize up front about it! – since I’m already woven into the English reading community for some while now. I totally understand if a lot of Dutch followers won’t continue following me, and I’m sorry for that. But I started blogging for myself and my enjoyment around reading/blogging/sharing online and I still hold myself to that ‘rule’ to be the most important one; you have to enjoy yourself while blogging first and foremost. And making this decision feels good to me so yeah.. You get the point hahaha. English it is then..



  1. So sad blogging has made you feel this way, but I think it’s great you’re still going strong in whatever language you please! I’ll surely keep reading. You go girl! 😉

  2. Wow ik heb deze post blijkbaar gemist XD ik was opeens verbaasd dat je blog in het Engels was. Super vervelend om te horen dat je zo’n negatieve ervaring hebt gehad in de Nederlandse boekenblogcommunity. Ik heb hier niets van meegekregen, maar ik hoop dat je door het Engelstalig bloggen er weer plezier van zult hebben! <3
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