Vandaag heb ik de eerste Internationale Auteur in de ‘Meet the Author Monday’ die speciaal voor ons fans in Nederland instemde om een Q&A te doen! Sommigen van jullie wisten al dat deze eraan zat te komen omdat ik mijn fangirl rants niet altijd tegen kon houden en er met mensen over MOEST praten hihi.. Nou, laten we beginnen..
Laat me jullie voorstellen aan REBECCA YARROS!!
(Onderstaande beelden en tekst zijn afkomstig van haar eigen site

rebeccaI’m a hopeless romantic and adore all things chocolate, coffee and paleo. No, seriously, I need to have a caffeine IV put in. I’ve adored reading all my life, and writing naturally evolved from my love of romance.

I’m also a military wife. During my husband’s deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan,
I was devouring a romance novel a day, and during his third deployment, I finally wrote my own. With a somewhat ironic timing, I received my book deal for Full Measures during his fourth deployment, and published a month after he returned home. 
On the homefront, we have six kids. Yes, you read that right—six. If I’m not writing or playing guitar, I’m usually tying hockey skates for our four boys, or sneaking in John Hughes marathons with my two daughters. We recently adopted our youngest daughter from the foster system and we’re passionate about helping others do the same!

If you’ve read all of that, haven’t fallen asleep, and still want to know more about me, check out my blog!



Ik heb dus de stoute schoenen aangetrokken en deze auteur benaderd met de vraag of ze ervoor openstond om een interview te doen via mail. ‘Nee’ heb je, ‘ja’ kun je krijgen toch? hihi. Ik heb Rebecca ontdekt via book buddies van mij. New Adult boeken lees ik echt heel erg graag en ik heb binnen het genre ook duidelijke favorieten. Rebecca behoort tot één van de beste auteurs binnen het genre voor mij. Vanaf de eerste pagina van Full Measures/onverminderd was ik verslaafd!. Ik was bezig met het lezen van het vierde boek in de Flight & Glory (link Goodreads) serie en ik kreeg er gewoon geen genoeg van. Elk boek is gewoon zo ontzettend mooi Zo’n geweldige, intense,emotionele,hartverscheurende maar prachtige schrijfstijl waarmee Rebecca mij zo hard heeft geraakt. Toen ik met boek 4 begon en de prologue las werd mijn hart alweer uit mijn lijf gerukt.. Deze auteur weet mij in het eerste hoofdstuk of prologue al helemaal van de kaart te brengen, mijn emoties helemaal overhoop te gooien. Ik heb 15 minuten als een gek zitten whatsappen met book buddies omdat ik mijn Feels kwijt moest en ik Echt niet verder durfde te lezen hihi Dan krijg je ook nog van de auteur Tweets en Facebook berichtjes terug; kijk wat ze dan zegt!
Untitled 1_Fotor
hahahaha zo awesome! En opeens kreeg ik het idee.. Wat zou ik haar graag een aantal vragen willen stellen, maar zou ze daarvoor openstaan? Auteurs hebben ook een ontzettend druk en soms stressvol leven en zoveel fans die vragen om dingen, dat ze gewoon niet aan ieders vraag kunnen voldoen. Maar zoals ik hierboven al aangaf, een ‘Nee’ heb je en een ‘ja’ kun je krijgen. Dus van het een kwam het ander en na het uitlezen van het laatste boek in de Flight & Glory serie stuurde ik een bericht.. En ik kreeg mijn antwoord :D:

Hey Melissa! You’re no bother! Thank you so much for reading the series!!!
I’m absolutely up for an interview. I’m on deadline right now for my new series
but I will do my absolute best to get you some answers! Thank you so much for thinking of me!

Dus ging ik aan de slag.. Ik had al een aantal vragen opgeschreven voor het geval dat (ik ben graag voorbereid hihi en a girl can hope right;) ) maar ik dacht ook; ik moet mijn fangirl feels eruit gooien, ik moet haar vertellen wat ze met me heeft gedaan. Deze kans krijg ik nooit meer waarschijnlijk om haar Echt te vertellen hoe geweldig ik haar vind.. Dus begon ik een *ahum* ‘kleine’ intro die ze dan te lezen kreeg voor ze de vragen te zien kreeg:
First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing this, I’m a bit flabbergasted hihi. I REALLY appreciate it; you taking the time for this. I can’t thank you enough. *this takes me fangirling to a whole other level haha* And I can’t wait for the new series either 🙂 I fell in love with your writing right away, on the first page of full measures and after that book 2,3,4 magnified those fangirl feels immensely. No one has been able to make me fall apart so fast in a book as you did haha. I cried non-stop in the first two chapters of Full measures, so that was a great start hahahaha(and I mean that in the best way possible. the book hooked its claws in me and never let go). And every book contained so much emotions, intensity and amazing writing, I’m in awe, really. After finishing book 3 I thought I couldn’t be surprised anymore and then I started with book 4(I’ve read all the books within 4 days) and BAMMM.. as if you said: IN YOUR FACE. hahaha I stared at my book in shock for 15 minutes and got crazy on messenger with my bookbuddies and kept saying: “OMGGGG, I CAN’T HANDLE THIS BOOK. THE START OF THIS BOOK!! OMGGG YOU GUYS, I’M AFRAID, I CAN’T HANDLE THISSSS’ I’ll spare you more details haha. It really took me some time to find the courage to read on, because I was sooo Afraid to see who had died in battle, it ripped me apart and this was only the prologue. I mean, my god I still had such a long way to go so who knew what you were going to throw me in my face next :O hihi. But of course I read on and god this was a freaking emotional rollercoaster from beginning till end and you made me Feel so Much, it’s absolutely amazing! I had to restrain myself every page to not flip to the last page because I wanted, NEEDED, to know how it would end. But I restrained myself, which my Heart isn’t thankful for because of the tremors it CONSTANTLY endured because of the intensity of like EVERYTHING hahahaha. So yeah, before I go on with the questions I just wanted to let you know that your books are AMAZING! And I just needed to say these things, to let you know how you make me and a lot of other fans feel when reading your books. You touched my heart and soul, I just don’t have enough words to say how much I love your writing, the stories you’ve created and the hidden messages(that’s what I got out of it at least) about war, love and enduring that all together, the characters and the development throughout the books of everything..just Amazing! Sorry for my obsessive use of CAPS-LOCK and my rambling, but that’s just me in Fangirling-Modus, I can’t help it hahaha. I’ve been known for my enthusiasm around the book community here in the Netherlands, but it’s just the way I express myself after reading such phenomenal books. So yeah.. I’ll stop now cause otherwise I’ll keep blabbing and blabbing hahaha. There’s just no Stop Button on me when it comes to fangirling.

REBECCA:  LOL! This is awesome! I’m so very glad you loved the series! And you nailed it. The Flight & Glory series really is about love and war, and how one impacts the other.

divider-vine-cropped2Toen ik aan boek 4 begon schreef ik een vraag op die ik wilde stellen maar dat antwoord kreeg ik al eigenlijk al een beetje tijdens het lezen van het boek. Dus als je boek 4 nog niet gelezen hebt en zeker niet ge-spoiled wil worden moet je onderstaande tekst overslaan (hij is blurred zodat je er op moet klikken als je wil lezen).


Spoiler Inside SelectShow

ME: I read you are a military wife yourself and a lot of other things like places, sports like hockey are also present in your own personal life which we come across in the books. I ‘felt’ your presence in the books(and I LOVE THAT SO MUCH, that’s what makes these books so emotionally and real and amazing. Because you just feel you put your heart and soul in them), like you had experience with some of the things that happened, which made me fall in love with your books even more. So is that were your inspiration came from for the Flight & Glory series? *makes me wonder how you and your husband found your way to each other? since there are several things from your own personal life present in the books hihi*

REBECCA: Thank you, I really do put my heart into my books! There are tons of bits and pieces of my husband and I in Flight & Glory. For example, he is an Apache Helicopter pilot (like Jagger and Grayson), and he was wounded in action and chose to return to his deployment when his wounds healed (like Josh). We actually found each other singing Karaoke, which is one of my favorite parts of our relationship.
ME: Do you have a personal favorite character in the series? Which one of them you loved writing about most and why?
– Is there ever going to be a novella, #3.5, for Will and Morgan? *I just had to ask again haha*

REBECCA: Will definitely has my favorite character arc in the series, in just the way that he grows as a person. But my favorite character is probably Jagger. Not just because he’s the most like my husband, but because he’s fiercely loyal to his friends while battling his own demons, and never backs down. My 2nd favorite is Josh, because…well, he’s Josh.

Spoiler Inside SelectShow
ME: You’re currently writing on something new; Tell us more :)!!!!! What can we expect next? *I’m just so nosy and excited!*

REBECCA: Wilder, the first book in my new Renegades series just came out. It takes place on a worldwide semester-at-sea program where they are pulling off extreme sports in every port. It has the same adventure and emotion as Flight & Glory, but a little less angst in favor of action. Next in the series is Nova, which releases in February!
ME: Who is your favorite Author/favorite genre if you find the time to read? I read somewhere you were a paranormal girl at heart?.. and that makes me fangirl so Hard right now because paranormal romance is one of my Favorites too but correct me if my assumption is wrong.

REBECCA: I’m absolutely a paranormal romance fan. Give me Gina Showalter, JR Ward, Karen Moning, or Christine Feehan any day and I’m happy as a lark!
ME: What does a ‘normal’ work day look like for you? 

REBECCA: LOL! With six kids, I’m not sure I ever really have a normal day. I try to handle social media/ calls/ that kind of thing during the school day, and then I’m Mom from the time I pick up our youngest daughter at preschool at 11:30 until they get to bed at 8:30. Then I write until midnight or so and I’m up again for the next day!
ME: Do you have a bucket list of your own? *inspired from the second book*

REBECCA: Absolutely! I make one every New Year’s Eve that lists the 100 things I want to do in my life. Then I take out last year’s list and cross off the ones I managed to knock out that year, and get a little perspective on how the year has changed me.


ME: What is your most memorable moment of your writing career so far?

REBECCA: The moment Full Measures came out in print and I held it in my hands for the very first time. It was my dream come true, and I couldn’t stop smelling the paper, lol!
ME: And last but not least.. Is there any chance you’ll ever come to the Netherlands?
*WE(me and my fellow dutch FANS) only settle for a YES in this matter, just so you know;) hahahaha*

I’d love to! It really just depends on my schedule. I’ve had a couple invites to Europe, but with six busy kids and a husband in the military, it’s never easy to get away for that long!


ME: Well, I guess I’ll wrap it up with that hihi. And AGAIN, THANK YOU SO,SO MUCH for doing this. You totally made my day(I still can’t believe you responded and are willing to make time for this :O) and when the interview is published online, a lot of fans are going to be thrilled as well. I really hope we’re able to meet someday, here in the Netherlands or anywhere on this planet for that matter haha. I wish you all the best and I look forward to the next book, I’m soooo excited!!!  Love, Melissa

REBECCA: No problem! Thanks for being patient with me getting it to you, and thank you so very much for having me!
Wat vond ik het GE-WEL-DIG om dit te mogen doen, met een auteur die zo speciaal geworden is voor mij.
Ik hoop dat je er net zo van genoten hebt als ik!! Ik ga nog even verder nagenieten en fangirlen over het feit dat Rebecca Yarros dit heeft gedaan voor ons fans in Nederland! Ik kan niet genoeg benadrukken hoe geweldig haar boeken zijn, dus mocht je ze nog niet in huis hebben: KOPEN, KOPEN, KOPEN!!!

=> Recensie van boek 1 uit de Flight & Glory serie ‘Full Measures/onverminderd’ vind je HIER
=> Recensie van boek 2 uit de Flight & Glory serie ‘Eyes turned Skyward/Onbereikbaar’ vind je HIER.
De rest volgt nog.. *Melissa, over and out*



  1. Echt leuk hé wanneer een van je favoriete schrijvers op je mailtje reageert en je vragen wil beantwoorden. Ik had hetzelfde voor met Gini Koch. Jammer genoeg zijn haar boeken nog niet vertaald en heb ik dus nog steeds het gevoel dat ik in mijn eentje aan het fangirlen ben.
    zwartraafje onlangs geplaatst…Terugblik Hartelooscountdown ChallengeMy Profile

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