Okay, so this review is a bit overdue but my blog slump got a bit in the way of finishing and publishing it, yikes. I already read and reviewed the previous book in the series, #4 Can’t hardly breathe, and now I was also able to read an e-arc of the fifth book, Can’t Let go, which I was so excited about! I was finally able to read the story of Jude and Ryanne, one I’ve been craving ever since I met them in Can’t Hardly Breathe. Jude lost half of his leg while he was deployed but after returning home to heal, he alsoRead More →

Every reader out there experiences this; the waiting around for a new release. And I can really, really do without all that waiting haha. That ‘soul crushin’, aching feeling when you’re waiting for a book to release you’re highly anticipating. You need that book and you NEED IT NOW. The feeling you can’t go on another day without having that particular book in your hands and being able to read it – okay, a bit on the dramatic side here but you get me right? lol. It happens often for me; finishing a book and end up having a major book hangover. Knowing you’ll stillRead More →

This morning you saw my Monthly Releases article about Fantasy/Paranormal & Contemporary Romance books and now I got the Young Adult edition for you to see. I have to say, that in comparison to the rest of the year, December is a bit disappointing when it comes to releases from the YA genre I think when I make up my mind about seeing these books here. I kind of expected more – For as far as I can tell tho because I haven’t read them so how much CAN I say about it? lol. But I mean, that there’s not many of them, aside fromRead More →

December is getting ‘in sight’ so that means I’m looking forward to the book releases of next month. I’ve decided to split my Monthy Releases up in two items; Fantasy/Paranormal & Contemporary Romance and a separate article for the Young Adult releases, which is going online later today – so keep an eye out for that one too 😉 December is a really expensive month here. We already ordered a lot of gifts over the past few months but there’s still a lot we have to buy. So in agreement with the hubs, I won’t be buying any new books in December – although, nowRead More →