First and foremost: I’m a sucker for romance. I seldom read books with no romance present and even though I enjoy those stories as well, my heart secretly craves for a romance, lol. Young adult, New adult, paranormal romance.. genre doesn’t matter, but just GIVE ME SOME ROMANCE! But.. an element that’s maybe even just as important to me as the romance element is the FRIENDSHIP/SQUAD-element in a story. In a lot of book(series) there’s a friendship/squad present, but not all of them are always well developed I think, which is such a shame since I think friendships are just as important as romance elementsRead More →

In December ’16 I wrote an article on my author meet & greets of 2016 and I thought it would be fun to do another edition as well. I’ve met some amaaaaazing authors in 2016 like Mary E. Pearson, SARAH J. MAAS, Julie Kagawa and much more! You can read all about it in my 2016 meet & greet article -> click HERE I was very lucky to meet some really awesome authors in 2017 as well. A couple of them were on my bookish wishlist, some of the authors were still fairly new to me but I was really excited to meet them andRead More →

In January ’17 I wrote an article about my 2016 Stats and I thought I should do a 2.0 edition, with my statistics overlay of 2017. 2017 has been a year with a lot of ups and downs personally but also blog-wise. The blog changed a lot in 2017, content-wise and layout-wise. I switched from blogging in Dutch to English – although I still have a lot of Dutch articles I need to translate haha -, changed my article headers, added new items to the blog and much more. There were a lot of times I felt really down, wanted to quit with all ofRead More →

Last week you got to read the first 2 WW editions of Debut Novels from 2017 I’d still want to buy and today it’s time to show you part 3. Are you ready to see which books are on my Wishlist aside from the 12 books I already showed you last week? Read on… ♥ Garden of Thorns by Amber Mitchell ♥  At first, it was the cover that drew me in because lets be honest: it’s just gorgeous I think! It made me curious about the synopsis of the book and it sounded soooo amazing! And I kind of forgotten a bit about this book untilRead More →